What is it about Portland? Is it the calm peaceful People… the beautiful trees… Powells bookstore…. the killer breakfast places or the fact that my brother and his beautiful Little Family lives there? It might just be all of that, but a city has never grabbed me by the heart so fast than Portland, Oregon. Wow.. just amazing. here are some pictures that just say come back soon to me..

Our View from our Condo downtown….


Multnomah Falls… Wow…


Kennedy Elementary School…  a old school turned into a Restaurant, bar, hotel… I have never seen anything like it.. it is so vintage in there.. The principals office is the check in.. Everyone knew I would love this place..


Breakfast with my brother…. we are so close in age, and we are so alike….  I enjoy every minute we are together… I am so proud of him!


Went to a cute little place… with the sweetest girls.. They have a store with Art, gifts, jewlery and homemade crafts… their link is Sage Works Designs….


Powells famous Bookstore…. I could have spent the whole week there.. I was dragged out of there kicking and screaming …. darn it! 


My brother happy with his purchase at Powells… he does a Radio show on Sunday nights… KBOO… He Loves to spin records and no one does it like him!


Breakfast, Breakfast…. This place is called Juniors… very vintage inside…


Of course had to stop at a vintage spot.. called House of Vintage….


And the best part of Portland… My brother, his 2 girls and My Mom (grandma)… can you believe His girl had a baby the week before.. 


Now if I can talk my husband into moving there.. hmmmm….





7 Responses to “Portland…”

  1. Jaclyn Ehrlich Says:

    I share your love of Portland. I am originally a West coast girl but have lived on the East coast for most of my life now. We went to Portland last year for my husband to run the marathon and fell in love!! I love to travel and have been all over, but there is something really special about Portland (and I don’t have family there!). Thanks for the post!

  2. luckygirlgifts Says:

    What a lovely trip. It’s so nice to see how close you and your brother are and don’t even get me started on how adorable your niece is…….
    Thanks for sharing,
    Have a fabulous week
    Cari b.

  3. mendy Says:

    I’ve never been, but it looks beautiful! Ilove how close you and your brother are…so nice. Congrats on your niece!! 🙂 Mendy

  4. Maija Lepore Says:

    Not only is Portland fun, your family is there!! What’s holding you back? Go for it girl!!! Family is where it’s at!

  5. kat Says:

    So pretty!and no, you can’t move to portland, that’s even further!

  6. Pamela Says:

    I have family in Portland and had the opportunity to visit there a couple years ago…LOVE it! It’s kinda like Seattle (but way cleaner!)…it’s so GREEN (unlike Phoenix!)plus, NO SALES TAX! great transit system, awesome downtown, very artsy and diverse culture, a REAL FARMER’S MARKET with LOTS of fresh local produce, and just beautiful! Sigh! ;0)

  7. cheryl carey bass Says:

    I KNOW! I LOVE Portland, too! It’s such an artsy/urban chic place to be. But it’s not stuck up at all. The people seems so genuine and they celebrate individuality and creativity! Your brother, his girl, and new baby are adorable! I wish you could visit more, too. I have a sister who lives out in OR and I don’t get to see her nearly enough. 😦 I want to go to those wonderful spots you showcased. I need you as my own personal travel guide!

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