Getting off the ride for a while….

This has been the busiest 4 months ever…. Getting off the ride now. No plans, no Birthdays, no showers…… except for waiting for my little nephew to come into the world.  We had a nice Easter brunch at my house with just some of my Family members. Easter1

I discovered  a wholesale florist in our neighborhood. They had day old bouquets for 2 dollars. Cant beat that unless you drive downtown to the Floral district. Learning how to live without things and living for less…. most expensive thing we spent on this year so far was that darn Birthday party…. with a little help from the grandparents. We have been renting movies at the library for free….. who knew you could rent them for free, of course the best entertainment is reading books and walking….. all free. I am on a reading frenzy…. 3 books in a month. All biographies. The last book was from John Walsh from Americas most wanted. Love this man. Anyone who puts their time and life in protecting our children and getting as he calls them "scumbags" off the street is a angel in my book. 

Here are some pictures from EasterEaster2Easter4Easter3 I love the last one. This year there were no other children with Darianne on Easter, I felt kind of bad for her…. so all the eggs were hers. My family that came filled the eggs with money and gave her a basket….. lets just say she thought… kids who needs more kids? Ahhh to be a only child. My family keeps asking for another one….. not their choice and I am quite sure they will not be there for those 3 in the morning feedings…. not happening Family so please stop asking! My best friend (cousin) is telling me she is having her children back to back…. I will be asking her about that in a couple of months. Here is a picture of her just a week away from the due date…. Cant wait!! Welcome to Mommiehood….. Claireprego1  Well now that I am off the ride, I will be working on some Art….. Its been so long, miss playing…. Now to catch up on some blogs…… and flickr Art Friends.

14 Responses to “Getting off the ride for a while….”

  1. Cheryl Bass Says:

    Darianne looks like she had a GREAT time finding all the eggs on her own! I wish I’d had just ONE such Easter. But with six siblings…it just wasn’t ever going to happen! I love her cute little Easter dress. Won’t be long before she refuses to wear anything frilly and pastel and turns into one of those “Goth” black nail polish wearing, multiple piercings, all the time frowning, teenagers! (Don’t all teenagers tend to turn into that?!? 🙂 Keep her sweet and innocent as long as you can, Lilia! I know you will!
    BTW, good for you on simplifying your life a little. I LOVE the ways you mentioned saving money. I need to get better at cutting back. You’re absolutely right about the Library being a great resource and walks being such a wonderful way to spend time together! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Cerri Campbell Says:

    Little Miss Darianne looks just darling!
    I’m happy things are settling down for you and I can’t wait to see what new lovelies you come up with!
    xoxo, Cerri

  3. Andrea Says:

    What a cute Easter girl~ I just love Easter. Great deal on the flowers!

  4. Dime Store Thrift Says:

    Loving her little Easter dress! So beautiful.

  5. kat Says:

    oh my goodness, that pic of d hold the easter basket facing sideways….she’s sooooo grown up!!!! so beautiful! well i am home now thank goodness, thought we escaped the heat, but it followed, and the traffic, ugh! wish i was able to see you, though we left in a hurry today. after 4 days being away from home, the kids were not in a good mood. lol. talk to you soon.

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