Winter Break.. back on the Blog….

Hello Blog friends. Its been a long while. I have been in school full time. At University California at Irvine. Its been challenging, hard work.. but in the end so worth it. I have not crafted in a while, I thought I forgot how. Its been a good break from the blog  and crafting world. I think everyone needs a break from time to time. I sure missed it. I decided to do some crafting for the last 2 weeks for Winter break. I have to share what I worked on. First the pictures for our Holiday card…



These pictures were taken in a total of 15 minutes. I get off work at 4 and the sun sets at around 4:45… I had to go home, get camera, family and run to the beach..
Its been such a wonderful Christmas. So relaxing, non stressful. I have never slept in so much in my Life. I can get used to this. I made so many little crafts for Christmas.. Christmas magnets for the fridge, package toppers, ornaments and worked on the yearly Christmas journal. Its a altered journal I work on every year over the Holidays.. I add pictures, letters to Santa, to do lists and journal about the past year. Here are some samples of the Christmas journal:

This journal is such a keepsake for our Family.. we sat looking at it the other day.. and so many memories came flooding back. I made many ornaments this year, here is a sample of one that is on the tree:

I also made a Winter door hanger for my Daughter’s room.. I really decorated her room this year, lights, tinsel and a pink tree.. it made her so happy. Here is the door hanger:

I finally got a chance to do a little thrifting in this last week. I found so much vintage mercury glass and lots of vintage Christmas ornaments and baubles..

I sure hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday and spending it taking long naps and enjoying each other and maybe getting a little crafting in. Happy Holidays!! I hope I will be back before school starts full force again in January!! xoxo


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6 Responses to “Winter Break.. back on the Blog….”

  1. sharron Says:

    welcome back!! i look for you often…glad you are sleeping and enjoying your winter break!!!

  2. Ivy Says:

    I am new to your blog and really enjoy your artwork. Love the photos on the beach and the Christmas crafts you have done. The journal looks lovely and I think the ornament and door hanger are awesome. Glad you are enjoying your holidays and don’t work too hard back at school. Hope you will come back here often!

    • fleamarketstudio Says:

      Hi you are so sweet! thank you! I am glad to be back after a long good break. I Love to craft.. always will. School really is challenging with a blog, but I will manage to come back sooner than 6 months! hugs to you and Happy New Year! -Lilia

  3. Alice Says:

    Welcome back! Lovely pictures of your dear family! So happy to hear that school is going well–you are almost halfway done!! Can’t wait to see you soon!

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