Trying to balance…..

Well, Ive been gone from blogging for a little while. Everything seems to stop when Grandma is in the hospital. It is sad to see her in there. Sometimes it is so hard to balance so many things… it seems like just when you think you have it down… a monkey wrench is thrown into your plans. I try to give a little time for everything, but it seems like other things start to suffer. So when I am not around, I am trying to slow things down. I know that my family will always come first.

I am so proud of my little girl……. and I know I talk about her so much..but  she is my favorite subject. She got STUDENT OF THE MONTH today!  They invited us to her school so we could see her receive her Award. I cant believe I am saying this,  I only for just a second feel like I must doing something right, as a parent you always question yourself… I am the most guilty for doing that. It was only last month that she bit a boy in her class.  It is so hard when you hear things like that. What a turn around. Here are pictures IMG_5670  IMG_5662  IMG_5673 

Amazing Day.

Shannon from Silver Trappings won the box of goodies… I sent you a email. Thanks for playing everyone!It was When Sally met Harry. I love them both, but witty dialogue wins for me every time!

Lets see what else? Love Paper Tales in San Diego, wanted to share a couple of pictures from the store!IMG_5634  IMG_5638  IMG_5633

What a great store! I wish we had something like it here in Los Angeles. I will be teaching there again and I am looking so forward to it! Thanks Michelle and all the girls that took my class! Thank you for the sweet emails lately. There are truly some really nice people in this world.. Thank you.


6 Responses to “Trying to balance…..”

  1. Leah Says:

    congrats to your beautiful girl, I hope things slow down for you soon!

  2. Shannon @ Silver Trappings Says:

    Oh, wow. Thank you so much!! How very fun!
    It looks like y’all had a fun day at school! The picture of you and your daughter is very cute.

  3. Susie Q Says:

    Hi! welcome back, Congrats on the your daughters award, that’s a great accomplishment. I totally can relate … and how sweet she got flowers awww. Sending warm wishes For Grandma 🙂 Susie Q

  4. Cerri Campbell Says:

    Sorry your Gram has been in the hospital, you know I totally understand that.
    Congrate to little Miss Darianne for making student of the month! Yeah! I’m glad you enjoyed teaching again. Love the photos of the shop, they Jenni Bowlin display is great!
    Hope to see you making things again soon.
    Hugs my friend, Cerri xo

  5. Lynn Richards Says:

    Hi! So glad to have found your blog! I am interested in the Saturday @ 3-it sounds very intriguing, so thought I would give it a try today.
    Love your blog and hope things turn for the better for your grandmother.

  6. britt- sparkledvintagecharm Says:

    yay for Miss D!! Good for her 🙂 I remember when I was a preschool teacher and would give kids awards. They would be so proud!! I know you are proud of her too!!you are doing “something” right. You are doing everything right silly girl!! I worry that I am not a good enough Mama too,but as long as we love our kiddos and do our best that is all we can do,right? I hope you have a fantastic day Lilia!!! hugs!!! Britt 🙂

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