Artful Thursdays…. and happiness

Happiness…. enjoying my Life to the fullest. Making so many plans, enjoying my Family, checking off  things on my Life list, making new Art,  Watching The Olympics till midnight….. drinking wine. Never get NBC though, what is up with them taping the Olympics for the West Coast. I mean I get when the olympics are in China..  but when they are in the same Time zone? Oh Well.. I guess my late night cheering will be over soon and then I will be sad. I Love the Olympics! Shuan White is my ultimate favorite.. I love people with Red hair and with that infectious smile and personality he is adorable. After Evan won the Gold, I looked him up and found that he trains 3 miles from my house…… so do two of the women skaters, might have to pop in and say "hi"…. will probably be escorted out of the building by security.. I can try. 

So My Macbook crashed.. went to turn it on.. and was horrified when a blank grey screen appeared with a file folder and a question mark. I became a Mac fan 3 1/2 years ago when I bought my laptop. I have never had a problem with this bad boy. So I took it to the Genius Bar at the Apple store, expecting to pay a pretty penny. I am one of those people that  when something breaks down and they give me the estimate I always have to pay the highest price. So I was shocked when they took it and not only replaced the hard drive, but my keyboard panel for free. My lucky day. I feel real lucky lately.

I have been working on a Baby Book for my niece Simone. Love to make Baby Books! . I also wanted to make some Hair barrettes for Dariannes hair and thinking of making them as party favors for D's 8th Birthday. Yup, 8. I got inspired by Anthropolgie. So decided to use them for Artful Thursdays . 

Here is what I pulled from my Stash:


Here is what I came up with:

Art thursd3

I am working on some more… for my Girl and some for myself. I will post the finished ones on my next post. Here is another picture with Darianne wearing it…

Art thursd4
They were really fun to make . Updated the Shop a little and have some new things that will go up soon, but got side tracked with being a cheerleader for the Olympics. 

Darianne put together this glass vase with the sand and shells.. it looks so cute. I think I might have her make some to send to Family in AZ and friends that are not by a Beach.  So this is her Artful Thursday entry:

Art thursd 5

Thats all for now… Hope the Sun comes out soon for my Friends in the Snow, if not you can come and visit me!xoxo  


9 Responses to “Artful Thursdays…. and happiness”

  1. Miss Rhea Says:

    Oooh, Those are CUTE !!!! 🙂

  2. lorraine lewis Says:

    Beautiful- so simple but so pretty.

  3. Lisa Russell Says:

    OH, I LOVE the headband and I LOVE D’s beautiful sandscape in the jar! Very nice!!

  4. Heather Says:

    When I saw your picture I immediately thought Anthrologie.. I really liked these when i saw them and plan to make some myself.. Cheers!

  5. kat Says:

    I’d like to place an order for 2 please 😉 btw- went to Anthro today. I was in heaven.

  6. cheryl carey bass Says:

    LOL, I DARE you to show up at the training facility to say hi. Actually, they’d probably love it, right? 🙂 The hairpieces are exquisite! Great job. I think it’s so cool that you’ve got your daughter involved in being creative, too! What a wonderful way to teach.

  7. julie collings Says:

    i haven’t seen anything as lovely anywhere! of course the old spool of tulle and the yummy vintage earing make it so perfect.
    my littlest one turned 8 also, so many changes ahead. isn’t it wonderful!
    happy weekend, julie

  8. Tammy Says:

    This is really sweet – I love creating from my stash! Your A.T. project is great.

  9. Debbie Keady Says:

    Better than Anthropologie~I was just there too!

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