Joli-paquet…. and recap on Thanksgiving

Treat house1 This is the Kit for Joli-Paquet  ! They will be available tomorrow on my Etsy… I will also have more things added tomorrow for the Christmas Holiday. The Felt gift card holders will be a kit also..Merry felt christmas holder  

I cant believe I actually got some Christmas things up this year….                                                                      

Please go check the Joli-Paquet blog for other Amazing Kits!!

In other news.. We had the best Thanksgiving! Mother in law came to visit for a week. We love her… so grateful for her… and now miss her. We had 3 Thanksgiving dinners… now I am looking like the Turkey…

Here are some pictures of my Family… 

D and grandma
D and rocco1
So happy to be with my favorite people in the world! They make me so happy. I grew up with my best friend and we were little girls we would talk about raising our Families together. Its so amazing to see this finally coming true. I love the way her little boy smiles when he looks at Darianne. Glad we can see them on Thanksgiving because every year they go to New York for the Holidays… and yes her husband is a Yankee fan….. and if you know me, you know I cant stand the Yankees… or the Cowboys. I have to give it to him, he did not rub the World Series in….. thank you Michael.    

I am going to try to have a stress free….. Holiday. Yes I say that every year… and then I keep adding more and more to my plate.  We will see…… Hugs


3 Responses to “Joli-paquet…. and recap on Thanksgiving”

  1. homes in philippines Says:

    Thankfully, I found your blog a few years ago, and enjoy reading it so much. 🙂 Love the family pictures! Beautiful Christmas Card holder too.
    Deirdre G

  2. Laurie Star Says:

    Oooh! I love your red house – beautiful!

  3. Angelika Meyer Says:

    Today I found your blog and I`m very thrilled. Your works, especially your red house is fantastic.
    Have a nice day

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