Artful Thursdays and new Little Fabric Home…

May 7, 2010

I have a new little Fabric Home… Made the whole book last week and will Teach at Paper Tales in San Diego. Lots of little things going on in this new Fabric Book.. Paper Dolls, Tags, fabric, ribbons, trims, mixed media…. Here is little peek on the inside:

I love making Books…. I also love giving gifts. Especially to Teachers. Here is a gift for my Daughter’s Teacher for Teacher appreciation week. …

Hope she likes it, is filled with Scrapbook goodies..

I wanted to share a Artful Thursday idea. I know I haven’t done one in a while. They are these tags I have using my Daughter’s Art work. I have her make  drawings, I scan them in my computer and print them out wallet size. I then make tags by sewing, polka-dotting and adding words in vintage typewriter keys with diamond glaze… Here is one I did.. to get the idea..

I use them on Gifts from her to her friends or Family. I try to make a big batch and update her Art work every 4 months. They are a hit with her friends.

I have so much happening lately… My 10 year Wedding Anniversary.. wow.. and my Dog Nikko is turning 10 this year… I never post anything of him.. I  took some pictures of him the other day…

This handsome guy makes me so Happy! I got him when he was 7 weeks old  for my Birthday…  My husband got him so I could stop asking him when we were having a Baby…. It worked for a year…

I am also planning my Big Birthday Fiesta. I turn the big 4-0 this year. I never want a Party .. but this year I am going all out. I am having a mariachi band.. Taco Truck… all Mexican style.. My decorating ideas are starting to come together… Lots of color, aloe vera plants, huge colorful tissue paper flowers, tiny white lights, candles, Loteria cards, Frida… wow this is going to be fun! Here is a idea I love:

Love the little aloe plants wrapped like this.. so easy.. I know I have seen them at the 99 Cent Store..

So that’s what is going on with me… Hope everyone had a Happy Cinco de Mayo!!  abrazos y besos


Whimsical little Girl collage and New Flip Flop book..

April 30, 2010

Worked on a Whimsical little girl collage this week! This is of my little girl when she was 3. I will be teaching this class at PaperTales in San Diego. I will post the date on my sidebar next week after Michelle receives it. I also worked on a new Updated Summer Flip Flop book. I will also teach this class at PaperTales. Here are pictures of Flip Flop Book 6.0…

This was really fun to make… lots of color…. Getting ready to take some Beach photos.. is anyone ready for Summer like I am?? flip flops, beach hat, sunscreen, watermelon, summer hummers, margaritas, shorts and tank tops.. The Beach….. Cant wait!

I am already teaching this class to a group of ladies in my Neck of the woods.. Since we dont have too many Scrapbooking and Paper Arts Stores here in the Beach area.. I am taking my classes on the road.. also closer to home to Manhattan Beach/Redondo Beach .. kind of like a Scrapbook consultant.. I have 2 Scrapbook get-togethers planned for next month. I just pack up my vintage suitcases full of goodies and Teach classes at your Home.. If you live in the Los Angeles Area and are interested please email me. Not much else happening . I have been making patio cushions and pillows , working on making a headboard for my bed and sewing little things like this Clothes pin bag made out of a vintage pillowcase ….

I am also impressed with the little herb garden we started a couple of months ago.. its already growing so nicely… used the basil in the homemade sauce the other day…

Well thats all for now…. Thanks for the sweet comments on the last post!

