Just taking it easy these days….

Img_4704_2 Made some new tags today , where did I find the energy after going to a Party last night? Had a nice week last week. I never posted and why does it make me feel guilty? Not that I have not been on the computer……. I knew I shouldn’t have gotten on Facebook! Darn it! It has been consuming my computer time.. I have gotten in touch with some very old school friends… I mean even as far back as kindergarten. Unbelievable how many people contact you and the circle of people that know each other, pretty creepy. My 20th , (gulp) High school reunion came and went and could not go….. but had to share a couple of photos that make me laugh:Ruhs

Yes, cheerleading Baby! me on the bottom left…..  Ruhs2

this is what is funny about the one in all red, that is my JV year…. taken at the Mall. Yes back in the 80’s we did that people. Notice the neon elevator in the back? Gotta laugh at that, thought it was cool back then….. and the hair do in the other one? What the heck?? I made it turn up like that…notice no one else has a hairstyle close to my 50’s hair? Did anyone help a Sista out? Nope, just let me walk around like that…… there you have my High School years…. Love cheerleading, we would have never survived in a competition these days…. see what the girls are doing these days??? Almost like a Olympic gymnastics trial.. nope not us…….. GOOOOO Redondo!

I had the best time at my friend Amy Hana’s home for her husbands 40th…. a biker party. I was dressed like Beth (Dog the bounty hunters wife) with the bleached wig, tight shirt with boobs up to my neck, heals and spandex….. chickened out last minute. Not like me to do that.. Had fun anyways…. love theme parties!Img_4681  Love those friends always make me smile……  wish we had more time in our lives to spend together.

Grandma is in the hospital again…. on my mind every minute…. still so hard on our family….. the waiting. She is teaching us something, but I am not sure what it is yet. always a lesson to be learned.

I am relaxing this beautiful cool Sunday evening….. doing some Art and putting new tags and things in the Flea Market Studio Etsy Shoppe …. here are some pages from Dariannes Play book…..Img_4705 Img_4707 Img_4708 Img_4711_3 Hope everyone has a Amazing Week!


8 Responses to “Just taking it easy these days….”

  1. kat Says:

    yay, you’re alive! hahaha. facebook, yes, very addicting. been thinking of you, prayers for your grandma. Will have to call you this week. M and I are going to Palm Springs for the day w/o kids this weekend. cannot wait!

  2. Alice dR Says:

    Lov the cheerleader pics! Hope your grandma gets better soon. Hugs to you, my friend!

  3. Freda Says:

    Ah! You went to Redondo! I thought that looked like Del Amo Mall! I went to North Torrance. I graduated in 1992…oh the good old days. Your pictures look great. In my cheer pics, my hair is 4 inches over my head!

  4. ginnycartersmallenburg Says:

    What a delightful blog! I read through a bunch of entries and enjoyed each one and the vareity.

  5. Brenda Says:

    I love the books you do for Darianne so much. Wish I could get motivated to start something like this for my daughter.

  6. jenny holiday Says:

    I LOVE my lil baby boy doll tag!! He is adorable!! He sits here in the studio watching over my supplies. 🙂
    oooh I am loooving the high school pics! You really don’t look a day older! geez!!! GREAT pics…really fun!!!
    And the thought of you dressed as Beth nearly had me choking on my tea. LOL!!! Funnnnnnny!!!! She is something else!!!
    Sending good thoughts your way. Best Wishes for your grandma!!!!!
    We are working like maniacs right now. I think we sleep 5 hours or less. Its insane. We will get back to our Miss D portrait as soon as possible!! And I promise we will make it well worth the wait!!
    Love from the Jersey Shore!!
    xoxo Jenny
    My NEW blog: http://everyday-is-a-holiday.blogspot.com/

  7. mendy Says:

    Hope Grandma feels better soon! I’m thinking of ya! LOVE the cheer pix! So cute!! Love your new projects… Happy Halloween! :)Mendy

  8. Cathy Scalise Says:

    Hi Priscilla,
    You have been making some incredibly wonderful lovelies these days.
    So pretty.
    I left you a message on my blog.
    xo Cathy

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