Santa created a monster…..

IMG_6598 Look what I found on the counter the other day… It is not even Christmas in July (and we dont even celebrate Christmas in July anymore since we moved away from the Family).. she kept coming out of her room and writing things down… I think she wants American girl stuff, what do you think? I think she wants tooo much….. and what a great time to do some charity  work with the children of the PS I Love you foundation… so this kid gets a little kick in the booty and realize how lucky she is… good thing it is next month. Geez..! That turkey!

I have to say though besides her grades, the other thing she has going for her is she can really make her bed!IMG_6596 I like the way she has everything nice and neat.. Grandma would be proud.

They keep getting better and better:IMG_6591 Yesterday Darianne came home to this. Teddy playing the bongos and Ken and Barbie dancing to Teddy's beats. Its pretty cute the way my husband keeps doing this. We got him back though, we set Teddy in my husband's favorite chair, with a cigar, the remote control, laptop, a mojito (just water,mint and limes) and his Cigar magazine. He loved it. I guess Teddy doesnt want to work, he just wants to play his bongos all day. he he

Not much else, but doing some Art and things for the shop lately.. new beeswax items going up.. my house smells like one giant candle. also some Fourth of July kits by the end of this week.  Did one little Art piece for a friends little boy. He is turning 3….Birthday tag  I guess it will go on his gift. Here are some of the newest beeswax tags I am working on…IMG_6582 Thats all I got for now, I think we are the last school in the world that is still in session….. we still  have till the end of this month. A lemonade.. and watermelon are calling my name… Summer is almost here! 


12 Responses to “Santa created a monster…..”

  1. Lisa Russell Says:

    Very cute! My 4 year old is doing this with things he wants for his birthday, and that isn’t until September! Even down to the number of presents he wants. I guess it is time to purge and donate to charity, get his mind in the right place to give and not to receive. lol

  2. Alice dR Says:

    What fun it is at the Meredith household! You guys always make me laugh. I need it too. Thanks, Darianne, Brian and Lilia! Love you all.

  3. kat Says:

    oh God, not the Littlest pet shops! they are like gremlins and double over night! kam’s got almost 200.

  4. britt-sparkledvintagecharm Says:

    lol!! Darianne is too cute!! what a doll!! LOVE her pillows!! good for her for being so neat and tidy!! 🙂 I adore you new beeswax creations!! so sweet!! I hope you are having a fabulous weekend!! huge hugs!!! Britt 🙂

  5. cerri Says:

    Darianne is my kinda gal, planning her Christmas list now…and she wants it all! LOL 🙂
    Love that your husband keeps playing with the toys in her room. Those are sweet little things she will remember, you know? My Dad always played the very best tooth fairy and even though we didn’t get along that great when I was groing up I cherish those little things he did do that made my childhood fun.
    I also love the pillows on her bed. :0)
    Looking forward to seeing your newest creations and you’re making me want to play with wax! (haven’t done that in a long time!)
    xoxo, Cerri

  6. Karen Valentine Says:

    Hi there!!!
    I just found your blog during a blog hopping session. It is so entertaining. I love your art and the story you told about teddy put such a smile on my face!!! I’ve been trying to figure out if you live in Az, or at the beach. Maybe you have 2 places??? Anyway, I am also a Phoenix girl. I am going to go check out Mystic paper in Mesa. It sounds right up my alley!!!!
    Valentine Studio(my Art blog)
    My Desert Cottage (my Home and Garden Blog)

  7. Tammie Moore Says:

    How cute is that, I always have fond memories of my kids wish lists, enjoy it now and treasure it, as they grow older their lists are outrageous, with four teenage boys all over six feet tall you could imagine what their wish lists look like for me. Love reading your blog girl, keep it up, hope to see you again soon taking that class from you a while ago was fun. Creatively, Tammie Moore

  8. Sarah Says:

    omg that is soo cute! I remember making christmas list ohhh wait that was last year! haha I still do! infact I was working on on just a hour ago hehehe hey you can never start to early ya might forget something! big hugs

  9. mendy Says:

    Hehe…I remember sleeping in that bed when I came to visit!! How are you my friend? Hope school ends soon for you. Mine is DONE! I am getting ready for Paper Cowgirl next weekend. Hugs! Mendy

  10. eva de viveiros Says:

    I love her xmas list! I’d frame it, it’s so cute. I’m also enchanted by your husband playing with her toys – what wonderful memories for her!

  11. Sheila Payne Says:

    My 7 1/2 just gave us a list the other day too, they are so funny/crazy at this wonderful age 🙂
    enjoy your day!

  12. stef Says:

    LOVE the American Girls. I am trying to keep it going as my daughter gets older, but it’s probably our last year with them.
    We(that would be mostly me)started cleaning out and sharing at a young age, and now she does it on her own.

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