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Goodbye WordPress and Thank you…..

July 26, 2011

I thought WordPress would work out for me… but I will go back to  my as of Today. I think its much easier for me to use. I also like my pictures on Tyepad better. So as of today, I will go back to Fleamarketstudio on Typepad. Thank you WordPress! All future posts will be here. There is a new post ..


Hello Blog Land… I’ve missed you….

July 11, 2011

Well this has been a long time… Wow. What have I been up to??, getting what I’ve been dreaming about but putting off for years. My Teaching Degree in the upper grades. Yes. I did it! Wow… What a year… the hardest most challenging, But oh so worth it Year. Straight A’s Baby. Every weekend was taken up and my Family  and Home have been put on hold. Which comes to another thing that I have missed, My Art. My Art friends know how much  I love doing Art. For a while there  it was getting stale and not fun. I was losing my mojo and  It had  become what I have been dreading and  what I did not want EVER… a JOB. It is my Love, My hobby and my passion. Not a Job or something that makes me question every move I make. I have a Job, a full time Job that makes me happy, I am a Teacher and it is what makes me happy everyday, yes it is possible to have a job you love. Sure I love to sell my Art and supplies on Etsy.. but that is not what I have been all about. I am much more refreshed, much more ready to share and get back to doing what I Love… My Art. I want to share what Ive been making lately.. Yes, I spent the past week getting into the pool slowly…. It feels good.

These are some Mini Art cards.. Just some jumbo playing cards, that sparks my creativity.

One of my Birthday boxes to hold a gift for a friend.. these usually have Birthday candles, plastic ballerina, matches and a tiny note

 A project basket filled with vintage papers, vintage ribbons, velvet flocked fabric and much more to get me started on a Doll Book that I am working on

My new Halloween book, Titled “Something Wicked this way comes”.. I just love Halloween… this book is going to be very Wicked…and a little creepy…

I went Thrifting for the First time in I really cant remember the last time…. Lots of vintage patterns,  hot pink pom pom trim, vintage napkins to use as backgrounds of my collages and Art Journals, flocked vintage fabric in all colors and this box of French cotton twine…

Yes I am Happy. And I think my Daughter D is happy, remember her? She is 9 now. I know Ive missed so much in her Life this year, but I am trying to  make it up daily. We put up a tent in the backyard for her to do her Summer reading. Once in a while you can catch her reading her American Girl magazine in her private little space..

Yes, I am back and refreshed ! Ive missed you!


This Christmas WE….

January 2, 2011



Had yummy breakfast’s:

Lounged and Napped:

Stayed warm and out of the Rain

Spent time with Family (Darianne and her favorite cousin):

Played hours of Board games (our favorite is Aggravation):

Spent time with a great Friend:

Went to a Antique Mall: (Wertz Brothers in Santa Monica, thats Alice in front of our favorite vendor)


Had Christmas Dinner at Mom’s:

Time to get back to Routine.. back to School and Back to the Scheduled Program! Here’s to 2011.. Happy New Year and be Merry!

End of Summer.. Time for some new Exciting changes..

August 14, 2010

Summer recap pictures..  Had my favorite family come and visit from Arizona and had my Brother , his girl and my sweet baby niece come and visit.  The last picture is with the girls at Titos tacos, a favorite little hole in the wall spots here in LA, right before we did Abbot Kenny Friday night Art walk. Now time for a BIG year of change for our little Family. I will be going to school full time and going to another School location at work,  My Hubby is finally going to get the Big promotion he so deserves and my 3rd grader is going to a new School. This girl is now 8.. which means responsibilities.. which include making her own Breakfast and Lunch.. she is not too happy about it.

Here is a picture of her after she found out that was her job from now on..

the classic Darianne pout.

Here is a picture of her after I told her she could make any type of sandwich combo she can come up with.. made me wonder what combos were going through her head..

School does not start till September 7 for her. I know that so many have started earlier. Its kind of strange to me now getting used to the after Labor Day school start. I will make sure that the last 3 weeks of Summer end with a blast! I do know that my Art time has got to take a back seat for a year, but knowing how much I love it, I will be back.  I am sure I will sneak a little Art from time to time….. but for now Bye Art. For those of you that are having some changes in your Lives, I want to leave you with a saying that is hanging on our refrigerator ..

Change has a bad reputation in our society. But it isn’t all bad — not by any means. In fact, change is necessary in life — to keep us moving … to keep us growing … to keep us interested . … Imagine life without change. It would be static … boring … dull.”— Dr. Dennis O’Grady


You only turn 40 once…

July 25, 2010

What a Summer its been… and What a week of my 4oth Birthday… I am a person that embraces their age.. have never been afraid of getting old. Welcome 40! Had the biggest Fiesta with Family and some close friends.. Tacos, Adult Pinata, music and so much fun.. Everyone had to get a picture with the sombrero when they arrived…

So Much fun.. Feeling the luckiest Girl in the world… Thank you Family and Friends…xoxo

Long time no Post…

June 8, 2010

Life is a Big Bowl of Sweet red Cherries!

