Lots of Happy Hearts…..

IMG_5462  Love Valentines Day so much! Little Happy fabric hearts I am working on for some Valentines Day swaps!

 lets just call them happy hearts! What is it about this little Holiday? Being happpy, being in Love. The weather is amazing right now.. My walks are getting me in the best mood.. I have 2 lb weights with me now… threw my shoulder out. Too funny about how it happend… I was bragging to my Hubby about what a difference it has made in my walks… now I cant even pick anything up! Thats what I get for bragging!

Felt good about one of my New Year's to do's. Yes I attempted to cook Thai food and in my little journey….. I found a new favorite blog… I had to share!! It is called Chez Pim  This site is just amazing…. she has step by step cooking recipes with pictures! She is also so witty… I got a food processor from Santa….. the mini food prep by cuisinart Cuis  love how small it is and fits on my counter. How did I live without one of these? As I put the onions in,  it made me think of my friend Alice, when we went to skid row to feed the homeless and how they put her on the onion cutting for 2 hours! Poor thing! And guess who served them? Me thats who! What a experience…….. next weekend I will be going again. IMG_5465 Been creating some Valentines Art for the Home. Lots of wall hangings and door hangers. On the move to California.. I lost a box of my Valentines Decor.. well good thing it was mostly things I made. IMG_5460  IMG_5472 That little cupid is me, working on some Valentines Art Journals…… I guess you can say I am back having Art fun again. Felt like I lost some of it for a while there. Too much  going on in my Life…… I needed to slow down and play. Thats when I am happiest. Dont get me wrong, I do still have new items listed on my Flea Market Studio Etsy Store and I am teaching Febuary 7th at Paper Tales in San Diego…… but sometimes you do have to PLAY! Just to play….. nothing else. Speaking of which…… I have to share a Art Journal Ive been working on for a while now….. IMG_5474 IMG_5473IMG_5482_1  IMG_5485 I know, a little crazy… and so different from my usual style, but I think that is why I like it…. I will share more later…I  am having a give away next post… hugs to you !


11 Responses to “Lots of Happy Hearts…..”

  1. Holly Says:

    I understand what you are saying about just -playing- no deadline or guideline, just letting your imagination fly free! Beautiful journal! I hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. Jessica (Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping!) Says:

    You have the most delicious blog ever. So much eye candy here. Yum. ;o) I have been lurking for a little bit… time to say, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! xoxo.

  3. Alice dR Says:

    Hey girl! When are we going to do another Skid Row trip? I adore your new Valentine art! Miss you! xoxoxo

  4. Susie Q Says:

    Hi, I just found your blog last night by linking on from another. Love the Blog world don’t you? anyway it’s nice to see that there are so many other talented women out there into the same interest, thrift store hunting, ART, & tamales! hahah I liked seeing your thrift store finds only wishing we had thrift stores like that here. Thank you for the eye candy & inspiration~ Susie Avilez

  5. DeniseLynn Says:

    I’ve just recently discovered your fab blog. Your style is fresh and delish … your creations are total eye candy. Thanks for sharing what you do and for inspiring the artist in me.

  6. Christa from Chloe Rose Says:

    I just borrowed the Somerset in Love book from my girlfriend to look through. I just wanted to drop you a note and compliment you on your style. I love your color choices…. beautiful work!
    Chloe Rose

  7. maigirlz Says:

    It’s all beautiful!

  8. kat Says:

    sigh, not another food blog! i’m dieting…well sorta. we want to go to mexico this summer w/o kids and according to mark, i need to wear a bikini. ha, ya ok. looove your hearts, i must make some too for the girls. anyway, miss you lots!

  9. margaret Says:

    love your journals particulary ‘cupid’! the door hangers are gorgeous!

  10. Holly S Says:

    Just found your blog…I your work! I will now be a ‘regular’ reader…I also visited your etsy store-I was looking for decor like your to my valentines hanger and that super cute valentines heart…I’d really, really love to get that hanging heart! Anyway, beautiful work:)

  11. Ramsam Says:

    Completely in love with your blog…
    yummy yummy!
    Thanks for sharing! After studying your stuff in Somerset I knew I had to stop by, so glad I did. Thanks for sharing your talent!
    Happy New Year

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