Enjoying the Spring and Randy’s donuts…

If you have ever been to L.A… than you have probably seen this giant 32.5 foot Donut off the 405 freeway.. its in Inglewood, the place that's always up to no good… Well Randy's is always up to some great donuts…. I mean Yum! 

  We live about 3 miles from this landmark. It was built in 1953.. We used to drive by it on the Freeway, and when I was little I used to beg my Mom to stop and buy one. I don't think she ever did.. it's been a while. Well now that we live back here, my husband wants to try everything in Los Angeles, I mean everything! Yes, we had a Pinks hotdog the other day. He acts like a tourist. When you grow up in Los Angeles, the last thing you want to see is tourists.. Glad he is making me feel like everything is NEW again, not only for me but for our Daughter. Well needless to say, we love the Donuts at Randy's.. worth the stop for your kids if they ask.

Lets see.. Earthquakes… lots of them all over. They say it is normal. I don't feel like there is anything normal about them. They freak me out. Why do I live here again, oh ya.. the weather. We are lucky when it comes to Weather. Even though our frosted hair, fake-tanned- in- the -winter-time -skin Weather Man Dallas Raines.. (yes thats his name) is sooo fired. He predicted rain so many times.. and nothing.  They should just call him the unpredictable Man… 

The last part of the School year is coming to a close.. and it is pretty busy. Just when we have the kids the way we want them.. they leave. I love seeing them change. It breaks my heart when they leave. Only a few come back and visit. We are filled with carnivals, Mother's Day, Spring Sing and so much more the next few months. Art is kind of on the back burner lately. I have been planning a couple of things and also itching to decorate. . Found some Amazing Decorating blogs! How to make a headboard.. and turn the bungalow into more Cottage beach.. this blog is amazing.. A Beach Cottage  I got so inspired to do a project in one of  the bathrooms. Make it very Beachy. I found a wood frame from the Goodwill for 1.99 and transformed it using most of the Beach shells we have collected and found. 

Beach frame
The rest of it is very simple, lots of vintage glass bottles.. and little things like this..

This frame was 1.99 also.. It just had the word friendship on it and I took it off.. added the vintage postcard image of the Surfer.. I am so inspired to transform the house into a Beach cottage theme… 

I worked on more pages from my Portland Art Journal.. here are some more..

Portland 4
Its a work in progress.. and I cannot believe I have so much done! 

I also have Artful Thursday Project to share.. I love train cases! I love to alter them.. I found this one at the Goodwill for 3.oo… here it is before ..

Art thurs1
And here is what I have so far… 

Art thurs2
Far from finished, but this is only the first phase. I will share when I am done..

That's pretty much it for now.. Hugs everyone! 




5 Responses to “Enjoying the Spring and Randy’s donuts…”

  1. scrapsynthe Says:

    my name is Isabelle alias scrapsynthe.
    i love you’re scrapbook because you’re recycled this book and love work the old paper….
    My style is vintage, shabby and to blend (mélanger)the scrapbook paper, basic grey, sei…..
    i love the brocante, bric à brac, vide grenier… there is lot in France.
    Bonne continuation..
    Au plaisir de vous read…
    ABS=> absynthe French

  2. Lisa Russell Says:

    The man at Randy’s seems like a very nice donut man! I would stop there often, I’m sure. Love the beach items! One of my bathrooms has a beach theme. Kohl’s has some pretty beachy accessories out now that I like. The frame turned out really nice. Your art journal looks great! Love all of the pages and the pictures you added. Maybe you can do a tutorial on the train case? But I can’t even find them unfinished here. Not sure what is up with that – they must be in high demand! xoxo, Lisa

  3. kat Says:

    i have yet to try randy’s donuts. sounds yummy, can you ship to AZ 😉

  4. alicemdr Says:

    Yes, you never disappoint! I always have to come here for my weekly dose of inspiration and eye candy. Love the book! The train case is fun. I still have to alter the tool box you gave me–can’t decide whether to make it pink or aqua and to do polka dots or not. . .

  5. dawn060861 Says:

    Hi I love the case it is so pretty , I love your ideas : ) Dawn

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