A New Year..

A New Year. Many plans,  lots of cleaning of clutter of the mind and Home, lots of hopeful thoughts, A fresh new page. Don't you love what a New Year has to offer? I do. I am busy making a blueprint of  2010. But we all know, plans change in a heartbeat.  Enjoying the sunshine, yes it read 76 today. It is not right in the middle of Winter. I am not complaining, just feel bad for my Friends back East. 

I spent the day going to my favorite Japanese Market and working on my Art Books. Its been a while. I plan on eating more Fish and less red Meat.. so hard for me. Its time, did anyone see Food Inc. ? Why do I do that to myself? Very scary documentary. I bought a great cookbook on cooking Japanese food. Had poached Halibut and bok choy. Lets see how long this lasts. 

Here is a picture of my Christmas journal page for this year..


And here is our Home book, that I worked in..


I plan on working on my Art journals this year. I neglected them last year.  I am also getting some goodies ready for Valentines Day. I hope everyone had a Wonderful Holiday Season, heres to a Great Year of Art and Happiness! XOXO   


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6 Responses to “A New Year..”

  1. karin@creativechaos Says:

    Loving the Journals…I told myself working on the boys journals would be a goal this year.

  2. kat Says:

    pretty flowers. I wish I liked fish but i save it for Good Fridays, lol. glad you’re back working on your art journals.

  3. ramsam Says:

    Your pages are so inspiring and gorgeous- thank you for sharing. I bought 2 art journals to fill and didn’t add ONE THING to them last year…this year I will!
    I must de-junk at least one day a week here- I have been holding on to way too much stuff.
    Happy New Years! Thanks for letting me peek inside your lovely life!

  4. Karen Says:

    Stunning journal. You are motivating me.

  5. Lisa Super Says:

    Wonderful journal pages! I have you on my blog roll so I can check back from time to time to see what’s new!

  6. Tricia Samsal Says:

    Oh my gosh! Love the books. Such fun putting all the little goodies in books like that. altered-junque-style books are my favorite.
    HUgs, Tricia

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