Hello Blog Land… I’ve missed you….

Well this has been a long time… Wow. What have I been up to??, getting what I’ve been dreaming about but putting off for years. My Teaching Degree in the upper grades. Yes. I did it! Wow… What a year… the hardest most challenging, But oh so worth it Year. Straight A’s Baby. Every weekend was taken up and my Family  and Home have been put on hold. Which comes to another thing that I have missed, My Art. My Art friends know how much  I love doing Art. For a while there  it was getting stale and not fun. I was losing my mojo and  It had  become what I have been dreading and  what I did not want EVER… a JOB. It is my Love, My hobby and my passion. Not a Job or something that makes me question every move I make. I have a Job, a full time Job that makes me happy, I am a Teacher and it is what makes me happy everyday, yes it is possible to have a job you love. Sure I love to sell my Art and supplies on Etsy.. but that is not what I have been all about. I am much more refreshed, much more ready to share and get back to doing what I Love… My Art. I want to share what Ive been making lately.. Yes, I spent the past week getting into the pool slowly…. It feels good.

These are some Mini Art cards.. Just some jumbo playing cards, that sparks my creativity.

One of my Birthday boxes to hold a gift for a friend.. these usually have Birthday candles, plastic ballerina, matches and a tiny note

 A project basket filled with vintage papers, vintage ribbons, velvet flocked fabric and much more to get me started on a Doll Book that I am working on

My new Halloween book, Titled “Something Wicked this way comes”.. I just love Halloween… this book is going to be very Wicked…and a little creepy…

I went Thrifting for the First time in I really cant remember the last time…. Lots of vintage patterns,  hot pink pom pom trim, vintage napkins to use as backgrounds of my collages and Art Journals, flocked vintage fabric in all colors and this box of French cotton twine…

Yes I am Happy. And I think my Daughter D is happy, remember her? She is 9 now. I know Ive missed so much in her Life this year, but I am trying to  make it up daily. We put up a tent in the backyard for her to do her Summer reading. Once in a while you can catch her reading her American Girl magazine in her private little space..

Yes, I am back and refreshed ! Ive missed you!



5 Responses to “Hello Blog Land… I’ve missed you….”

  1. Karin@creativechaos Says:

    ugggg…Karin, not Kari!

  2. Karin Smolinski Aguirre Says:

    double uggg….it just erased my whole comment! Anyway…Congratulations!! I’ve been substitute teaching at the boy’s school and just love it. I started the credential program just before I was diagnosed. I’m thinking about going back, but still not sure.

    • fleamarketstudio Says:

      Hi Karin,
      Do it!! It has been amazing… hard work, but hard work does pay off! This WordPress thing is driving me nuts also, I think I will change back to Typepad.. it was so much easier and the pictures looked so much better…. Hope you are doing great! So look for me back at typepad, yes call me crazy…. hehe

  3. Tsila Says:

    So nice to be reading you again! I have been checking your blog for the past year and am glad to see you back…

  4. Kelly Deal Says:

    Congratulations Lilia! I received a Master’s in Guidance and Counseling 4 years ago and haven’t been able to find a job. It’s tough in Illinois to find any kind of educator job. I’ve been a special education assistant for three years and I do love the job, the kids are great and I work with really great people, but it’s the money………………………anyway it’s great to see you back!

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