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A little tiny blog post.. before madness begins

January 30, 2011

Busy, busy ….. Yes school and work. Its just non stop…. a little part of me likes it, and a little part panics.. Its all good. When it is over.. it will be such an accomplishment!!

Its my Sweet niece’s 1st Birthday today!! I just love being a aunt… I sent her some outfits and butterfly wings.. every little girl needs a pair of butterfly wings to fly.. Here is a picture of the Birthday button she can wear for her party:

she is also getting a early Valentine gift :

Its a adorable little red ballet outfit.. the gift is topped with a small wall hanging..

And I sent her Mommy a little fabric bundle…. she is in the middle of making a family photo quilt for her… I thought she would enjoy just some scraps of vintage fabric

Thats pretty much it for me.. back to my studies and hitting the books today.. 5 more months, 5 more months….. just had to leave you with what I found while I was cleaning yesterday… my 8 year-old … hmmmm….. wonder what this guy did..


Winter Break.. back on the Blog….

December 26, 2010

Hello Blog friends. Its been a long while. I have been in school full time. At University California at Irvine. Its been challenging, hard work.. but in the end so worth it. I have not crafted in a while, I thought I forgot how. Its been a good break from the blog  and crafting world. I think everyone needs a break from time to time. I sure missed it. I decided to do some crafting for the last 2 weeks for Winter break. I have to share what I worked on. First the pictures for our Holiday card…



These pictures were taken in a total of 15 minutes. I get off work at 4 and the sun sets at around 4:45… I had to go home, get camera, family and run to the beach..
Its been such a wonderful Christmas. So relaxing, non stressful. I have never slept in so much in my Life. I can get used to this. I made so many little crafts for Christmas.. Christmas magnets for the fridge, package toppers, ornaments and worked on the yearly Christmas journal. Its a altered journal I work on every year over the Holidays.. I add pictures, letters to Santa, to do lists and journal about the past year. Here are some samples of the Christmas journal:

This journal is such a keepsake for our Family.. we sat looking at it the other day.. and so many memories came flooding back. I made many ornaments this year, here is a sample of one that is on the tree:

I also made a Winter door hanger for my Daughter’s room.. I really decorated her room this year, lights, tinsel and a pink tree.. it made her so happy. Here is the door hanger:

I finally got a chance to do a little thrifting in this last week. I found so much vintage mercury glass and lots of vintage Christmas ornaments and baubles..

I sure hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday and spending it taking long naps and enjoying each other and maybe getting a little crafting in. Happy Holidays!! I hope I will be back before school starts full force again in January!! xoxo

Whimsical little Girl collage and New Flip Flop book..

April 30, 2010

Worked on a Whimsical little girl collage this week! This is of my little girl when she was 3. I will be teaching this class at PaperTales in San Diego. I will post the date on my sidebar next week after Michelle receives it. I also worked on a new Updated Summer Flip Flop book. I will also teach this class at PaperTales. Here are pictures of Flip Flop Book 6.0…

This was really fun to make… lots of color…. Getting ready to take some Beach photos.. is anyone ready for Summer like I am?? flip flops, beach hat, sunscreen, watermelon, summer hummers, margaritas, shorts and tank tops.. The Beach….. Cant wait!

I am already teaching this class to a group of ladies in my Neck of the woods.. Since we dont have too many Scrapbooking and Paper Arts Stores here in the Beach area.. I am taking my classes on the road.. also closer to home to Manhattan Beach/Redondo Beach .. kind of like a Scrapbook consultant.. I have 2 Scrapbook get-togethers planned for next month. I just pack up my vintage suitcases full of goodies and Teach classes at your Home.. If you live in the Los Angeles Area and are interested please email me. Not much else happening . I have been making patio cushions and pillows , working on making a headboard for my bed and sewing little things like this Clothes pin bag made out of a vintage pillowcase ….

I am also impressed with the little herb garden we started a couple of months ago.. its already growing so nicely… used the basil in the homemade sauce the other day…

Well thats all for now…. Thanks for the sweet comments on the last post!

Welcome to the New Blog

April 22, 2010

Thank you for coming to the new Flea Market STudio Blog! Don’t you just love my new Banner? My friend Kat designed it for me. She is a buddy that I have had in the Art World since I started Scrapbooking. There are friends that cross over from the Art world and become more of a friend than a Art friend. My friend Alice  also happens to be one of those friends. The wonders of the Art community! I was so grateful when Hope  Wallace designed my banner about 3  years ago. I cannot believe its been that long! I started blogging on January 16, 2007. I look back now and cannot believe what a different time that was in my Life. I was living in Arizona.. working 2 days a week… enjoying my Art more than anything. What a difference 3 years make. I am living in California… working full time… and now Art is kind of on the back burner. Not as important as it used to be. Don’t get me wrong.. I do more Art than I post.. just not as excited to share it like I used to. Jaded? maybe. I said to myself that if Art stopped being fun.. that is when it was time to stop. It’s still fun, but not willing to make it part of my everyday. It is hard work putting your Art out there. You have to photograph, download, crop, come up with new and exciting things everyday. Live, Eat and Breathe it. Spend less time with your Family.. Friends and the Fresh air of the Outdoors. When you live in California where its sunny nearly everyday of the year.. the last thing you want to do is be inside.  I have made it a priority to be outside as much I can and the Beach.. calls my name daily. Why it was time to change the Blog. The funny thing is, I have a little feeling that this Blog will be updated more than the last one. Maybe I needed a little change.. a fresh look.. a new Home. Whatever it is.. I feel great about it!

I wanted to share a giant book I made for D. It is one of the biggest books I have ever made.. it measures 10 x 15. A huge challenge for me. It has been in the works for a while now. I finally just finished it the other day.  Here are some pages to share..

Thank you for Coming into the new and improved FLEA MARKET STUDIO BLOG!