Welcome to the New Blog

April 22, 2010

Thank you for coming to the new Flea Market STudio Blog! Don’t you just love my new Banner? My friend Kat designed it for me. She is a buddy that I have had in the Art World since I started Scrapbooking. There are friends that cross over from the Art world and become more of a friend than a Art friend. My friend Alice  also happens to be one of those friends. The wonders of the Art community! I was so grateful when Hope  Wallace designed my banner about 3  years ago. I cannot believe its been that long! I started blogging on January 16, 2007. I look back now and cannot believe what a different time that was in my Life. I was living in Arizona.. working 2 days a week… enjoying my Art more than anything. What a difference 3 years make. I am living in California… working full time… and now Art is kind of on the back burner. Not as important as it used to be. Don’t get me wrong.. I do more Art than I post.. just not as excited to share it like I used to. Jaded? maybe. I said to myself that if Art stopped being fun.. that is when it was time to stop. It’s still fun, but not willing to make it part of my everyday. It is hard work putting your Art out there. You have to photograph, download, crop, come up with new and exciting things everyday. Live, Eat and Breathe it. Spend less time with your Family.. Friends and the Fresh air of the Outdoors. When you live in California where its sunny nearly everyday of the year.. the last thing you want to do is be inside.  I have made it a priority to be outside as much I can and the Beach.. calls my name daily. Why it was time to change the Blog. The funny thing is, I have a little feeling that this Blog will be updated more than the last one. Maybe I needed a little change.. a fresh look.. a new Home. Whatever it is.. I feel great about it!

I wanted to share a giant book I made for D. It is one of the biggest books I have ever made.. it measures 10 x 15. A huge challenge for me. It has been in the works for a while now. I finally just finished it the other day.  Here are some pages to share..

Thank you for Coming into the new and improved FLEA MARKET STUDIO BLOG!

Enjoying the Spring and Randy’s donuts…

April 15, 2010

If you have ever been to L.A… than you have probably seen this giant 32.5 foot Donut off the 405 freeway.. its in Inglewood, the place that's always up to no good… Well Randy's is always up to some great donuts…. I mean Yum! 

  We live about 3 miles from this landmark. It was built in 1953.. We used to drive by it on the Freeway, and when I was little I used to beg my Mom to stop and buy one. I don't think she ever did.. it's been a while. Well now that we live back here, my husband wants to try everything in Los Angeles, I mean everything! Yes, we had a Pinks hotdog the other day. He acts like a tourist. When you grow up in Los Angeles, the last thing you want to see is tourists.. Glad he is making me feel like everything is NEW again, not only for me but for our Daughter. Well needless to say, we love the Donuts at Randy's.. worth the stop for your kids if they ask.

Lets see.. Earthquakes… lots of them all over. They say it is normal. I don't feel like there is anything normal about them. They freak me out. Why do I live here again, oh ya.. the weather. We are lucky when it comes to Weather. Even though our frosted hair, fake-tanned- in- the -winter-time -skin Weather Man Dallas Raines.. (yes thats his name) is sooo fired. He predicted rain so many times.. and nothing.  They should just call him the unpredictable Man… 

The last part of the School year is coming to a close.. and it is pretty busy. Just when we have the kids the way we want them.. they leave. I love seeing them change. It breaks my heart when they leave. Only a few come back and visit. We are filled with carnivals, Mother's Day, Spring Sing and so much more the next few months. Art is kind of on the back burner lately. I have been planning a couple of things and also itching to decorate. . Found some Amazing Decorating blogs! How to make a headboard.. and turn the bungalow into more Cottage beach.. this blog is amazing.. A Beach Cottage  I got so inspired to do a project in one of  the bathrooms. Make it very Beachy. I found a wood frame from the Goodwill for 1.99 and transformed it using most of the Beach shells we have collected and found. 

Beach frame
The rest of it is very simple, lots of vintage glass bottles.. and little things like this..

This frame was 1.99 also.. It just had the word friendship on it and I took it off.. added the vintage postcard image of the Surfer.. I am so inspired to transform the house into a Beach cottage theme… 

I worked on more pages from my Portland Art Journal.. here are some more..

Portland 4
Its a work in progress.. and I cannot believe I have so much done! 

I also have Artful Thursday Project to share.. I love train cases! I love to alter them.. I found this one at the Goodwill for 3.oo… here it is before ..

Art thurs1
And here is what I have so far… 

Art thurs2
Far from finished, but this is only the first phase. I will share when I am done..

That's pretty much it for now.. Hugs everyone! 



Big Weekend….

April 5, 2010

Have to share this picture first.. because I can't contain myself on how cute My niece is!

This outfit, kills me! Made by her Great Grandmother…

What a huge Weekend for us… Darianne turned 8. Amazing how fast it goes.. everyone tells you and you just laugh. But it is so true!

