Welcome Little One…….

IMG_6229 IMG_6233 What a perfect little Boy! He was born last Wednesday.. Michael Rocco Risoli…….. My little Nephew. He is my new love. I have been waiting for my Best friend to be a Mommy for so long and now it is here! Welcome to the World little one! Your Aunt Lil Adores you!

This week is Teacher appreciation Week……… I put together a basket for Dariannes Teacher filled with a teapot, tea cup, apple tea and some muffins:IMG_6274  I also did finally sew that vintage pattern for Darianne. It is much harder than I thought, those darn sleeves are so hard to sew! I also need a good lesson on pattern language… but it was my first one:IMG_6200 Its just a Kicking around outfit anyways…Hope it doesnt fall apart in the wash.. yikes!

I finally got my workouts in order and eating under control… it took such a long time. After my stressful move from Arizona… it all fell apart. Its unbelievable how it creeps up on you! I can tell you my secret weapon is Miso soup… whenever I want something good for me and salty it does the trick. I get the Miso paste at one of my favorite Japanese Markets and add tofu…IMG_6273 

I am making some vintage hankie pillows and finally adding things to my Etsy. It has been a long time for me to add things to the Shop with so much going on these past months… but it was time. So I am back in business! And I am back to my vintage hankie pillows! bye for now…IMG_6266  


7 Responses to “Welcome Little One…….”

  1. Alice dR Says:

    Rocco is sooo cute! Best to Claire and her hubby! I’m so glad you’re there for her. Let’s get together when you’re not babysitting. xoxo

  2. kana conger Says:

    Congrats to your sister…he is too cute!!

  3. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    Little Michael Rocco is adorable. Congrats to all the family.

  4. SusieQ Says:

    What a little Angel, congrats to the whole family. the miso soup looks delicious, I’ve never had it (will have to try some soon). oh and the teachers card is lovely as well, did you use the new line of K & co?
    love that vintage school day look!.

  5. Sara Says:

    This is my fist time visiting your blog and I liked it very much, will be back soon for some artistic inspiration 🙂
    Greetings from Mexico!

  6. manila realty Says:

    Baby is sooo cutteee..

  7. Cheryl Bass Says:

    Oh! This basket is so clever! What a wonderful teacher’s gift idea…and executed to utter perfect cuteness, of course! p.s. that nephew is just so precious! love those tiny green and white socks.

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