Highlights of Halloween and much more!

IMG_4794 Happy Monday! This is a picture of Days of the week napkins. I made them last week…. Talk about getting a little green…….. it started with the Lunch Box. They are very cool, they are selling them at the school I work at. They do have a Website… gogreenlunchbox.com.   They have a large tupperware compartment that goes inside.IMG_4872 

I am pretty excited about being in the new Home Companion magazine! Here are a couple of sneak peeks:

IMG_4866 IMG_4864 I give the credit to  Mary. thank you Mary! Love this picture, she sure knows how to decorate that Lady! I keep hearing that this is their last issue. Breaks my heart! I just love this magazine. Someone please tell me its just a rumor!

What else? My Mother had surgery, I have been MIA for a couple of weeks. She had knee surgery. Its kind of weird taking care of your own Mother. I mean she has done it for so long for our Family. A right of passage I guess. Or I am just getting a little old.

I had the best Halloween! It felt a little sad putting my decorations away. Here are some highlights:IMG_4840  IMG_4844I like that my Daughter wanted to be a black cat, I was one at her age. The other picture of Jack Sparrow is of boy in my class… how cool is he?????? Best costume hands down! IMG_4858  Walking around the neighborhood I am always impressed with the carved pumpkins… this one of the joker was amazing!

Lets see what else? I got to stop at a Thrift store once in  the past 3 weeks… Miss going, but better off. I did find this vintage doll case.. ohhh the plans I have for this! IMG_4871 I will be adding things in the  

 Flea Market Studio Shop soon here is a little peek: Missed you!



13 Responses to “Highlights of Halloween and much more!”

  1. Jan Olson Says:

    Those napkins are adorable. I think you should sell them in your etsy store :)) Congratulations on Home Companion. I have every issue since the premier issue. I don’t know what I would do without my ME fix bimonthly 😦 Very sweet cat!
    Jan Olson

  2. cerri Says:

    Your little miss looks adorable!
    I have not heard that about Home Companion, and hope it’s not true! I love it!
    Congrats on your work published in there, everything looks beautiful!!
    Ok, can’t wait for your new holiday goodies, they look gorgeous!
    ~Cerri xo

  3. cerri Says:

    PS, I also can NOT wait to see what you do with the doll case! I have been wanting to redo one of those forever. Please make sure you post it when you’re finished, ok?
    ~Cerri xo

  4. Elizabeth Holcombe Says:

    What a pair of cuties!~~~Loved your contribution to MEHC–so gorgeous! I, like so many, am so sad to see the alst issue of the magazine. I know they’ll find another publisher. Glad you made it in!~~~XXOO, Beth

  5. Karen Says:

    Love that box. Be sure to show us what you do with it! Karen

  6. jenny b harris Says:

    All that wonderfulness in MEHC is yours? I am in love!
    And they are suspending publication???? Oh no! What will we do without it?

  7. jenny holiday Says:

    Ooooooh I am seriously light headed from those teaser pics!!! Cannot wait to hold the issue in my hands!!! 🙂 Hooray for you!!! You and Mary….what a dynamic duo!!!
    And Lil Miss D!! Omg!! She is amazing!! Prettiest lil thing EVER!! For real!! Love the costume!
    And that lil Jack Sparrow…..seriously over the top cute!! My goodness!! that face! The beads….the lil hands!!! The eye makeup!!! Love it!
    Thanks for the great pics!!!
    xoxo Jenny

  8. Margaret Says:

    Cute napkins! A friend of mine carved a joker pumpkin last week and it was so cool looking. That pic in Home Companion was one of my favorite pics in that whole issue! LOVE those colors!

  9. linn Says:

    Oh my god.
    I just LOVE your blog.
    I linked ti you on my blog , hope thats okei:-)
    Have a wonderfull day.

  10. britt- sparkledvintagecharm Says:

    congrats on being in the mag sweetie!! so proud of you!! 🙂 I hope your mom is doing good!!
    I hope you are having a fantastic day!! big hugs!! xo Britt 🙂

  11. Lúcia Maria Says:

    They are so cute!
    I loved your blog.

  12. laura dellaporta Says:

    Oh I love your napkins & lunch boxes.. I will check them out on your site.. do you wholesale?
    xoxox Laura

  13. robruhn Says:

    WOW, look at those Johnny Dep eyes. Love your work too.

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