The start of a new School Year and much more……..

Img_4537 The new school year is so exciting! Love everything about it. I am also starting to decorate the house in Halloween… I know a little bit too soon. Just cant help it! I am so into owls this time around. I love this little owl on our vintage Bakers Rack. I also found this adorable Owl necklace at La Maison for 2 dollars! Img_4538 I am also adding so many things into my Halloween Shoppe. Like this Sign I made last year and decided to make it a Kit this yearImg_4528. So many new tags………Img_4547 Img_4550 Img_4548 What was the first clue that I love this Holiday? Wanted to let everyone know the Swap is now closed. So Happy just the right amount of Girls joined! I will show you what I send off to my Swap partner and what I receive..I Cannot Wait!.

Last week I told you I did the PS I LOVE  YOU FOUNDATION’S DAY AT THE BEACH . I wasn’t sure if Darianne really understood. Well she did something that touched me soo much and made me feel bad for doubting that she would understand. Here is what happened. She always finds money on the ground. I mean almost every time we are out together. Whether its a couple of pennies….or a 20 dollar bill. She found almost 3 dollars in change today. She usually takes her money home and puts it in her ATM machine. She has 51 dollars in there! It is all her money and she is saving up for a American Girl Doll.. (which by the way I refuse to buy) I took her to McDonald’s … I know what you are thinking (cant really stand the place either, but I do remember very long ago it being a 5 star restaurant to me too) anyways got a little side tracked like I always do. She took all the money she found and just went straight to this jar that holds money for some Charity   .. on the front of the jar there is a picture of some little girl in Guatemala with no shoes, disheveled clothes and hair… well you get the picture. She turns around and says to me "This little girl needs this money more than me Mom". OH my……….talk about tears in my eyes…. God I love her. It is never too early to start teaching our children about these things… I said it before I am so lucky . Hope everyone is ready for a fantastic School year!


8 Responses to “The start of a new School Year and much more……..”

  1. Christina Says:

    Love the owls too… I can’t wait for Fall… and of course with fall comes Halloween!
    Talk about a sweet little girl! I think she definitel gets it, mom!

  2. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    God bless Darianne. What a wonderful heart she has. I know how proud you must be of her.

  3. kat Says:

    she’s so sweet! there are times when they just drive us absolutely bonkers, but there are those moments that remind us what angels they are and we did ok raising them. anyhooo…looove the owl necklace! i love the necklace stand by the window too. i have an idea for one, just gotta sit down and make it. you’re also totally getting me into halloween fever. boys are going to be donald and mickey and gracie as minnie. kam, not so sure yet. hope your first day of school went well!

  4. Robin-Thrifty Miss Priss Says:

    doesn’t that just seal the deal? What a wonderful little story! Love your Halloween things!

  5. maria Says:

    Great pictures of the tags. Very inspiring.

  6. Bridget Shirey Says:

    I adore halloween stuff and those tags are too adorable!

  7. kim hesson Says:

    what a wonderful heart she has and you have definately taught her well!

  8. britt-sparkledvintagecharm Says:

    fabulous creations as always!!! Darianne is such a sweetie! good for her πŸ™‚ xoxo Britt πŸ™‚

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