Still Here……..

So Much to tell but sadly no photos. My Mom’s computer was down. Decided to look for a laptop. Everyone is trying to talk me into a Powerbook G4. Went to the Mac store at the Promenade in Santa Monica, got overwhelmed and left. It is kind of like buying a new car. In other news, Went to Sweet Peas and Snapshots and met the best ladies ever! Can Mary be any prettier and sweeter??? and Suzi Finer that lady just makes me smile, she is a crack up! My pal Dede met me at Sweetpeas with her adorable grandson Ethan. This store is sooo adorable….. I mean really really adorable! And I get to  teach here on July 7th!! Yay! The other date is yet to be determined……. but I cannot wait ! So so happy about this, I come to California at least 8 times a year because my family lives here…. now I can teach here also!! I wish I had pictures to show you about the store and the sweetest people Ive met…….. I think it will be photo overload when I get home on Sunday. Saturday morning I am going to attempt to do the paddle out for my friend Andy’s memorial……. A paddle out is where all of us take surfboards and paddle out and send flowers into the ocean….. all of our friends from Spyder Surfboards will be there… just a bittersweet event. I miss my friend so much…….. On that note, if you are in town it would be funny to see me attempt that paddle out! Water-logged and all…. and ohh so not graceful on that surfboard! I sure miss my home………. cant wait to get back to 108 degree weather…….. Hey its home right??? Hope all is well everyone……… cant wait to hear what everyone has been up to! hugs-Lilia


4 Responses to “Still Here……..”

  1. Mary Smilove Says:

    You are tOo SwEEt!
    We are sOooO excited to have you share your creativity and warm spirit with Sweetpeas and Snapshots!
    We almost have a sold out class in the 2 days since we posted…L.A. sure is lucky you will be in town this summer…
    XoXo…Mary Smilove

  2. Alice Says:

    Yay! I’m signed up for your class. I can’t wait to meet you, Lilia! Thank for all of your yummy stuff.

  3. mary Says:

    I saw one of your fun days at Disney land via (My friend too!!!) Dede’s pix! You two must have had a great time together! AND you got to go to Sweat Peas And Snapshots together!!! I hope you post pix of the project you will be teaching, for those of us so far away. In fact I was wondering if you were going to soon be a teacher at a Silver Bella Event!!! I will be thinking of your friend Andy and hope that your Surf Out goes well.
    With Kindness,

  4. Helle Greer Says:

    Hey Girlie,
    saw you fantastic book at SP on Saturday, when I had my class, LOVE it, have to take that class.
    Can’t wait to see again in just 12 more days!!!
    I’ll give you a call when we get closer to the day.

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