We made this cake.. together.. So glad I finally got a pretty good shot in the Dark.  We took her to Knotts Berry Farm ( I think she is over Disneyland) with a couple of friends, and then to Build-a-Bear on Her Birthday. Here are a couple of shots from Knotts..

IMG_0094 IMG_0090
My girl loves the log ride…. I guess I did when I was little.  I remember when My Mom wanted to leave Amusement parks before they closed and I used to tell her that I would never do that to my kids..  I Couldn't walk out of the Park fast enough.. what a long day.. fun, but gives you a bit of a headache after a while.  The week ended with Easter and a big jolt from that 7.2 Earthquake… I am not a big fan of Earthquakes.. I mean not even a little tiny fan of them.. you feel so helpless…  Part of the perks of living in Cali.. Here are Easter Pictures.. Hubby was working, but went to eat at the Restaurant he works at… Right on the beach…


Hope everyone had a delightful Easter! or Passover… Little Rocco might be the new Gap Baby…. crossing my fingers….      


Playing dirty..

March 29, 2010

Playing with Dirt that is… Planting new flowers and herbs. Planting  a new and exciting business and going back to school. Its time to finish what I’ve Started. At 40 I will be a student again. Kind of weird to me. Such a great time for me. Things happen for a reason. Got it.. Embrace it… 

A little hint about the business….. doing what I love… Here is a picture from the Scrapbook class I taught on Friday night… too fun!


The weather has been Fantastic! Its not even right… Cali thinks its Summer.. We spent some days at the Beach..  Sad looking boogie board though.. time for a new one…


Here are some shells we collected in 1 day..

Just living in our Bathing suits on the weekends…  and spending time with great friends. Some sadness has happened once again with people I know and  love. More loss More bad news. I am sorry to say that I am getting used to it. Part of Life. Its still hard… I will never be good at handling loss. 

I am working on a Art Journal from my trip to Portland . It is a Altered book this time.. Here is the cover and some of the inside pages.. Its getting ready to be put in my Beach bag with a pen… will finish writing in the pages in the Sun.


That is pretty much what has been happening at the moment.. also still working on the Baby Book for Baby Simone.. here is what is sitting on my table at the moment…




Lots of new Art to share….

March 11, 2010

Blog pict3

Auntie Lilia has been busy making Simone's baby book. This is the cover of the book. I am planning on making a page or two each week.. and I will share them with you. Its really fun to make this book for my Darling niece.. I took so many pictures and have so many ideas….  We had my in-laws visiting the past two weekends. I love it when they come. I am one of those lucky people that adore my Husband's Family. We love to entertain them.. and show them around The Beach.  My hubby is great at the grill.. here is where he is the happiest…

Blog pic11 Blog pic13  

 We love to BBQ carne Asada tacos and make Sangria.. The garnishes are fresh limes, cilantro, onions, homemade guacamole, Mexican ranch cheese Yum! 

Notice the Tropical shirt.. he wears them all the time.. he says it makes him feel like he is on vacation.. Oh well, it makes him happy so I wont say anything.

I have a project that I am teaching for some ladies… It is a chipboard Spring book…. 


Spring book1
Spring book2
Spring book4
Spring book5
Spring book 6

There are more pages, but wanted to share just a couple. This is the first Scrapbooking thing I have done a long time… I took out one of Darianne's vintage suitcases that contains her mini books… WOW. I am obsessed with mini books!  here is one that I did in 2003.. it makes me laugh.. what was I thinking? using a dollar store flip flop for a book? Oh well, it is Dariannes favorite… 

Flip flop book Blog pic 5  

   Blog pic7 Blogpic8  

Makes me want Summer to be here…..I need to make more Scrapbook mini books… There are a ton of events and pictures I  keep neglecting and they make me happy. I am working on some books for some clients and it has made me miss scrapbooking a little. too fun. I also did something for Artful Thursdays.. We needed a dishwasher sign…  My husband is notorious for sticking dirty dishes in with the clean ones.. a sign  one that says CLEAN on one side and DIRTY on the other… Found these large magnets at the Dollar Store:


This is what I came up with:

Just turn it over when they are DIRTY….   

