Inspired…… New class

IMG_6386 Well this is my New class that I will be teaching   Mystic Paper in Mesa, Arizona the weekend of September 11 & 12. They are having their 5 year Anniversary. I have known those sweet girls for lets see about 5 years now when they used to have a Antiques store with a small scrapbook section in the back. They are just the nicest ladies. Cant wait to get back to Arizona and see them!

 So hard to get on the Art train when you stop for a while. I have felt so uninspired for the past 3 months. Not that there are inspiring things out there, but personally I have been at a stand still. I have gone back and forth deciding if I should just stop doing this Hobby all together, but it seems the Universe has some other plans. I sent in book I did about a year ago with some great Artists. I knew it was going to get published, but had no idea when or where. That is until I was at Barnes and Nobles this weekend and found this….IMG_6369 IMG_6372 IMG_6373  How fun is that? Made me think of how much I love to do Collaborative journals with other Artists, that is when I am happiest in my Art. I think I might have to put one together again. That is when I came home and created this book….IMG_6383

the same night I checked my email and got one from Jenifer at Mystic Paper asking if I wanted to teach on thier 5 year Anniversary…….that was it for me……..

In other news My husband and I celebrated our 9 year Anniversary… gulp! Wow, that long? We have had our normal ups and downs…….. we cant stand each others basketball teams……… and yes don't put us in the room together when they are playing each other! But we can agree on one thing……… he is so good to Me and Darianne..

What little girl wouldn't love to open her room to this………

IMG_6277  IMG_6280When she opened up her room she was on the floor laughing so hard…….. He propped all the dolls on her bed and put every hat she owns on them…. she will remember this, I know I would.

Life has been good to us here in California… yes we did have a earthquake… but sure forgot about it this past weekend with the most amazing weather. First Memorial Day weekend in 10 years where we actually sat outside the whole day without going in the pool. Gotta love it. This Summer I plan on being  at being at the beach 4 days out of the week, heck lets make it 5!  Also loving the garden.. we have a orange and lime tree…….. the oranges are to die for……IMG_6363  Well that is all for now hopefully it wont be another month before I come back!


14 Responses to “Inspired…… New class”

  1. Maija Lepore Says:

    Yippee! I’d love to take your class and have a chance to see you again!
    I’ll be at Kim Caldwell’s this weekend for her event- I hope the weather is nicer than here in Phoenix!

  2. Jessica Canham Says:

    Congratulations on being published! I love your style and your journal looks beautiful. I’m so glad you found your mojo again; it would be such a shame if you stopped creating!

  3. Cerri Campbell Says:

    What? Were you really thinking of giving it up Lil? That would be such a shame as you are always an inspiration. I do not what you mean about being uninspired though, I’ve been struggling with that for a while now too. Finally getting some ideas again myself.
    LOVE the new fabric book. I would looove to take that class. It really looks fantastic!
    Congrats on being publish again, that’s wonderful! Also congrats on your anniversary!
    Glad to see you back, hope to see more from you soon!
    Cerri xoxo

  4. Laurie Star Says:

    What beautiful work you do! Never give it up! 🙂 Love your new project! 🙂

  5. Mystic Paper - Kim and Jennifer Says:

    Lilia, Congratulations on the book! We can’t wait to see you again and have you teaching at our store. It’s going to be a great weekend!

  6. Alice dR Says:

    Love your new book! Hope I can make it out for your class. Lots to tell you when I see you in person. You got a keeper there in your hubby! He clearly has a sense of humor and loves both of his girls!

  7. SusieQ Says:

    Welcome back . I get so much inspiration from you , you can’t stop what you are meant to do. i feel the moments you’ve gone through- I too scrapbook sew, embroider, make cards, paint- but because of my current living situation I have no motivation. Just tell yourself “this too shall pass” that’s what i do. On the other hand don’t you just love sunny southern california. I recently moved from central cal to near the beach where it’s not as warm, but I’ll tell you it’s so nice not to fry on a hot day. I’ll keep the 60 degrees vs 100 anytime.
    keep up the good work, glad to hear your back 🙂

  8. Robin Says:

    I’ve always loved your journals…the fabrics are just beautiful! I’m so inspired by your work…please don’t EVER stop! Congrats on being published!

  9. The Football Wife Says:

    Dads rock!

  10. cathy Says:

    Hi – so is that your published book – I would love to purhcase – it looks beautiful inside
    Congrats – you are so modest about it!

  11. cathy Says:

    You know what – I just went to and found it – and bought it – congrats again

  12. Tricia Samsal Says:

    I am definitely going to have to get that book! And your class at Paper Tales looks so cool. I think I’ll have to sign up for that. Gorgeous.
    Hugs, Tricia

  13. Linda Crispell Says:

    Your book is wonderful

  14. amy faldet Says:

    What a glorious place I have walked into! Thanks for scattering joy! You are to be congratulated on your book and such a lovely blog! Blessings, Amy

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