Its been a little while since my last post. Been enjoying these last couple of months. I think I finally have the swing of things here in Cali. You know when you have the perfect balance in your Life? Time with Family, out with Girlfriends, a Little Art, my long walks, Work & Play… Work & Play… It takes a while to get settled in a place. You have to meet the right kind of friends, cherish and balance the old ones, mesh with the perfect Families that have children (but who enjoy being with Adults at the same time). Its great when you have that perfect balance.  Ive  also been working a little on the house. Nothing big.. just tiny projects Ive been wanting to do for a little while. The other day went to a thrift store and a lady was walking in with a blank frame, I asked her if she was donating it , she eneded  up giving it to me. I spray painted it, then added a matt board back then painted it with chalkboard paint.  It goes perfect with the wall in my Kitchen..

I love these little projects that cost practically nothing. I am really liking crisp white everything lately. My last house had all the walls painted. The white seems to make everything look so clean..

and its not the perfect white either, its the shabby white… kind of like my Laundry room. I am finally going to attempt to work on my bedroom. I have a great friend Cynthia , and our favorite thing to do together is inspire each other to decorate our Homes. The great thing is that our Homes our about the  same size. We sat at the beach over the weekend and poured over decorating magazines while the kids played in the sand.  We are both going to make headboards for our beds. When we are done I will post. I think I am going to have her as a guest blogger every now and then.

These are  some of my Art journals..

I worked on a couple pages..

The ones on the bottom are for my adorable niece… still working on that book.. This weekend I have two big classes. 1 on Friday night and 1 on Sunday at Paper Tales in San Diego. Looking forward to creating with some Wonderful Ladies! I worked on 5 commission Canvases this past month. Most of them for Fathers Day.. but the last one was for Little Lila… it was her 1st Birthday. here is the canvas..

Thats pretty much it.. looking forward to the Summer.. lots of Beach days… and did I mention that my little California Girl is going to Surf Camp? Surfing is hard. I could barely get the board out past the tide. I know she will do better than I did. I know most of our AZ family will come and visit.. its already 110 there.. did I really live in that heat for 10 years? Still think its beautiful there and miss it from time to time. It been 2 1/2 years. Talked to one of my friends there tonight and I told her that we just had a Earthquake.. and she said “thats why we dont live there..” and then I asked her hot it was…. I guess we cant have it all.

My daughter is growing up.. light speed . Came home the other day and she told me she wrote two songs that day.. I asked her what the titles  of them were and  she said the first one was called “Its Serious” and the second was “You’re fooling me Around”.  Yup folks.. Christina Aguillera watch out! I had the hardest time keeping a straight face as she was telling me. All that Heartbreak  that she is singing about.. I wonder who did her wrong at 8. Love that kid! Love those freckles on her smoochy face… Gotta go.. going to go smooch that face! hugs

Mother’s Day…

May 10, 2010

I had the best Mother’s Day… Wanted to share some pictures…

Spent it with My Family… Had the best time… Hope all the Moms out there enjoyed their day they sooo deserve! Happy Mothers Day.. On a quick note.. I added some of my Little Fabric House Journal kits on my ETSY..

Artful Thursdays and new Little Fabric Home…

May 7, 2010

I have a new little Fabric Home… Made the whole book last week and will Teach at Paper Tales in San Diego. Lots of little things going on in this new Fabric Book.. Paper Dolls, Tags, fabric, ribbons, trims, mixed media…. Here is little peek on the inside:

I love making Books…. I also love giving gifts. Especially to Teachers. Here is a gift for my Daughter’s Teacher for Teacher appreciation week. …

Hope she likes it, is filled with Scrapbook goodies..

I wanted to share a Artful Thursday idea. I know I haven’t done one in a while. They are these tags I have using my Daughter’s Art work. I have her make  drawings, I scan them in my computer and print them out wallet size. I then make tags by sewing, polka-dotting and adding words in vintage typewriter keys with diamond glaze… Here is one I did.. to get the idea..

I use them on Gifts from her to her friends or Family. I try to make a big batch and update her Art work every 4 months. They are a hit with her friends.

