Lots of new Art to share….

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Auntie Lilia has been busy making Simone's baby book. This is the cover of the book. I am planning on making a page or two each week.. and I will share them with you. Its really fun to make this book for my Darling niece.. I took so many pictures and have so many ideas….  We had my in-laws visiting the past two weekends. I love it when they come. I am one of those lucky people that adore my Husband's Family. We love to entertain them.. and show them around The Beach.  My hubby is great at the grill.. here is where he is the happiest…

Blog pic11 Blog pic13  

 We love to BBQ carne Asada tacos and make Sangria.. The garnishes are fresh limes, cilantro, onions, homemade guacamole, Mexican ranch cheese Yum! 

Notice the Tropical shirt.. he wears them all the time.. he says it makes him feel like he is on vacation.. Oh well, it makes him happy so I wont say anything.

I have a project that I am teaching for some ladies… It is a chipboard Spring book…. 


Spring book1
Spring book2
Spring book4
Spring book5
Spring book 6

There are more pages, but wanted to share just a couple. This is the first Scrapbooking thing I have done a long time… I took out one of Darianne's vintage suitcases that contains her mini books… WOW. I am obsessed with mini books!  here is one that I did in 2003.. it makes me laugh.. what was I thinking? using a dollar store flip flop for a book? Oh well, it is Dariannes favorite… 

Flip flop book Blog pic 5  

   Blog pic7 Blogpic8  

Makes me want Summer to be here…..I need to make more Scrapbook mini books… There are a ton of events and pictures I  keep neglecting and they make me happy. I am working on some books for some clients and it has made me miss scrapbooking a little. too fun. I also did something for Artful Thursdays.. We needed a dishwasher sign…  My husband is notorious for sticking dirty dishes in with the clean ones.. a sign  one that says CLEAN on one side and DIRTY on the other… Found these large magnets at the Dollar Store:


This is what I came up with:

Just turn it over when they are DIRTY….   

Thats all I have for now..  Here are some more Feather Hair pins that I made, I went a little crazy…

They remind me of Alice in Wonderland for some Reason… will probably go and see The new Alice movie… maybe will have to call my good friend Alice to accompany me.. 



10 Responses to “Lots of new Art to share….”

  1. cerri Says:

    Yeah! I love to see new (and old) work from you. The baby book you’re making your niece is so sweet and soft looking Lil, I love it.
    And the spring mini book, gah, that is just too cute!
    Cerri xoxo

  2. karin@creativechaos Says:

    Love it all! The baby book is adorable…

  3. Lisa Russell Says:

    Everything is so pretty! You MUST share your taco and sangria recipe!!! Sounds and looks delicious!! xoxo!

  4. alicemdr Says:

    Yeah, I’m in! xoxo
    I envy your creativity! You can turn the most mundane things into objects of beauty–who woulda thought to make a book from flip-flops! So cute!!

  5. tina Says:

    Wow – these albums are great – I love making this mini books too. If you have time try and visit my blog and see my artful thursday project which is a vintage inspired corsage…thanks for sharing your sweet memories with us all.
    embellishments by tina

  6. lorraine lewis Says:

    Your albums are beautiful- your daughter will treasure these always.

  7. Maija Lepore Says:

    Your books are so pretty, and I adore the hair pieces!!!!

  8. Joy For the Journey Says:

    Your books are beautiful!!! As always πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing. Some great inspiration!
    Sarah πŸ™‚

  9. JoieDeVivre Says:

    Oh my goodness, those scrapbooks are the cutest I have ever seen. Your art is so extraordinarily gorgeous, I just love the flip flop book, can see why your daughter adores it! BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing..

  10. cheryl carey bass Says:

    Well, Lilia, I don’t know where to begin. You clumped so many lovely things here into one post! A) I’m comin’ over next time you BBQ (If only I could!) I lived in Southern Cali for a couple of years as as a missionary and that was my FAVORITE thing. They have tons of Mexican food here in Dallas, but it’s TexMex and not the same as the Carne Asada out there. Everything you described is exactly how I remember it…right down to the rancho queso! Mmmmm. I can just taste those onions, guac, cilantro, and freshly squeezed limes. B) Your Spring chipboard book is totally ADORABLE. I especially love the way you used the tiny index pics there across the polka dot ribbon on the “Happiness” page. Also, I’m adoring that sweet little crocheted? rose on the tag that says “Sweet Smile”. Did you make that? If so, tell me how! Love it! C) Darianne has got to be the cutest little girl EVER! Get her into modeling. D) I love your mini books. I don’t think you should bash the flip flop book. It’s GREATNESS. You always come up with wonderful ways to make use of that Dollar Store. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Lots of people can “create” when they’re given kits or lots of money to buy the “perfect” supplies. The most creative ones, however (in my humble opinion) are those who can take simple objects (as found at the Dollar Store) and create wonderful and exciting things, as you do!

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