Happy Birthday Baby….

Birthday 2She was born at 12:35 on April 3, 2002. My little girl…. She is strong-willed like her Mom, smarter than her Mom, independent like her Mom, sweet and loving like her Dad and the looks, well they are all her own. My best friend, Claire is having her Baby this month….. my advice to her and the advice that everyone gives you when you are pregnant …. it goes by so fast, enjoy it. Do I dare tell her she will never sleep the same way again? I don't think I will….. but I will let her know that when her child throws the biggest tantrum at the checkout line with the cart full of groceries with everyone watching , its ok to have the feeling of dropping him off at the nearest adoption center…. those feelings are real. So are the feelings that you will never get those childhood moments back again… lump in my throat…

We took her to American Girl for a Birthday Tea…. this was the first year I did not do a thing. If you have never been to one of these compounds…. you have never seen anything like it. They have a salon for you and your doll, a hospital and a Cafe. Packed like Disneyland. I thought that since I didnt have to do a thing this year, I would not be left with a pounding headache after the party….. wrong! Worse headache than any other party. Here are some photos:Birthday 3Birthday 1Birthday 5Birthday 4
 Great day….. Happy Birthday Baby….

13 Responses to “Happy Birthday Baby….”

  1. Cerri Campbell Says:

    Happy Happy Birthday to your little sweetie Lilia!
    We took my niece to American Girl two years ago. I was so impressed. The food was darling, the cake was wonderful. Everything was just so cute! We loved it as much as she did. :0)

  2. Cerri Campbell Says:

    Oh, and you’re so right, their childhood goes by before you know it. I’m faced with my baby starting her senior year in just a few short months!

  3. Alice dR Says:

    Happy, happy birthday, sweet Darianne! Sorry that I missed your tea party. What a gorgeous cake! It looks like you had a fun time. xoxo

  4. Cindy (Junque Art) Says:

    Happy Birthday to your cutie! They do grow up too fast!!!

  5. luckygirlgifts Says:

    Please tell your friend everything. That way she won’t have to deal with all the self doubt. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful and OH YEAH, that place is great but loud. At least you didn’t have to clean up the party with your headache. Have a super week. P.S.I’m so sorry about your grandma, your family looks wonderful.

  6. BREEZY Says:

    Awww She’s beautiful!! Happy Birthday!
    That party looked like fun, what and adorable cake!

  7. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    Happy Birthday to a beautiful girl. Ooooo! That cake is amazing.

  8. SusieQ Says:

    Happy Birthday, what a cutie lucky little girl. Oh that cake is darling. best wishes!~ SusieQ

  9. Beka Says:

    She is beautiful! I took my daughter to American Girl for a birthday lunch year before last, and I was shocked to love it. I have never been much of a doll or cutesie person, but I loved the decor, and the food and service were wonderful. They had little undertable doll chairs for every girl, and they could bring teddy bears and other dolls, not just American Girl dolls. It was great for the girls.

  10. Michele Says:

    Happy Birthday to your little girl. You are so right..it goes by so fast. And enjoy it while you can. Mine is 20 years old and ohhhh how I miss the days when she was little. She too had 4 of the American Girl dolls but we never went to the cafe or store. I probably would have spent way too much money. Anyway, she has them packed away for her little girl to enjoy!

  11. Cheryl Bass Says:

    Adorable. Their dolls look JUST like them! Great idea for a party. Was it by chance the American Girl store at the Galleria in Dallas? (I’m in Frisco, TX). I’ve heard great things about that place…every little girl’s dream. You did good. Sorry about the headache…but I know you know it was worth it! 🙂

  12. deborah Says:

    I love your blog….very sweet..

  13. Katy Lunsford Says:

    Hi Lilia – how awesome! And that her doll looks just like her! She’s a precious lucky daughter and you’re the best mom. I so love your blog and you sharing like you do.
    Many blessings to you my friend and your sweet family ~ Katy

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