Even more new Art work and a shop update..

IMG_6421  New niche Art work I made it is called dance.. I liked how it photographed with the birdhouses. Love those shabby colors and the way the paint is peeling off those houses. I forgot how much moisture is in the air by the beach.. everything is peeling around the house and frizzy hair.. forget about it! I had to buy a straightening iron the other day. I have been a little under the weather lately.. the kids at school have been staying home sick and I think they gave me a little present. So I have been doing lots of new Art. Kind of forces it out of me. Here is yet another Art journal that I worked on yesterday……. It is called Vintage Paris…..IMG_6415  It was fun to make… now I am working on the inside of it… a future class perhaps?

I have been very impressed with the way things grow around here… its amazing.  Look who is starting her own garden…IMG_6453

So happy she is so interested in gardening. That sunflower took 5 days to grow… can't wait till it is big enough to see the seeds.

Well my husband is on a roll…… He could not resist going on the slip and slide with Darianne… maybe to show off a little?

Here he is reading the Warning label for Adults, which clearly says NO ADULTS…IMG_6350

Some Kids never learn…..

IMG_6354 Well needless to say but he hit his head hard and his arm has been hurting and swollen for a week now. Happy Fathers Day..IMG_6445

Well I finally put some items in the Flea Market Studio Etsy Shop. There are new beeswax collage tags, ephemera kits, Fathers Day tags and more. Cant believe its been so long since I added anything in there. Little by little. I forgot how much time it takes… God bless the people that can do it full time.

Well thats all I have for now….. hopefully I will be back again very soon with even more Art! 


7 Responses to “Even more new Art work and a shop update..”

  1. Tami B. Says:

    Love the new goodies on etsy! Have a lovely week!

  2. Cerri Campbell Says:

    Love Dariannes little garden! So cute! I’m so happy to see you creating again. I love everything you have going on here, and you’ll never believe how much we’re on the same wavelength right now! I just started a “french love affair” book this weekend. I only have my cover finished so far…
    Hope you feel better soon! When is school out there? Are you going to be teaching during the summer?
    xoxo, Cerri

  3. Alice dR Says:

    Hi Lil! I love your new art! Miss you lots and have so much to tell you. Get better so we can play sometime soon. xoxo

  4. SusieQ Says:

    those bird houses are amazing!, i love Darianne’s garden too. I love it when the schools teach the kids how to plant a seed and they get to watch it grow, my little guy bought one home last week too, we have ours on the window sill- Huggs, Susie

  5. Linda Crispell Says:

    Pretty pieces!
    Those should be called Slip, Slide and Break.

  6. kat Says:

    vintage paris- so pretty! i love the aqua blue. and that niche thing you made with the crown looking thing, you are just too talented for words my friend! oh why is it that the daddies think they can be kid again??

  7. Boracay hotel rooms Says:

    The new art work looks great. The way the paint is peeling of the art work makes it look like an antique art work. I hope the sunflowers in the garden grew well and your husband’s arm has already healed.

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