Here comes Santa Claus…… yup he is on his way …

Wow… Santa. Where did the year go? I am trying to find it. Hey, anyone know where it went.. should I post a sign??  Worked on my first Christmas project here it is….


It is not all my idea just the decorating of the matchboxes…. Ive been wanting to do one for a while now… Ive seen them around. You can buy one from this gal.. Artsy Fartsy Fairy , and if you know of anyone else please let me know. Mine was done for my little girl. Here is the top of the Advent..

Advent 2 

I had to find a spot for number 25..there was no room on the cookie sheet for The grand Finale..  I just drilled holes at the bottom of the tray and strung a cone with a Vintage Santa on it… Darn, My Mom already wants one… I have a feeling I will be making more and they take time to make.

Advent 3 

Lots of things happening … Doing Joli-Paquet with some Sweet Ladies. I have already worked on my tutorial, just working on my kits. So stay tuned. My sweet Girl had picture day at school… Getting so Big… So Lucky to have this Little Girl…


Darianne photo day1 

D photo day2 

Cant wait to get those pictures back from her school…. except for the fact that I know she didn't look like this after recess…. What else is going on? Well Halloween was excellent… here are some highlights from Halloween night.. The table set up is from my friend Cynthia's house… she did a fab job decorating it! 

Halloween 1 

Halloween 4
The Last one is one the of the cutest Wild Thing I know…. he is in my Class and his Mom is the Teacher next door….. she made the costume! Great job Momma.


Crazy movie by the way…. not sure what I think about it.. I am all over the board on it. I do like the Cinematography and the costumes for sure! Keep you posted on the Christmas kits… 


10 Responses to “Here comes Santa Claus…… yup he is on his way …”

  1. SusieQ Says:

    Love your advent calendar, I want to make one too but haven’t made the time to do so, a few days ago I ran across another fabulous blog I read and she too made one from a cookie sheet and she has step by step instructions on how to make your own check it out!

  2. cerri Says:

    I ADORED the movie. Totally loved it. The cinematography was amazing, the costumes amazing, and the little boy tugged at my heartstrings constantly. There were a couple of parts that I thought they could have left out, but overall I loved it! I’ll be buying it for sure.
    Love the advent calendar. Super cute. We do an advent tree in our house…and have for years. We just put up an extra tree, a small one and decorate with the girls handmade ornaments from when they were little. Someone gets to open a small gift everyday until Christmas day. (we rotate) The girls have always loved it and I have to keep doing it even though they’re older. 🙂
    xo, Cerri

  3. Diana Says:

    What cute Christmas projects! BTW, your daughter is adorable! I love that she was Alice for Halloween…that’s my favorite character!

  4. Sue M Says:

    Love, love, love …the calendar, you being part of Jolie Paquet, your little Dorothy and Wild Things! Talk to you soon.

  5. The Brocantess Says:

    The advent calendar is wonderful and reminds me that it’s time to get moving on the holiday crafting. Lovely photos of your daughter. Cherish them. They grow up so fast.

  6. Laurie Star Says:

    What a cute post! I love your advent calendar. I’ve made quite a few of them, but this year had wanted to try the matchboxes – saw it in a magazine somewhere…. yours is inspiring! And love your Halloween photos!

  7. kat Says:

    the #8 “sale” tag is my favorite!

  8. alicemdr Says:

    That little “Alice” is soooo cute! from the “other” Alice

  9. Flea Market Guide Says:

    Great Post….Can’t wait for the grand kids to arrive and get started with some of these projects…

  10. barbara finwall Says:

    What a great idea for matchboxes. I’ve used them before in a project. They’re fun to work with. I really enjoy your blog. Barbara

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