Its been a while since Ive blogged. Ive been in Mexico. Here is a typical fruit stand. They add chile, lime and salt. So wonderful. The trip was bittersweet. All of my Grandmother's children drove down to bury her. Nothing like Ive ever seen. So different than funeral services  here. Here is a picture of the beautiful Catholic Church in town where we held the 2 hour Mass.  They announce it in the morning of the day of the funeral and the whole town is invited. Tons and tons of flower arrangements are sent in the Famlies name.Church1 Very Sad, yet so glad I went. My Grandmother had 11 children and 42 Grandchildren, thats right 42! Here is one of the pictures I took of some of my Aunts and uncles. 4 are missing in the photo. Family photo1They drive each other crazy, but you can tell they adore each other. My family is so loud, so crazy and so fun. Here is a picture of some of my cousins. This is my Aunts family of 11 ..  here are  4 of the boys that are so closeFamily2 Wish I knew them more. Its hard when many of your Family members live in another country. 
We spent days together and then went a little site seeing and shopping. Here are some pictures of the Market place:Market place1Market place 2Fresh food, cheap prices…. I just love this Market place. 
We then went to visit my Grandmothers Home. No one lives there. It looked so lonely. It looks so run down .Yet so beautiful to me. Grandmothers home1
Grandmothers home 2 
Here is the plaque that shows the Family name and homeGrandmothers home4 I wanted to bring it home with me to put in my Garden. 
We then spent a day in Alamos, Sonora. It is my favorite little pueblo. The church in the middle of town was built in 1889. Have to show you some pictures…. Alamos 1Alamos 3Alamos 4 What a adorable little Town. 
Alamos 5
It was such a release for my Family to just have a good time and enjoy themselves from such a Sad 2 weeks. I captured sweet moments like these…Alamos 6Alamos 7 
What a great trip. So Glad I went. I realized how much  I love Mexico, how much  I love my Family and how much I love the United States. We are so lucky to live in this country. I got many emails and phone calls about how dangerous Mexico is right now and to be careful. We all know how the media really plays it up. It can be dangerous and so can living here. We never encountered anything like that except for the fact that my uncle hit a deer on the road. That was the scariest thing that happened. It can be dangerous I know that, but so can going to any other country when you dont know  it very well. We had a caravan of people following us there ,  we know the language and know the country very well. I really hope that Mexico can find a way to make people comfortable enough to want to go and visit. What a shame, it is a beautiful Country and the people are so sweet and humble. Thank you Mexico.

15 Responses to “Mexico…”

  1. teresa Says:

    I visited the Monterrey area a few years ago and fell inlove with the place and the people. I never felt unsafe. We were also with a group with area knowledge.
    The pictures are beautiful.

  2. Lynnae Says:

    What gorgeous pictures. I loved the architecture, but I want the fruit. Yum.

  3. britt- sparkledvintagecharm Says:

    soooo sorry to hear about your Grandma Lilia!!! huge hugs sweets!!! Britt

  4. kat Says:

    you’re right, funeral services here are so different compared to other cultures. great pictures, bittersweet, but glad you were able to go home for a visit.

  5. chelsea Says:

    Beautiful photos! That fruit looks delicious. Sorry to ear about your grandmother ❤

  6. SONIA Says:

    I am so glad for you that you were able to visit your family in Mexico. It was bittersweet, but being with family helps alot. You are right, the people in Mexico are very humble. I love going back to visit. Thanks for sharing. May God bring peace to you and your loved ones. Always remember, your beautiful grandmother is with you always.

  7. Denise Says:

    What a beautiful family you have 🙂 My prayers are with you all. Your abuelita is in heaven FO SURE!! oxoxxo Denise

  8. SusieQ Says:

    Thank you for showing us a glimpse of beautiful Mexico. I haven’t been there since I was 8 years old! i’m now 37 it’s time to take a trip and take my boys so they can enjoy the beauty it has to offer. Your Abuelitas house is beautiful! take care- SusieQ

  9. Kimla Says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your dear Grandmother’s passing. From the photos, one can tell that she had a lot of love in her life. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos. Living in Texas, I have been to Mexico many, many times and consider it one of my very favorite places in the world. You are so right. You won’t find friendlier people anywhere and I cherish how the Mexican people still hold tight to their religion. In this day and age, that is very refreshing and assuring to me. Seeing your post makes me wish that I too had family there. All the best to you.

  10. Karen Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your trip! I’ve always had a thing for Mexico, have only been there 3 times, but loved it. I always want to get off the beaten path, I think I’m trusting. In 1996 our family spent a month in Vicente Guererro in Baja, working in an ophanage. What a wonderful time we had, way better than what you think of a vacation. One day, we went way up in the hills, out in the middle of nowhere, to a camp where people lived, I couldn’t believe how some of the people live there, we are so spoiled. But ALL the people are so friendly and welcoming.

  11. Leticia Says:

    Beautiful photos, beautiful family, beautiful Mexico. My parents were both born in Mexico (Michoacan and Jalisco) and I have so many fond memories of our family vacations there when we were growing up. Now I travel there with my own family and friends and they all love it. I’m sorry to hear about your Abuelita -que descanze en paz.

  12. Monica Ifland Says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures. I was in Mexico earlier this month and my friends and family were all so worried. I found the people grateful and charming. I am going again in September. You can see my pics

  13. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    Beautiful family, beautiful photos. Makes me want to go to Mexico just to get some of that fruit. My mouth is watering. I’ve been to Mexico twice but both times were to Cancun. I did visit Chichen Itza and Tulum the first time I went to Cancun, but those aren’t really cities–at least not anymore. I loved my visits to Mexico though. I’m sorry yours this time was to bury your precious grandmother.

  14. Jessica (Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping!) Says:

    I’m sorry about your grandmother. It’s definitely a bittersweet feeling getting together with family due to a loss. I agree, Mexico is beautiful. Especially the people… and food!
    Fruta fresca. Yum. 🙂

  15. Cheryl Bass Says:

    Sorry to hear about your abuelita. But what a glorious occasion for the family to all get together–to celebrate her life and the legacy of love she has so obviously left behind. I love Mexico and couldn’t agree with you more. The people or so humble and giving. There is so much rich history and culture in every little pueblo. Like you say, the parts/things most people from the US have seen are those that are overcommercialized (Cancun, Cozumel, etc.) or blown out of proportion (the “news”.) I’ve always found Mexico to be incredibly peaceful and it always takes me away to centuries in the past! I’m so glad you honor your family’s heritage! I’m also so happy that you got to spend so much time with family.

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