I am back from a little blogging vacation

You know there are just sometimes when you need a computer break….well this was the perfect time! I needed a vacation from my computer…. Had lots of visitors, get-togethers, sunshine and just some good old fashioned hanging out time. Lots of Birthdays too. Here is a present for a sweet co-worker.Img_4388 One of my handmade journals and some goodies to go with it. My brother’s Birthday was on the 28th. We are 1 year and 8 days apart…I know what you are thinking… what was my Mom thinking? anyways, I adore him and he just cracks me up. He also can pull a vintage shirt like no one else! So I had to hook him up with 3 vintage shirts. He also still spins records. Latin Jazz, funk, SKA, blues and so many other tunes. Found him some vintage Records and also a dancing hula girl for the car. Img_4392 I know he will love it. For my Birthday he sent me tons of vintage seam binding, a vintage book and some antique photographs. We just know what to get each other. Ive been also re-discovering my old neck of the woods. So happy to be here. So neat to have a daughter that will grow up by the Beach. I must have been away for too long to know that they sell Dodger Dogs at the Grocery store! Img_4389 I grew up going to the Dodger games and sure missed these dogs! I don’t watch too much baseball, had no idea Manny and Joe Torre are now Dodgers. Might have to go to a game to see this for myself.. and to have a Dodger Dog of course.

I spent just a little time Thrifting, not much. Still thinking of my childhood, I scored on a set of I am Sam books from the 70’s… I also found some vintage Readers and School Books for my Vintage Back to School ephemera Kits that are going up this week on my Flea Market Studio Shop. Can you all believe school is starting for people in AZ next week? I have to get used to this, we don’t start till after Labor Day! Kind of weird. Anyways,Img_4394  I also found this 1970’s Pyrex bowl with a sunflower lid….. Img_4390

Thats pretty much it for now. Pretty boring right? But wait. I could not leave without sharing a sweet story. Grandma came for a week form AZ. She spent a endless amount of time with Darianne. I still work here during the summer (summer Camp), so they had the days to themselves. They did everything together. Brushed teeth, washed their faces, ate breakfast and so on. I came to "their" room and found this picture on the nightstand. It is Grandma’s Oil of Olay night and Day cream. Since Grandma cant read too well, Darianne labeled them for her…….. just in case she gets them mixed up! Boy those two miss each other! OK, bye for now!Img_4360


14 Responses to “I am back from a little blogging vacation”

  1. aka creativity Says:

    Oh my gosh, that is so sweet! They so love to use those new writing skills at her age. School starts for my kids next week…lancaster Ca. No more going to bed at midnight for us!

  2. angela Says:

    That is so cool for your brother and you to be able to shop for each other like that! Mine would not have a clue, of course my husband would never know to get me those kind of items either. I can write down exactly where to go to find what a want, the sku#, a description and everything and he will go to a completely different area and grab something I have never even thought of. Can you tell I’m jealous?
    The pic of the night cream and the story behind it is so sweet. I lost one grandmother in Dec. 06 and the other Dec. 07 and this story brought back so many memories of them,thank you so much for sharing that!

  3. kristinguillory Says:

    aww..the labels on the olay made me giggle..that is to adorable..and fantastic that they are that close!!

  4. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    Welcome back, Lilia. I missed you and your posts and photos.

  5. Malphi Says:

    Lovely blog! Just found you!!

  6. Michele Says:

    Welcome back!! That is so cool that they are that close. And the labels with the Olay are just adorably cute!!!

  7. Tracy Says:

    Hello, just perusing some of my fav. blogs from my own blog and wanted to say how much I love coming here and seeing all your happy photos and ‘happy words’ 🙂
    Love the Olay helper, what a sweetie ! My dear mom ( passed in March at 89 ) also used Olay every night, mostly on the top of her lip, and I always ended up getting some on my lips when I’d kiss her goodnight.

  8. Linda Crispell Says:

    Love your shop and blog!

  9. Kathy Jacobson Says:

    That is the most adorable story and photo of the Oil of Olay!
    BTW, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Paris Journal, thank you so much! I’m still working on it but will definitely post photos when I’m finished.
    Hope you have a great week!

  10. Tina Says:

    That last photo is too sweet! hope my grand is as good to me~

  11. kat Says:

    forgot that mil was in town. i bet d had tons of fun! been meaning to call you forever. it’s been a crazy here with bdays coming up each week for the next 3 weeks and getting kam ready for school tomorrow, devin trying to walk and joshua watching and making his brother figure out all the hard work! and we can’t forget gracie, she’s starting to get the whole potty training thing. btw, did you guys feel the earthquake in your neck of the woods??? crazy!

  12. Christina Ponte~Slocum Says:

    How wonderful that yo and your brother are so close~doesn’t it make shoppng for each other a happy adventure!D and her Grandma must have had such a sweet time visiting~and the day and night signs are so thoughtful and loving.
    Glad you’re on the mend now~your Halloween creations are fabulous!

  13. Marilyn Says:

    Lilia! Miss you here in AZ, girl! Would you believe that I have a set of three yellow and orange bowls with those beautiful flower lids, but mine lids are white glass. I got ’em for wedding shower presents back in 1972. Who can believe it? I cannot POSSIBLY be that old! Happy to know you’re feeling better now. You’re inspiring me for the upcoming Halloween swaps. HUGS, Marilyn in AZ

  14. NanaBeast Says:

    Just found your blog through your shop. I am so inspired by your Halloween creations. I have made a file of ideas right here as I was reading and drooling.
    I flipped when I saw the 1970’s Pyrex bowl with sunflower lid – I am using the same one my Mom used when I was a kid. She gave it to me when I married and moved out in 1978. I use it so much that I don’t really see it anymore. I just went and looked at it again, and you know what? It looks darn good for being over 35 years old! Wish I did.
    Strep is a nasty one. Please don’t get too carried away when you feel better. It comes back! Been there and did just that.
    Blessings, NanaBeast

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