I have so much happening lately… My 10 year Wedding Anniversary.. wow.. and my Dog Nikko is turning 10 this year… I never post anything of him.. I  took some pictures of him the other day…

This handsome guy makes me so Happy! I got him when he was 7 weeks old  for my Birthday…  My husband got him so I could stop asking him when we were having a Baby…. It worked for a year…

I am also planning my Big Birthday Fiesta. I turn the big 4-0 this year. I never want a Party .. but this year I am going all out. I am having a mariachi band.. Taco Truck… all Mexican style.. My decorating ideas are starting to come together… Lots of color, aloe vera plants, huge colorful tissue paper flowers, tiny white lights, candles, Loteria cards, Frida… wow this is going to be fun! Here is a idea I love:

Love the little aloe plants wrapped like this.. so easy.. I know I have seen them at the 99 Cent Store..

So that’s what is going on with me… Hope everyone had a Happy Cinco de Mayo!!  abrazos y besos

Enjoying the Spring and Randy’s donuts…

April 15, 2010

If you have ever been to L.A… than you have probably seen this giant 32.5 foot Donut off the 405 freeway.. its in Inglewood, the place that's always up to no good… Well Randy's is always up to some great donuts…. I mean Yum! 

  We live about 3 miles from this landmark. It was built in 1953.. We used to drive by it on the Freeway, and when I was little I used to beg my Mom to stop and buy one. I don't think she ever did.. it's been a while. Well now that we live back here, my husband wants to try everything in Los Angeles, I mean everything! Yes, we had a Pinks hotdog the other day. He acts like a tourist. When you grow up in Los Angeles, the last thing you want to see is tourists.. Glad he is making me feel like everything is NEW again, not only for me but for our Daughter. Well needless to say, we love the Donuts at Randy's.. worth the stop for your kids if they ask.

Lets see.. Earthquakes… lots of them all over. They say it is normal. I don't feel like there is anything normal about them. They freak me out. Why do I live here again, oh ya.. the weather. We are lucky when it comes to Weather. Even though our frosted hair, fake-tanned- in- the -winter-time -skin Weather Man Dallas Raines.. (yes thats his name) is sooo fired. He predicted rain so many times.. and nothing.  They should just call him the unpredictable Man… 

The last part of the School year is coming to a close.. and it is pretty busy. Just when we have the kids the way we want them.. they leave. I love seeing them change. It breaks my heart when they leave. Only a few come back and visit. We are filled with carnivals, Mother's Day, Spring Sing and so much more the next few months. Art is kind of on the back burner lately. I have been planning a couple of things and also itching to decorate. . Found some Amazing Decorating blogs! How to make a headboard.. and turn the bungalow into more Cottage beach.. this blog is amazing.. A Beach Cottage  I got so inspired to do a project in one of  the bathrooms. Make it very Beachy. I found a wood frame from the Goodwill for 1.99 and transformed it using most of the Beach shells we have collected and found. 

Beach frame
The rest of it is very simple, lots of vintage glass bottles.. and little things like this..

This frame was 1.99 also.. It just had the word friendship on it and I took it off.. added the vintage postcard image of the Surfer.. I am so inspired to transform the house into a Beach cottage theme… 

I worked on more pages from my Portland Art Journal.. here are some more..

Portland 4
Its a work in progress.. and I cannot believe I have so much done! 

I also have Artful Thursday Project to share.. I love train cases! I love to alter them.. I found this one at the Goodwill for 3.oo… here it is before ..

Art thurs1
And here is what I have so far… 

Art thurs2
Far from finished, but this is only the first phase. I will share when I am done..

That's pretty much it for now.. Hugs everyone! 



Big Weekend….

April 5, 2010

Have to share this picture first.. because I can't contain myself on how cute My niece is!

This outfit, kills me! Made by her Great Grandmother…

What a huge Weekend for us… Darianne turned 8. Amazing how fast it goes.. everyone tells you and you just laugh. But it is so true!

We made this cake.. together.. So glad I finally got a pretty good shot in the Dark.  We took her to Knotts Berry Farm ( I think she is over Disneyland) with a couple of friends, and then to Build-a-Bear on Her Birthday. Here are a couple of shots from Knotts..

IMG_0094 IMG_0090
My girl loves the log ride…. I guess I did when I was little.  I remember when My Mom wanted to leave Amusement parks before they closed and I used to tell her that I would never do that to my kids..  I Couldn't walk out of the Park fast enough.. what a long day.. fun, but gives you a bit of a headache after a while.  The week ended with Easter and a big jolt from that 7.2 Earthquake… I am not a big fan of Earthquakes.. I mean not even a little tiny fan of them.. you feel so helpless…  Part of the perks of living in Cali.. Here are Easter Pictures.. Hubby was working, but went to eat at the Restaurant he works at… Right on the beach…


Hope everyone had a delightful Easter! or Passover… Little Rocco might be the new Gap Baby…. crossing my fingers….