Happy Fourth of July and a little more….

IMG_6706I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend. After such a devastating Loss this week, we finally got to enjoy a day. It started off with buying some of theseSally_hansen_nails_nail_art_pens I am taking my Art to my toes. 

While our Friends took my Daughter to a parade, I went and picked up my Hubby at the airport. What a sad week for him… It was nice to see him smile at a BBQ. We ate wayyy too much. I don't want to eat another hot dog, hamburger or potato salad till next year… 
We let the kids have fun with some sparklers… they are still legal in our City.. are we the only one? They were not like sparklers I grew up with… way to smokey…. but they had fun anyways…..IMG_6666IMG_6653 I think I am done with fireworks though, poor dog! I cant give him doggie downers anymore….. They are the worst! 

I think the Ice Cream Man is the only person working on The 4th…. they come down our block at least 5 times during the week and they dont make the Trucks like the used to…..IMG_6698IMG_6703 My Mom cant stand when we get anything from a truck… we do anyways… after all these years I still rebel against her.. I love the ice cream pops with the bubble gum eyeballs.

I worked on My Art Journal for Darianne today and it is getting sent to Paper Tales tomorrow along with lots of projects to Teach. I will give more details later. Here are some of the pages:IMG_6687IMG_6688IMG_6691 I wanted to thank  everyone that emailed me and commented on my blog about my Brother in law. I will pass them on to my Sister in Law. She amazes me on how she is holding up. Please hold your loved one close…  it reminds us what really is important. Extra hugs today……Lilia

3 Responses to “Happy Fourth of July and a little more….”

  1. Alice dR Says:

    I was doing a count of all my friends in pain or very ill and it was too long a list. Ditto what you said about holding your loved ones close. There is nothing more important in life than them, dear friend!

  2. kat Says:

    Hey called you the other day. Just checking up on you. Hope all is well. I’ll try calling again tomorrow before we play in the artificial snow, lol (taking the kids to a snow beach party at Altell)

  3. Michelle Says:

    Just want to tell you I really like the art journal pics you posted! I’m a (published) scrapbooker/mixed media-turned art journaler…but you know, everything you learn technique-wise sure can be used on any project, scrapbooks-journals-altered stuff. Great, isn’t it??

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