Artful Thursdays..

Julie, from Blue Girl XO and I have been online friends for over 3 years now. We both have a love of vintage and of handmade books, we have done many trades and Round Robin books together. Her style is impeccable. It is soft and beautiful and the attention to detail.. I am in awe… I can pick her work a mile away. She loves things so tiny and beautiful.. me on the other hand.. Big, messy and crazy. She created a group to make a piece of Art a week and post it every Thursday. Its called Artful Thursdays. Great idea, I love Deadlines.. I work better that way. It helps get rid of my hoarding of vintage supplies and gets me doing projects I have been putting off for ohh lets see, years now. You can do anything.. from sewing , scrapbooks, paper Arts.. anything. I love this idea so much! So last night as I was finishing my last episodes of Dexter.. I created something small. I know beautiful and Dexter.. dont sound like they go together.. they dont. Before I put up what I created.. I wanted to share the way I make a piece of Art. I start by cleaning out my Studio. Not sounding so fun, right? While I am organizing, I pick up things and put them in a basket. Things that catch my eye, need to be fixed, projects untouched or that are calling my name.. Thats how I roll. 

I made a mini twill book. I purchased this 3 inch twill many years ago. For what reason? I still dont know, but knew I had to use it. I thought about stamping images on it, making a belt.. I just love the cream color and the size. So I put these little things in my inspiration basket:

Thursday 2
a small crotchet flower (I dont like hunter green, I knew right away that was getting torn off), a  white millinery leaf, printed text ribbon, cream trim , pink velvet ribbon and vintage pink thread.

After staring at these things for a while, couldnt take my eyes off of Dexter.. here is what I came up with:

Thursday 1
yes another book. How did I make this silly book.. well here are the steps:

You need 36 inches of 3 inch cotton twill.  You will fold them back to back with  a larger piece on the bottom, heres what I am talking about:Thursdays 4
Then with your sewing machine, ( I like to use brown thread for almost every project) sew down the right side of the book. This will be your spine. I also sew on the right side of each page. I used scalloped edge scissors and made a V, on the closure. I sewed the printed ribbon, pink velvet and cream pleated trim on the side of the book. Took the green leaves off the crotchet flower off and added the cut down to size white leaf. I sewed it to the front cover of the book. The flower is used as a button. I made a button hole on the V part of the closure. Then I stitched the printed text ribbon with the vintage pink thread. 

I hope you understand my directions.. I kind of dont understand them myself. I am terrible at directions. I guess thats me not playing by the Art Rules. If there are any.

So there you have it, a piece.. I had not planned on. What will I use it for you ask? I think I might actually stamp little love notes for my Hubby with Staz-on ink.

Thats all I have for now, please check out Julie's blog there are more Artful Thursday's blogs on her sidebar to check out.. Wow, this is a first in a long time.. Posting on a Thursday. I am telling you, I am feeling so creative and inspired….. more Artful Thursday's to come! Ohh on a great note, I have raised $32o.oo for Haiti!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPPEEEEEEEE….. I hope it goes to the right hands.. American Red Cross please dont let the people of Haiti down……! Going to see a movie on a school night… AVATAR.. Hope its as good as everyone tells me. hugs-Lilia


8 Responses to “Artful Thursdays..”

  1. Ellen Says:

    I love what you made and this was created during Dexter(I am a huge Dexter fan).
    It is soo cute and so many variations…I find treasure the same way as you,
    except I don’t get much done, organization wise lol.
    Congrats on your Haiti fund raising; Enjoy the movie, I haven’t seen it yet,
    but heard it is good!

  2. Tammy Says:

    Nice work! And that’s funny you were creating with Dexter and created something pretty! (I was working with Vampire Diaries tonight.)
    What is it about this Thursday project that’s making it seem so fun? I was looking forward to it for days and looking forward to next week already.

  3. julie collings Says:

    knock me right over lilia! this little twill book has me looking around my studio for something that i could use to make one…right now….
    wonderful photos and inspiration and i totally get your instructions.
    thank you for such sweet, encouraging thoughts sent my way. hope you have such a lovely weekend. julie

  4. kat Says:

    I think i remember this in your stash forever ago. Turned out really cute!

  5. jennifer Says:

    I am such a fan of Julies work and love that she having artful thursdays! But your little book is just too cute! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Valerie Says:

    I really enjoyed your photos on Flickr, I too live in and love Arizona, which part of Arizona did you take the photo of the mountains and saguaro in? I live in Tucson.

  7. Cheryl Carey Bass Says:

    Your mini book is adorable. I love your “process” for creating. I’m kind of like that, too. I get into my studio and just start cleaning and find little things that I HAVE to use right away! That’s why my studio’s always a mess–because I pull everything out that I may need to use for a certain project. I like to have it all there in front of me so I can pull from it without having to go in search of that special something! Don’t like to interupt the creative flow once I get it going. Great job–and I like the Artful Thursdays idea. I might need to try that, as I too need deadlines sometimes.

  8. Grace Says:

    Hi I came across some of your photos on Flickr and popped over to your blog. I love this mini book! I’m going to make myself one soon. Thanks for the tutorial!
    I visited Portland about 15 years ago. I loved it, and Oregon too 🙂

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