Lots of Art to share and Happiness….

Img_4559 Had a great weekend I hate to see it go…. I started Sunday with my 5 mile walk. I missed my walk in Arizona around the Park and Pond. I finally found the right path here. I mean I love walking on the Beach and there is nothing like it, but sometimes the parking on the Weekends is really hard. I think it is changing now that summer is over. I was thinking to myself as I was walking on my new cool path, why I love to walk  so much. Not for the exercise (even though the benefits are amazing), not to lose weight (always struggle with those last 10 pounds and I think I always will) but I do it because it really clears my head and calms my body and mind down. I have always been a hyper active person. I am a person that worries and thinks about everything. I don’t sleep as well as other people do at night. I cant take naps during the day. Walking takes away all the negative thoughts that run through my head from time to time. Ive noticed that I hardly have negative thoughts anymore. It also helps that I have a very positive husband. He really is that much of a nice guy. The Boat can be sinking (which it has a couple of times in our marriage) and he just knows in his heart that everything will be alright. He just says why focus on what could go wrong? Or if it does go wrong,  change it. Great Man. So there you have it. If you are as hyper as me or feeling a little down and negative, my advice to you is take a long walk. Better than prozac.

I did do some Art that did not involve Halloween. I know, I took myself out of that mode somehow. I altered a ugly brown metal tool box that I found for 1.99….. great for all my scissors and tools.  I worked on my HOME journal. Here are some pictures:Img_4564 Img_4565 Img_4566

I also worked on a Scrapbook with a friend from work. I actually Scrapbooked! She needed to do a Book to put advice for the Mother. We used the black and white picture of them….. Img_4557 Img_4568 Img_4569 Img_4570_2 Well lots more to share and will probably post lots of things happening with Books and a magazine that I am in…..Ohhh so excited to share….but until now I hope everyone has a very positive week and lots of Happiness in all the little things……..



19 Responses to “Lots of Art to share and Happiness….”

  1. Tami B. Says:

    Wow! AWESOME tool box…love it!

  2. Kim Caldwell Says:

    LOVE the wonderful pictures with your sweet little one. Will give you a call this week to catch up! Hugs.

  3. Rachael Says:

    Absolutely beautiful journals and scrapbooking.. Rachael

  4. MonicaA Says:

    Loving the cute new tool box!
    So I wish it wasn’t freaking humid here , so I could walk on the beach everyday! For sure need the exercise since I am PREGGO! And yes just a little paranoid about being prego at 34 and gaining weight..crazy!!!
    I miss you girly!

  5. Her Majesty Says:

    I am loving your little poka-dot tool box.

  6. Michele Says:

    The tool box is toooo cute…love it! You’re very creative!

  7. maria Says:

    These are so inspiring.

  8. maria Says:

    These are so inspiring.

  9. Alice dR Says:

    Your toolbox is sooo cool! Love it! Must do something fun with the box you gave to me. Can’t wait to see you soon. xoxo

  10. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    Everything is lovely, Lilia. I love the tool box.

  11. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    Everything is lovely, Lilia. I love the tool box.

  12. jenny fowler Says:

    i love your box and your home journal. how sweet. you art is so creative.

  13. kat Says:

    adorable tool box! reminds me that i still have to work on mine that i found eons ago.

  14. Michelle Palmer Petals & Palettes Says:

    Love it!
    These are so fresh & fun~
    Very inspiring!
    Thanks for sharing~

  15. Alissa Millsap Says:

    i love the your book! great way to scrapbook…

  16. Brenda Says:

    I so love the crafting you do, I just wish I could come and sit down in a class with you and watch you work your magic. I cannot imagine how excited I would be to do that LOL.
    Unfortunately I’m in Australia 😦

  17. merry Says:

    I love what you did with the tool box. I wish I could see the inside. Your scrapbooking project is beautiful.

  18. Sonya Says:

    Oh! That tool box is awesome!! What a perfect place for ‘stuff’, great altering!

  19. Laura Says:

    Your scrapbooks are SO beautiful!!

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