fulfilling weekend……

Img_4480_2 This is hanging on the front door….. thanks to the inspiration of Pam Garrison! My friend Alice made the sign on the right…. I am sure the same inspiration. This is the way I feel over such a fabulous weekend. You know the kind where you feel so fulfilled? Where you felt like you did so much, yet loved what you did…. Need more of these weekends. Friday night went to the Hollywood Bowl with my family for A NIGHT IN HAVANA . Love that place. You can bring your own Picnic with Wine and listen to some amazing music under the Stars. The next morning went to La Maison Rustique with Alice and Mary…. we loaded up the truck like Gypsies and went down to Temecula. So worth it, what a amazing place…. and the sad this is I cannot share pictures. I forgot my Flashcard!! Darn it! Great bunch of ladies, conversations, inspiration and of course shopping! These ladies are amazing…… that Barn…… well, can I just have it?  I will share these amazing chairs with you next week….. so inspiring! Met some amazing ladies, will post their Websites on my next post. One in particular just sticks out in my mind. We definitely could be friends…… and we both should have been born in the 1950’s……… here is her site you just have to check her out for yourself!!  Her name is Cat  The Vintage Housewife . Love her style. I sure came home exhausted. Then on Sunday I had a little Party for my Husband’s Birthday…. Cuban style. Told you he thinks hes Cuban! The only thing I didnt do was spend too much time with Darianne….. making up for it this weekend. Planning on spending the Day at the Beach….

I wanted to share some Art that makes me happy. Did this book with a couple of web friends a while back…..Img_4482 Img_4483

Not many pictures to share…… but I did start a Vintage Halloween Party Swap…… please email me if you are interested…… and last but not least Vintage Halloween supplies and Treats are now open…… Great for those Hallowee Swaps!


13 Responses to “fulfilling weekend……”

  1. beth Says:

    hey girl !! such a pleasure meeting you this weekend at the maison !!! sooo much fun – can’t wait to see you again!!! hopefully it won’t be too long 😉 !!! take care,

  2. Cerri Says:

    Hey, what is the vintage Halloween party swap? I’m interested!
    Glad the weekend was fun! Love the book!
    ~Cerri xo

  3. thevintagehousewife Says:


  4. Michele Says:

    I definitely want to be included in the Halloween party swap…sounds like so much fun!

  5. theresa Says:

    Yes, please do tell more about the Halloween swap!


    hey darlin take a look at my blog…such a ca-yute picture of ya…blessings cat

  7. Erin Says:

    Hey Girly –
    I met you over the weekend 🙂 I bought a couple of kits and vintage trims & I was with my mom and sister. I love your treasures and I really enjoyed meeting you…..I wish we could’ve chatted more. I just wanted to say “hi” and I would love to join your halloween swap. Email me the details when you get a chance. Looking foward to hearing back from you.
    P.S. I’m having computer issues so I won’t have access until Sunday…..what’s a girl to do?!

  8. Joy*The Vintage Rabbit Says:

    I enjoyed meeting you this weekend! My booth was adjacent to yours and Mary’s! You are both so sweet and talented! We are working on another one for the Holidays…Always fun to visit your blog…smiles, Joy~

  9. kimbo Says:

    I just now stumbled upon your ultra-cool, electrifying blog. I’m just blown away with your pics and the diversity of eye candy. I’m a “scrapper” and a personal assistant for a family that does a lot of entertaining and charity functions. I’m always on the look out for new ideas and I’ve gotten so much inspiration here. Thank you for sharing your world.
    Kim in Fort Worth

  10. Prairie Home-Sherry Says:

    Hi Lilia..We here at the Barn…Love you two Hip Chic Chicks from LA. It was so neat to meet you in person….you have a love for family, vintage and having fun…And that is what us Gals love to do!!!!
    Keep in touch Girlie!
    Cheers! Sherry..Prairie Home

  11. Karin@creativechaos Says:

    How, oh how, did I miss your booth?!? I think the heat got the best of me……anyway Love the books…so adorable!

  12. Sarah Keith Says:

    LOVE the Hollywood Bowl. Have only been once but it was so enjoyable. Last time we went was 2 years ago when John Williams/Star Wars/ET/orchestra. Amazing. Also….another place you should go sometime for a nice drink before dinner is to the Maison 140 Hotel in Beverly Hills. I use to travel for work and had the pleasure of staying in that hotel a couple of times. Check out there website. Cute book creation!

  13. andrea Says:

    wow- nice door stuff!

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