Filled up my Heart this weekend……..

Dayatbeach1_2Remember when I said I had a fulfilling weekend last weekend? Well I found something that tops it. I was a mentor for  A DAY AT THE BEACH. My friend Patty is one of the co-founders of a organization called PS I love you foundation.  A day at the Beach is a Amazing Event where  200 at risk kids from local shelters and 200 volunteers spend a fun filled day playing games, eating lots of food, prizes and one on  one time at the Beach. I took Darianne with me. We pared up with a  Amazing 8 year old girl. They were holding hands  within 10 minutes of knowing each other. I could just cry. They were Best friends after a wonderful day I will never forget. Warms my heart beyond words. I try to do at least something for Charity or volunteer at least 2 times a year.. Sometimes Life just gets ahead of me….. but need to do this more. I am so lucky and so is my Daughter. I had to explain why we were there after the day. I don’t know if she really understands…….. I hope one day she will. Img_4502_2 Img_4512 Img_4514 XOXO


11 Responses to “Filled up my Heart this weekend……..”

  1. Sarah Keith Says:


  2. Carrie West Says:

    I love the hearts on that bathing suit!~

  3. kristinguillory Says:

    aww what a wonderful post, good for you!!

  4. Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss Says:

    I can only imagine the mixed feelings you had on the beach with those little girls! So sweet of you to do that but I’m sure it was bittersweet! I’m sure the little ones were so happy and couldn’t see or “feel” how heavy your heart must have been! I’ve been a lurker for a long time!

  5. Kim Johnson Says:

    So sweet! And how sweet of you to donate your time to charity, no matter how many times a year you do it. AZ misses you. Planning a visit any time soon?

  6. Kim Caldwell Says:

    What a wonderful way to show your daughter what is important. I am off to read up on it. Thanks for the inspiration. . .

  7. Creative Mama Says:

    Volunteering is great, that is so awesome what you are teaching your daughter. I need to volunteer more…. What are the guidelines for your Halloween swap?

  8. Mary Isabella Says:

    You Go Girlfriend!!!!!! this was so wonderful….m.

  9. June Says:

    What a loving and wonderful thing to do! I volunteer as much as possible, sometimes in little ways, sometimes in large. Doing so always makes my heart sing. I’m so glad your day was a success and I love the these two special little girls found friendship.

  10. Layla Palmer Says:

    Such a wonderfully refreshing blog! So glad I found it…love it!
    The Lettered Cottage


    what a wonderful day thank you for bringin’ us ladies with you…what a blessing to those children as well as yours…made my day…cat

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