When does inspiration turn into something else?

In love tag mine

Lovers tag oner ripe peach

Valentine tags
Flocked ledgers one ripe peach
Flocked ledgers mine

Nest tag one ripe peach
Egg tags
Prettty tag

Girl gift tagg
Baby sign
Baby card
Envelope pocket
Fabric pouch m ine
Marrried couple
 Married couple

when someone takes your Art and sells it.. they take a little piece of you… Ive politely have asked her to stop a year ago and she denied it, I think the pictures speak for themselves…. Its not about just stitching and polka dots… its about a Piece of you…


13 Responses to “When does inspiration turn into something else?”

  1. Kenz Says:

    That’s just sad. :/ I’m sorry you’re going through that. Sadly, I see it all the time, as it happens to my mom all the time.

  2. Sue M Says:

    It’s getting even more obvious. How shallow of her! Have strength dear friend, you ARE the original.

  3. Diane Says:

    Wow now who are we talking about here?

  4. kat Says:

    I wish i could give you a thumbs up. she’s so obvious and it’s rotten.

  5. kat Says:

    Diane, i think you know who she’s talking about here, she’s under your blog favorites.

  6. Amy Case Says:

    Oh no, Lilia! Hang in there….can’t imagine how maddening it must be.

  7. Maria Rodarte Says:

    aww friend im sorry, That just stinks.

  8. cerri Says:

    Big hugs Lil! I know you’ve been struggling with this for a long time.
    xoxo, Cerri

  9. Lori Oles Says:

    I am sorry to hear about this…..I think we all struggle with this in some sort of a way. Copying should be a form a flattery but when people cross the line it really stinks….we are all here for you!

  10. Holly Abston Says:

    So frustrating, Lilia. This is more than just a one time thing, my gosh, it’s so many. Everyone knows your style and I would much rather buy from the original than from someone doing knock-offs.

  11. Cassondra W. Says:

    How frustrating Lilia! You are a true original and I am sorry to see this happening to you.

  12. Tami B. Says:

    Wow. This post made me sad. I’ve always enjoyed BOTH of your works…and blogs. Similar style? Maybe.
    I don’t “know” either one of you, but do enjoy you both. In this big world, it seems reason to celebrate that there is such a love for vintage-inspired art…and the happiness that it brings to many others.
    Wishing you a happy new year!

  13. lois Says:

    02-01-2010: This is the first time I have been to this blog so it’s obvious i do not know you. But your work is really lovely and from what i can gather someone you gave something to or many things to someone – they turned around and sold it off?? That is pretty crummmy – I would rethink having that person as a friend at all. Friends NEVER get rid of precious things other friends have given them. As you said, it is a piece of you. I completely agree. Very sad – that girl/woman does not appreciate the lovely work you do nor your friendship. You deserve friends who appreciate you for you and NOT for your gifts.

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