Summer Happiness

Collecting Shells… Playing at the Beach. What Summer is all about. Planning on making a Seashell Wreath with all these Shells. So glad Summer is here. Went to Arizona before the 4th of July. Did I really live in that heat?I pulled into Town into a store, not only 20 minutes came out and all rims were gone. Who does that? Hope they needed dull, scraped rims.. because thats what they got.  Miss my Mother in Law, though. Just wish everyone we love lived right in the same place.  We had fun going through her Cedar chest full of Family Treasures. She gave me my Hubby’s Little league baseball uniform. I put Darianne in it and it fit like a glove…

I love it! So cute.. he was exactly the same age when he wore it. My girl is growing. Speaking of Growing, I am making a Growth chart for my adorable niece. It is not even done yet, but got 3 panels done. They are 5 canvas panels.. I am using scrapbook paper, acrylics, water soluble crayons, vintage text, flowers, buttons and 1 huge vintage measuring tape. It just sits on my dining room table.. I work better that way. I walk by it and add something every once in a while.. If I walk by it enough, I might just finish it one day.  Here is a sneak peak..


The Scrapbook paper is so adorable.. has all these adorable little vintage images. Love. I will show the whole thing when its done. Been teaching my last Art classes for a while at Paper Tales… my Last class will be August 1. Then I will be putting Art on hold for a whole year to finish School full time at the Campus of UC Irvine. Cannot believe it. I am looking forward to it but getting a little nervous.  I will still try to keep Art in my Life during this time , its my little release. I wanted to share another project Ive had in my head for a while. I took a large vintage white sheet.. cut 4 inches around the whole sheet, pleated and ironed the pleats.. then sewed it back on the sheet. It looks so whimsical on my dinning room table. here is a picture of what it kind of looks like..

I also did another page in Art Journal..

I also did a little thrift store shopping while I was in AZ..

Miss my AZ thrift Stores.. Went with my Fave Shopping buddy. We had so much fun..In this picture I spent under $10 for all of these things. 2 vintage pillow cases were $1 for both, pack of vintage cards .50, vintage scrapbook $1,  vintage flocked fabric $1 and the vintage jello molds… 2.99 for 1 pack and 1.99 for the other.. very cool. Not much else.. getting ready for A great Summer… Hope everyone is enjoying their Summer…xoxo


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2 Responses to “Summer Happiness”

  1. Kat Says:

    love love love the growth chart! why is it that after we hang out, I get obsessed with going to thrift stores???

  2. Whosyergurl Says:

    Love. Your. Pages.
    nuff said.
    xo, Cheryl

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