What Lola Wants……..

Lola2008_2 So exciting news for Sweetpeas! Ive been waiting patiently (not something I am good at)…. to present "What Lola Wants.. Lola Gets!"….. About a year ago Mary called me and said she wanted to know if I wanted to be in the Home Companion Christmas Issue 2008 with Sweetpeas. I was in the middle of my move at the time and stressed beyond belief… but I could not pass it up. I have been wanting to be in Home Companion ever since I picked up a issue about 5 years ago. Now was my chance, Add more stress to my Move, during Christmas….. well the answer was yes!  So happy I did it. Now We are having a amazing Event only Mary knows how to pull off. I mean you are in for a treat……. the day starts with  classes with Mary, Beth Quinn, Robert Maher and myself…. and  will end with a night that you will never forget! The entertainer at the Event is a Event in itself!  Well there you have one of the two of my big news…….. What Lilia (I mean Lola) wanted was to be In Home Companion and Lola got it….. Thanks Santa! Please e-mail me or Mary at Sweetpeas and Snapshots for more information and sign ups.

Well its Sunday… I missed my Sundays in Arizona so much. I had to make it seam like we were back.  I started the day with Hawaiians bread French Toast…. My Mom used to make it. Just use Hawaiian Sweet Bread instead of white bread…. ohhh so yummy ! Img_4582 I also made bacon…… sorry my veggie friends… I will always like meat. I have this old fashioned bacon press that works so good. I hate microwave bacon…Img_4584_2 Img_4574

Next I did some little things..Like putting labels on all of D’s sweaters and Jackets.

I cant believe how many jackets and sweaters are left in our class without names on them….. Please label your child’s things. OK, enough Teacher scolding……

I had the day to do little things that needed to get done….. you know the kind you dread during the week? I found these cute strawberry iron labels at my favorite Japanese store.

Next I convinced my Husband to hang up my chandelier……from Mary! Thanks Mary. Poor guy, it took all day. So worth it though…… here is a photo……Img_4576

I then went shopping for those fun Grocery’s and things that we are out of…..while the little Family stays home and watches football…. the sound of the game feels like being back in AZ…….

Came home to my little D looking too cute had to take some photos of her….. she still looks so little in her piggies…..Img_4588  the two sweet ones are my favorite and the other silly one is the one she wishes  they were all like! Well hope everyone has a great week!  hugsImg_4592



17 Responses to “What Lola Wants……..”

  1. tammyCA Says:

    Cool…I have been a subscriber to Home Campanion since the first issue. One of these days maybe I’ll get down to Sweetpeas. Your little girl looks so cute in her braids – it’ll be fun for her to be in a major magazine. 🙂

  2. Alice dR Says:

    D is sooo cute–she is a supermodel in the making! xoxoxo, Alice

  3. Lisa Russell Says:

    Congrats on the magazine! How exciting!!

  4. beth Says:

    I am sooo over the top excited too !! can’t wait to see you there and have a ball !! how exciting !!

  5. anna Says:

    Just discovered your blog; beautiful pictures.

  6. Creative Mama Says:

    Congrats on the magazine, being published is sooooo exciting! Cute photos of your little girl, very cute skirt too!

  7. Joy Says:

    You photos are so beautiful. I just have to alter one of those little tool boxes.
    Please stop my blog and pick up a couple of awards I’ve posted today.
    I tried to pick bloggers with unique blogs to pass these on to and guess what, you got picked and well deserved for an award!!

  8. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    I love D’s horsie skirt. She is such a pretty girl, even acting silly.

  9. Mary Isabella Says:

    What grand news!!!! Congraulations this is so wonderful!!! D looks so beautiful. have a grand rest of the week and the weekend….Mary

  10. Celeste Lytle Says:

    Love your blog! I need to know where your favorite japanese store is – I love everything you have from there that you talk about on your blog!

  11. kat Says:

    congrats on the exciting news! and i can’t wait to see you in the ME mag, fun! ymmmm, i remember making kings hawaiian french toast, i used the round loaf though. i’ll have to try the rolls next time. speaking of football games, you know the first tune that gracie has learned to hum? the stupid monday night football music! argh! i told you that i seriously hate football season right, now that mark has season tix. to the cards. btw, he got picked up on Arizona republic http://www.azcentral.com/members/Blog/PaulCoro/33642

  12. Ele at A bit of Pink Heaven Says:

    Your D looks so pretty. Those are great pictures and will be keepers through the years!

  13. janae Says:

    Congrats on the ME feature! Can’t wait to check it out! D looks adorable! I have to ask..where did you get her skirt? My daughter is a horse fanatic…she would love a skirt like that!

  14. Laurie Blau-Marshall Says:

    I haven’t stopped by in a while, I forgot what great blog posts you have! Your little gal is adorable – the silly pic just cracked me up! My little girl comes up to me at random times with the challenge, “Let’s make silly faces!” It won’t be long before she will be wanting them photographed for posterity.
    Congratulations on the Home Companion publishing! That’s awesome!
    I can’t wait to see it,

  15. karla nathan Says:

    That is such a fantastic magazine to be in, congratulations!

  16. berni Says:

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  17. Whitney Says:

    I love that skirt! The fabric is adorable 🙂

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