Halloween Art Trades and more…

    IMG_7308   IMG_7339 IMG_7366 IMG_7341 Well I have been MIA. I know. September and October are busy months for me. With School and Birthdays and so many other things… Time slips by. I have been having a little Art time though. I taught 2 Halloween classes at Paper tales in San Diego. They were so much fun! I have also been doing some Halloween trades… here are some Art pieces that I made for some on line friends……some Halloween Paper Doll Art to hang around the house. I have  received the best Treats from friends…The first one is a book of Spells from Cassandra Walters…very cool I will be working in it soon! the next one is from my friend Mendy… it is a witch soldered charm, she is getting so good at these!







the third one is from Melissa McCobb Hubell.. it is a cool Art piece that is now hanging in my Studio…. way cool! Am I the only one that does not like the new Typepad? Every time I finally get around to figuring one out they come up with a new one!

After watching a couple  episodes of Hoarders… I decided to clean out the Studio… and I was not kind with all of my things… I let go of so much and felt soo good! Have you ever seen that show??? Wow… the only place that used to look like that in my house was the Studio… not anymore!Lets see what else? Well my Mom is now retired and has time now to get out her sewing machine … she is simply amazing ! She made Dariannes Halloween costume! Alice! Thanks Mom!






IMG_7357 So cool!IMG_7363

Speaking of my Little girl… here she is writing a little Birthday note for Papa on the Kitchen chalkboard.. right before they came over for his Birthday dinner… So cute. That's pretty much I have so far.. and I will not wait a month before I write again!  The weather is getting colder.. and colder is not the same for us out West.. but it feels good to be forced to stay inside for once and drink some Hot Cocoa.. I sure would love it to snow for a couple days.. Hope everyone is enjoying the month of October! And I do have a little obsession lately, Boots! I counted 6 pairs! Love the slouch kind and the ankle boots with the open toes…














6 Responses to “Halloween Art Trades and more…”

  1. lorraine lewis Says:

    So fun to find your cute blog- I love your banner.
    I totally despise the new typepad- making me feel stupid all over again!

  2. Penny Patten Says:

    Love your little halloween characters, the pendants are cute too!

  3. kat Says:

    girl, your mom made that dress?!? tell her she needs to start selling! can’t wait to see pics of D in the dress.

  4. Mendy Says:

    OH that dress is just amazing!! I’m so glad you liked your witchie charm!! I did more sixties witches on my blog this week! Loved the goodies you sent my way!! Hugs, Mendy

  5. carrie Says:

    Love the Halloween pieces, LOVE the Alice dress (too cool!)…
    “Hoarders” is frightening. I caught it at 2 am one morning and was horrified and yet, couldn’t turn it off! It’s an emotional train wreck surrounded by STUFF! Eeek! 🙂

  6. ErinLeigh Says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh… It’s beautiful! So uncluttered. I feel the need to purge.

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