Spending lots of time with friends and I am officially a Wedding crasher…

Well, when I moved to California, I did not know that so much time spent on my Art was going to change as much as it has. I lived in Arizona for 10 years and made only  a handful of friends …. but spent so much time doing my Art and lots of time at home. Now I spend time with friends and family and less and less time on my Art. Discovering  Facebook , made me reconnect with some old friends. Its kind of funny how some friends you come back to and pick up where you left off and some friends you  realize you have nothing in common with  anymore. I am so lucky to have the old ones back in my Life and a whole batch of new Friends…. Wow….. makes me so happy. That being said, I still love to do Artsy things and wish I had more time to do both, but it is either one or the other… or no sleep and sometimes I choose no sleep. Ok, now for the Wedding crashing part. Yes, I am a official Wedding crasher! Went out with a girlfriend last night.. we were not feeling the Sushi place full of 20 somethings so we changed our location to my Husband's work. He is a manager at a great Restaurant at the beach.. Well they were having a Wedding under a tent outside on the Beach.. catered by the Restaurant.. My husband told me to go and check it out because they had about a half hour left before they shut the Party down.. I head in the place with my friend and before you know it We are dancing to Footlose..(oh no they didnt just play that song) while hugging Grandma! They had no clue we were not part of the party…. ! We left with cupcakes and we are probably in the Wedding Reception photos dancing with Grandma! This one is for the books…. Good Times. 

I did a little recycled Art last week….. The first one is a Coffee Can turned into a Halloween Candy container and the other is a shoe box turned into a Trinket box for Darianne… The adorable vintage cow creamer was a find at a Garage sale for 50 cents. The other picture is of a page in Dariannes book…. hopefully this will be a Art Week for me. And if it isnt then you know what I am up to…. Crashing Weddings…….He he……IMG_4730

12 Responses to “Spending lots of time with friends and I am officially a Wedding crasher…”

  1. Sarah Keith Says:

    that facebook is addictive! Love your creations. Think I might have to make a trinket box for my little one as well!

  2. Bridget Shirey Says:

    Funny you said about crashing a wedding, I did too this past Saturday. I went with friends to a VIP Spa opening and we were like eh lets go to the wedding all 6 of us went upstairs and started to dance:) All was good till there was a witchy matron of honor that insulted my gay men picking on them about that. Lil does she know they give tiffanys for wedding presents :-p. Amazing fun though and yes it is a club that you and I are both now proud members 😀

  3. Mary Isabella Says:

    Neat coffee can. I like it…m..

  4. kat Says:

    you’re such a party animal!

  5. Vicki Harvey Says:

    Hey you!
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! It was weird, because today I just felt the need to look at Lindsay’s blog and totally thought of you and that CHA in Chicago that the three of us roomed together!!!
    Hope all is well!

  6. Tiffany Says:

    I love to see your projects, they are very inspiring and it always makes me want to break out my paints and textured papers.

  7. Her Vintage Stage Says:

    Love the little box.

  8. Autumn Clark Says:

    I just love your altered coffee can! Great idea! Your story is awesome! Check out my blog for a giveaway…
    ~ Autumn Clark

  9. kim baise Says:

    I just discovered your blog and Love it! Thanks for the inspiration on the awesome candy container, it’s soooo sweet! I think I will attempt to make one for my little one. Happy Halloween.

  10. Liz Says:

    Happy Halloween!
    Liz & Mabel

  11. Mary Says:

    Hmm, Maybe someone is going to say .”who are you dancing with Grandma?” And she will say, you know, your Aunt Monica’s daughter!” heheehe And what fun was had by all! 🙂
    Perhaps a balance has come into your life…. friends and family are essential!
    Say, I remember thinking that the cheerleaders skirts were too short! But know, to see the length on your outfits and TODAYS scant of a ruffle your skirts looked down right long!
    Love the coast of California, I am so glad that you are all loving it there. My very best wishes and prayers for your Grandma, so glad you are already there, close.

  12. Shanae Says:

    You always make the cutest projects!
    I know what you mean about Facebook, just got on there myself and it really sucks you in, doesn’t it?! LOL

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