Whimsical little Girl collage and New Flip Flop book..

Worked on a Whimsical little girl collage this week! This is of my little girl when she was 3. I will be teaching this class at PaperTales in San Diego. I will post the date on my sidebar next week after Michelle receives it. I also worked on a new Updated Summer Flip Flop book. I will also teach this class at PaperTales. Here are pictures of Flip Flop Book 6.0…

This was really fun to make… lots of color…. Getting ready to take some Beach photos.. is anyone ready for Summer like I am?? flip flops, beach hat, sunscreen, watermelon, summer hummers, margaritas, shorts and tank tops.. The Beach….. Cant wait!

I am already teaching this class to a group of ladies in my Neck of the woods.. Since we dont have too many Scrapbooking and Paper Arts Stores here in the Beach area.. I am taking my classes on the road.. also closer to home to Manhattan Beach/Redondo Beach .. kind of like a Scrapbook consultant.. I have 2 Scrapbook get-togethers planned for next month. I just pack up my vintage suitcases full of goodies and Teach classes at your Home.. If you live in the Los Angeles Area and are interested please email me. Not much else happening . I have been making patio cushions and pillows , working on making a headboard for my bed and sewing little things like this Clothes pin bag made out of a vintage pillowcase ….

I am also impressed with the little herb garden we started a couple of months ago.. its already growing so nicely… used the basil in the homemade sauce the other day…

Well thats all for now…. Thanks for the sweet comments on the last post!


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3 Responses to “Whimsical little Girl collage and New Flip Flop book..”

  1. alicemdr Says:

    I love the collage! Your style is evolving into something new and different! I love it!

  2. Susan Reaney Says:

    Your girl is so cute. I know that face and I know i have been on your blog before.
    I have been checking all of Julie Colling’s Artful Thursdays…love that girl.

    My daughter (Kat!) and I just started a blog a short time ago and would love to have you visit. She actually created it for me as a gift :-). Our address is…


    It really isn’t all about our jewelry…that’s just the name we had to settle for!


  3. Brenda Says:

    There are no words for how much I love your work, and if I had the money to get you to pack your bags up and come and teach me what you do in my little home here in Australia, I absolutely would.

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