I love to Laugh.. It is what gets me through everyday. Life can be rough.. but it can also very Easy depending on the Day. I work with children. They are little. When it rains, they are wild. And when you don't feel good… it is very rough. But what gets me through the Day is to Laugh. I find something at my work to laugh about Every single Day. It is the best job ever. Who can say that about their Job? I can. I am so Lucky. I made this simple garland with the word LAUGH because it is one of my favorite words and also with Artful Thursday's in mind. It is made with linen fabric, vintage book page, chipboard letters and vintage kite string. I made many and with conversation heart words like KISS. HUG ME, LOVE U  they are hanging all over the house… but changed my mind on using it for the Artful Thursday's project. I decided to give myself a little challenge. I do this from time to time. I either go to the Dollar Tree or 99 cent Store and find something to alter or supplies to make projects with…  So here is what I came up with…..

A little Vintage Valentine inspired nut cup. My plan is to hang them on my Valentine tree.. Most of these supplies were found at the 99Cent store I know it is not the most inspirational spot… but some of my favorite projects have come from there. 

I found a package of princess party favor boxes…

I also found a roll of red crepe paper, a gift bag with red flocked paper and tiny red velvet bows.

These are the other supplies that I used: vintage book page, tiny flower with a red brad (found Hiedi Grace pack at Big Lots  for a $1),  vintage kite string, vintage lace ribbon, red stickles and I printed words on vintage typewriter paper with a grunge typewriter font.  

Here are the Steps….

Step 1: cut the flaps of the boxes and also the handles


Step 2: cut the bag down and fit to size on the sides of the box then glue them down.


Step 3: punch  holes on the 2 opposite  sides of the cup and string the lace ribbon through and then tie them


Step 4: cut a heart shape out of the vintage page and glue onto chipboard (or if you do not have chipboard use the back board of packaging )


Step 5: put the red stickles around the Heart shape, Let it dry.. if you have not used stickles before, FYI it takes a while for it to dry.


Step 6: Make a crepe paper flower and cut it down to fit in the middle of the heart


Step 7: Add the tiny polka dot flower and brad to the crepe flower then glue onto the heart


Step 8: this is optional, cut out a small image to fit on the side of the heart


Step 9: Hot glue the heart onto the nut cup


Step 10: I like to stock up on  packages of tiny red velvet bows after Christmas for Valentines Day.. they come with cheap looking gold twist ties, I just take the ties off and tie them with my vintage kite string


The last step is to add the velvet bow to the top of the middle of the lace,  I print out Valentines words to vintage typing paper, paste it down to the top of the heart and there you have it! Fill them with pink moss or raffia and Red and white candies….

 I  also wanted to share some Valentines finds.. Vintage and new. Went thrift-ing and I found packages of anti
que lace, a vintage reproduction Valentine and beautiful red heart decorated with tulle and roses. I also found the red souffle cups at TJmaxx for 3.99… planning on making mini chocolate Lava cakes for Valentines Day…. with fresh homemade  whipped cream ohhhh my Favorite!

 There you have what I have been up to, but what I am the most excited is to be a Aunt to my Brother's baby Girl that is due to come into the World any day now….. Her name is going to be Simone.. Come into the World Simone… the water is fine xoxo Auntie Lilia


10 Responses to “Laugh..”

  1. kat Says:

    remind me to give you the easiest chocolate molten cake recipe. now i need to go to tj maxx and see if i can find those red cups. wish me luck. love what you did with you $ store finds!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    I am so impressed with what you did with your dollar store finds. That is awesome. Love your projects. Describing that cake made me feel really hungry. I would love to see a pic of your valentine tree.

  3. Lisa Russell Says:

    I love these Artful Thursdays, and your nut cup is just gorgeous! I love all of the little things that you put together to make something new. Cute finds from your thrifting and dollar store shopping as well! I think I’ll go to the Dollar Tree today and see what I find. Congrats on being an aunt soon! xoxo, Lisa

  4. ramsam Says:

    so lovely!
    Thanks for the ideas!

  5. alicemdr Says:

    Soooo cute! Love that project. Congratulations on being an aunt again!

  6. JoieDeVivre Says:

    Oh my goodness!
    These are gorgeous creations for Valentines Day.
    I am always at the Dollar Store with a keen eye to see what treasures I can buy to alter also, and I agree there are lots there. Matted picture frames are a must for altered art and only a dollar, now can’t beat that.
    Love your art work! and Yes – Laughter is the best medicine there is!

  7. Debra Says:

    What an adorable little treasure you have created. You are right about laughing. And working with children I’ll bet they make you laugh as well. I know when my granddaughters are here, we are always laughing. Adults should be more like children, don’t you think?
    Blog:Capers of the vintage vixens

  8. julie collings Says:

    i love your dollar store inspiration project, the finished valentine decoration for your tree is adorable. i will be looking for flocked gift bags and little red bows with much more interest…
    happy valentines day this weekend Lilia!

  9. Cheryl Carey Bass Says:

    Lilia, I LOVE that you use the Dollar Tree for inspiration! It’s one of my favorite places, too! I totally disagree with you when you say it’s not one of the most inspiring places. I think anyone who can look at all that junk and see things to create is really an artist–like you! It’s easy to take pre-purposed art supplies to make something. But it takes much more creativity and ingenuity to create something beautiful out of what many would consider “junk”. Your Valentine box creation is adorable and I LOVE your thriftiness in your creation. I also like your thrifty purchases (these ramekins will make adorable mini souffles or lava cakes)! Often when I think “Vintage”, I try to remember the early 1900s and the Great Depression. The women of that era had to learn how to create beauty out of “nothing”, but they did it because art is a necessity! Great job, Lilia!

  10. Term Papers Says:

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