Thats all I have for now..  Here are some more Feather Hair pins that I made, I went a little crazy…

They remind me of Alice in Wonderland for some Reason… will probably go and see The new Alice movie… maybe will have to call my good friend Alice to accompany me.. 


Artful Thursdays…. and happiness

February 25, 2010

Happiness…. enjoying my Life to the fullest. Making so many plans, enjoying my Family, checking off  things on my Life list, making new Art,  Watching The Olympics till midnight….. drinking wine. Never get NBC though, what is up with them taping the Olympics for the West Coast. I mean I get when the olympics are in China..  but when they are in the same Time zone? Oh Well.. I guess my late night cheering will be over soon and then I will be sad. I Love the Olympics! Shuan White is my ultimate favorite.. I love people with Red hair and with that infectious smile and personality he is adorable. After Evan won the Gold, I looked him up and found that he trains 3 miles from my house…… so do two of the women skaters, might have to pop in and say "hi"…. will probably be escorted out of the building by security.. I can try. 

So My Macbook crashed.. went to turn it on.. and was horrified when a blank grey screen appeared with a file folder and a question mark. I became a Mac fan 3 1/2 years ago when I bought my laptop. I have never had a problem with this bad boy. So I took it to the Genius Bar at the Apple store, expecting to pay a pretty penny. I am one of those people that  when something breaks down and they give me the estimate I always have to pay the highest price. So I was shocked when they took it and not only replaced the hard drive, but my keyboard panel for free. My lucky day. I feel real lucky lately.

I have been working on a Baby Book for my niece Simone. Love to make Baby Books! . I also wanted to make some Hair barrettes for Dariannes hair and thinking of making them as party favors for D's 8th Birthday. Yup, 8. I got inspired by Anthropolgie. So decided to use them for Artful Thursdays . 

Here is what I pulled from my Stash:


Here is what I came up with:

Art thursd3

I am working on some more… for my Girl and some for myself. I will post the finished ones on my next post. Here is another picture with Darianne wearing it…

Art thursd4
They were really fun to make . Updated the Shop a little and have some new things that will go up soon, but got side tracked with being a cheerleader for the Olympics. 

Darianne put together this glass vase with the sand and shells.. it looks so cute. I think I might have her make some to send to Family in AZ and friends that are not by a Beach.  So this is her Artful Thursday entry:

Art thursd 5

Thats all for now… Hope the Sun comes out soon for my Friends in the Snow, if not you can come and visit me!xoxo  


February 15, 2010

What is it about Portland? Is it the calm peaceful People… the beautiful trees… Powells bookstore…. the killer breakfast places or the fact that my brother and his beautiful Little Family lives there? It might just be all of that, but a city has never grabbed me by the heart so fast than Portland, Oregon. Wow.. just amazing. here are some pictures that just say come back soon to me..

Our View from our Condo downtown….


Multnomah Falls… Wow…


Kennedy Elementary School…  a old school turned into a Restaurant, bar, hotel… I have never seen anything like it.. it is so vintage in there.. The principals office is the check in.. Everyone knew I would love this place..


Breakfast with my brother…. we are so close in age, and we are so alike….  I enjoy every minute we are together… I am so proud of him!


Went to a cute little place… with the sweetest girls.. They have a store with Art, gifts, jewlery and homemade crafts… their link is Sage Works Designs….


Powells famous Bookstore…. I could have spent the whole week there.. I was dragged out of there kicking and screaming …. darn it! 


My brother happy with his purchase at Powells… he does a Radio show on Sunday nights… KBOO… He Loves to spin records and no one does it like him!


Breakfast, Breakfast…. This place is called Juniors… very vintage inside…


Of course had to stop at a vintage spot.. called House of Vintage….


And the best part of Portland… My brother, his 2 girls and My Mom (grandma)… can you believe His girl had a baby the week before.. 


Now if I can talk my husband into moving there.. hmmmm….





February 8, 2010

Just got back from Portland, I wanted to share my trip…but decided  to dedicate a whole post to my newborn Niece.. Simone Alyese…  Beautiful.

Simone 6

Me and simone

I am so in Love! Will share photos of Portland… I think I want to move.