Writing from sunny Cali………..

Where have I been? Visiting My family and friends……… all over California. I realize how much I need to move back every time I come here. Then I am reminded why I moved away when I am on that freeway! Have so much to share……… I did get in to a night club the other night no problem! Went to Star Shoes in Hollywood……. funny spot, it looks like a shoe store from the outside! All I can say is we danced till it closed! The music was vintage funk and salsa! If you were not moving at least one of those toes, lets just say you are clinically dead! Went to breakfast at Mel’s and just stared at the huge billboard of Mr. Depp across the street, wow! can I take this 50 foot poster home with me??? Went to Malibu for the best dinner ever! My friend Laurie can cook! Hoping to catch of glimpse of Mathew McConaughey a couple houses down, no such luck…. not even a little run on the beach with Lance ……….. I will be back to peep it out for us, I was hoping I could get a picture to show you!  Yesterday went and met such a wonderful person Dede!! Ive been talking to her online and we have become friends… we met up with her and her adorable grandson at Disneyland! What luck! Dede and I hit if off like we have known each other for  years……… and get this… she is Mexican! Ive also thought of taking that grandson of hers home! Thank you friend! Great day at Disneyland, the rides were not long and the weather perfect! Dede went home at around 5:30 and I decided to go on one last ride with Darianne. Of course it had to be the longest line of the day…….. 45 minutes… then right at the end , you know the part where they sing Zipedee Doo Da …….. (I don’t ever want to hear that song again) We got stuck! Good thing it was light and airy in there because I am sooo claustrophobic…….. Have you ever been stuck on a ride before? I mean really after 15 minutes why cant they just get us off? Finally after almost an hour they came and got us and walked out through a secret door, my daughter kept petting the rabbits as we were leaving and I kept telling her to do so because she will never get a chance to be that close again. Hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday weekend….. I will try to get that picture of those boys for us……….. even if I have to camp out in front of that house!


10 Responses to “Writing from sunny Cali………..”

  1. MarilynH Says:

    yeah….got stuck on Its A Small World! Ahhhhhh!!
    sounds like a fun weekend none the less!

  2. dede warren Says:

    Hey chicka! go check out the photo’s from {{The Happiest Place on Earth}}.just click my name below. hope you don’t mind my posting them. see you next week!

  3. Monicaa Says:

    Omg Lil I think I would freak if we got stuck , good thing it was a small world huh?
    Sounds like you are having a fab vacation and OH my , I WILL So be here looking for the Hottie Matthews pic šŸ™‚

  4. julie collings Says:

    such a funny story. actually we got stuck on a ride in dr. seussland. my oldest daughter has hated dr seuss ever since. we almost went insane with the music stuck in a loop. mental.

  5. Mendy Says:

    You know, I think I’ll just live through you….I had a great time! Hahaha! Glad you are back!

  6. Tina Kay Says:

    I totally understand about the freeways. I stay off them, but if you want to go anywhere exciting you have to get on and suffer! lol I got stuck on splash mountain (about three weeks ago). I do think they are having problems with that ride. They told us that it was not really open, but they are letting people ride on it?!? Strange.
    It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Glad to hear it.
    Tina Kay

  7. heidi Says:

    love the carousel and the ferris wheel, that’s about it for me! speaking of stars, everyone at my son’s work is saying he looks like mr. depp – he’s heard that before – too funny!

  8. Rachelle Says:

    LOL! Stuck in Splash Mountain, so funny!

  9. jes Says:

    Sounds sunny and fun!! I’m just a tad envious!

  10. Amy Tangerine Says:

    i was in sweetpeas today and i fell in LOVE with your gorgeouse clutch book. amazing!

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