I decorated early for Halloween…..

I went to search for my Halloween boxes and before I knew it the Halloween spirit posessed me to decorate…….. at least that's who I blame……..IMG_7239 This is just part of the living room.  Melissa Mcobb Hubble  made the banner for me last year in a trade. I love it! Here are some Trick o Treating amigos that crack me up.. and the witch is from last year….IMG_7225 IMG_7209  My favorite is this little bat… one of his wings was broken when I took him out of the box… he is so cute.. I think he is made by  Lori Mitchell one of my favorite Halloween Artists……IMG_7202  Here is his Mommy I think…... IMG_7201 She is so great…..

I have some deals that I found and wanted to share…….. the first one is from the Dollar Tree.. little Halloween cat ceramic candy container……IMG_7215 The other one is from Michaels at 47 cents each, the recipe box and the recipe cards are a steal to put all your Fall recipes in!IMG_7217  and my favorite find was 3.99 from Marshalls this Witch coffee cup..IMG_7220  Love her! Of course there is nothing like making your own Decorations! I made this sign….. kind of crazy and artsy…IMG_7211  and these Whimsy Halloween buttons …. for sale on My Flea Market Studios Halloween Party  with some Halloween goodies and ephemera packs…  IMG_7203 The last one is a chenille Halloween ornament ….. been making these for the Halloween tree… in the next post I will give a tuturiol  on them so stay tuned IMG_7218


12 Responses to “I decorated early for Halloween…..”

  1. Amy Duff Says:

    I started decorating too and love the paper mache figures you have! cute indeed! I also bought that cat container from $ store and added a little boa to jazzy it up. I thought they were cute too! I love the sign you made those Halloween buttons!

  2. Sarah Says:

    Hey chick! I love that you decorated early so I can see it! We are going to be moving so no halloween for me this year. šŸ˜¦ Have fun! big hugs

  3. Laurie Star Says:

    Wow – I love Halloween! You are inspiring me to decorate early. I think I love your sign you made the best! Also saw your little whimsy buttons in a Halloween Flikr group. Cute stuff! šŸ™‚

  4. Beth Says:

    I have been VERY tempted to start my Halloween decorating too! I very much enjoyed taking a peak at your decorations and finds. I’m going to put up a post about your items on http://VintageHalloweenIdeas.com and will be sending some folks who also enjoy vintage Halloween items to your Etsy store – some very neat stuff there!
    Keep craftin’ šŸ™‚

  5. Cat Says:

    I like your decorations, especially all your lovely handmade ones! I’m so jealous that we don’t have a Michaels here in the UK, I’d kill for that adorable recipe box and cards!
    Cat x

  6. frivolitea Says:

    I just love all of your Halloween goodies and projects and art! I am so in the fall mood!

  7. Beth Gales Says:

    Love the decorations!

  8. Ruslanda Says:

    Hi! My name Ruslanda. I from Russia and very like you creativity and great feeling of taste!!!!!!!!Realy, so small quantity of people hase the same quality)))) (sorry for my english)

  9. ramsam Says:

    Love it! I got down the storage containers today and hope to get to them tomorrow- the decorations made by YOU are my favorites! Just beautiful

  10. Cheryl Bass Says:

    Oh, Lilia! You’ve done a wonderful job of decorating! My fave holiday is Halloween! I Love the little red devil guy with his belly sticking out. Hee hee. You did an AMAZING job on your own Halloween hanging. I love your use of Gesso and most especially the little witch gal with the Zorro mask on! So adorable. I’m trying to get better at using Gesso and not having everything be so “perfect” and “inside the lines” all the time. Yours is a great example of how I’d like to get better. And, too, you and I have in common this: I love a great Halloween deal at the Dollar Store or Michael’s! I’m always surprised at the little treasures I come across. It just goes to show it doesn’t have to be expensive to be loved.

  11. kat Says:

    I miss you! hurry up and blog so i can see all you wonderful creativeness ;)! love ya!

  12. manila real estate Says:

    What a very cute Halloween stuffs. Love it!!!

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