What a Sunday….

So nice to see the Under Dog team go to the Super Bowl! Ive been to many of those games in the Arizona heat…. to see them lose many times…  Not this time! They have never won a Super Bowl. I will always root for the Under dog..  I have to tell you that it was 75 today.. Sorry for the friends that are under all that snow. These are the flowers on my porch….  Those pots are from the 99 cent store.Flowers

I have spent the Weekend going to the park with Darianne and cleaning in between. Did I mention some more Art? I found this collage I did of Darianne a while back , the heart reminded me of Valentines day and decided to hang it on the tiny hanger. Heart collage
I also made a little banner for her room…..Valentine banner
Also working on some Valentines Day swaps…Valentines trim card
and decorated a little here is a 3 tier metal basket with all my Vintage Valentines… Love them…Valentine tier   I also had a little update on my Thai cooking …… Those Thai chilis will have you coughing up a lung… and I mean while I was cooking them, not eating them. I came to conclusion that it Thai food is delicious but dangerous!  I can also tell you what else is dangerous… yes Darianne. She bit a boy at school…. I asked her why and she said he was not letting her go and was going to take her to a "remote" location….. what do I tell her? Cant blame her for fighting a kid with his hands on her but Mommy has been watching too much Dateline while she is around…
Hope all is well! 

3 Responses to “What a Sunday….”

  1. Amy Says:

    Just saw your work in “Somerset in Love” and wanted to tell you how beautiful it is! The whole issue was such a pleasure to read. All of you are so talented!
    I am new to reading your blog, and I really enjoy it!
    Amy in CA

  2. kat Says:

    sigh, i envy your vintage vday collection, too cute. speaking of biting, the boys are teething and have been biting each other. you should she the line of bite marks up and down their arms!…btw, no more dateline till D goes to bed! ha

  3. JoeyfromSC Says:

    I’m new to your blog!! wow, it’s a nice one lol
    Loving your style-I also LOVE vintage valentines..So jealous of yours and the tiered rack lol
    A new fan
    P.S. Your husband in the pic of where he hurt his knee, looks like Alec Baldwin haha

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