Hello and good Evening…

Img_4323I have not done a post in a week. Just a little catch up on what Ive been up to. My new Art pieces .. all silhouettes.

One of my good friends from Arizona came to visit, Kat.Love her. Met her through 2 Peas in a bucket ( a on line scrapbooking site)when I used to go to crops. I did not attend many of them, because I talked too much to get anything done. We have been good friends since then. I have been blessed with some great friends through the Internet (my Mom thinks its weird and dangerous).  Kat and I enjoy Artsy things together and everything vintage and Shabby. Together we have torn Phoenix apart searching for the perfect vintage items. Not too many of these people in my Life that are willing to dig through a bin of tattered fabrics and God knows what else! Took her to my Favorite Japanese Dollar Store….I think she kind of liked it. Filled her suitcase with lots of little bento boxes, adorable cupcake liners and little things to pack a child’s lunch. Img_4311 She sent her 4 children, Yes that’s right 4 children ! a little I miss you card .. the one on the Beach with the I miss u Heart. This girl needs a little time to herself. Let her sleep in, poor thing. We also had a little time to Party for my dear Friend Alice’s Birthday. The table looked so divine, Mary’s style of course. This lady just whips these last minute parties like its nothing. here are some pictures:Img_4247_4 Img_4249 Img_4251 Img_4253

Beautiful Party. Alice deserves it. Speaking of Birthdays, Mine is next Sunday. I will be having a Birthday Bash give Away with lots of goodies!! Please leave a comment on my Blog by guessing My favorite TV show in 1978. I will give you a hint: it is not a cartoon and I was 8 years old…….I guess that is 2 hints. 2 People will get presents! I did get a little present of nostalgia from my friend, she found my Cowboy twins book!!! Yippee!Img_4317  she said it was the hardest book to find.  Thank you friend. Well you are caught up. Filling silhouette things in the Shop this week and working on a new Art Journal class kit, here is a sneak peak:Img_4321 Bye for now!


44 Responses to “Hello and good Evening…”

  1. Tami B. Says:

    Your blog rocks!
    Favorite TV show…hmmm, I’m gonna guess Mork & Mindy OR Happy Days. (Jeepers, haven’t thought about either of those in a long while…I always did love The Fonz!)

  2. Lola Says:

    love love love reading your blog – its sooo much fun! (and inspiring too)
    As for your fave Tv show – well, we were about the same age so, thinking back I am going to say Facts of Life or Brady Bunch (those were 2 of my faves)

  3. kat Says:

    aww, friend. i had the best time! got home a little bit ago and now settling in. my boys are crawling all over me and grace hasn’t let go since. will have to come out and visit again. totally looved muraki (sp???)!!! i may even need you to do a monthly shopping trip for me there. kam loooves the cute cupcake food holders and she really likes the bento boxes. she already has ideas on what to put inside for lunch when school starts. it also keeps gracie busy, she keeps opening and trying to put the boxes together. anyway, you are so inspiring, the jar turned out really cute, and i can’t wait to start flocking everything! thank you (and thank B and D for me) again soooooo much for a nice quick getaway! miss the beach already. tell D i miss her too and xoxo! i’ll call you tomorrow. love you friend!!!!

  4. Teri Says:

    I love checking in on your blog and looking at your crafting projects. I’m trying to remember shows from 1978, but I’m not sure of my years, so I’m gonna guess “Laverne and Shirley”?? I’d love to win some goodies from you, so please count me in. Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Tammy Says:

    Love your blog!
    I’ll say you’re fav show was Welcome Back Kotter or Little House on the Prairie!

  6. Cathy Says:

    Love your blog!!
    I would have to say “8 is enough” or “one day at a time” – two of my favorites!!!

  7. karen benson Says:

    Let’s see….Three’s company, I think Brady Bunch was earlier but loved it! Loved Bewitched! Hmmmmm….I think you were a Charlies Angels fan! Happy Birthday! Please put me in the pot for the drawing! karen…. recycledrita.blogspot.com

  8. Mary Jenkins Says:

    Charlie’s Angels would be the obvious choice for a girl of 8!!

  9. Cerri Says:

    Oh Lil, can I reserve that gorgeous sillouhette piece?! I looooove it!!
    The party looks wonderful!
    I need to get your package in the mail..but I’m going to add your birthday presents to it first.
    Hope you had lots of fun with your friend!
    xoxo, Cerri

  10. Lisa Helmcke Says:

    SMALL SMALL world & I was so darn close! That book, I have it written in my little notebook/journal book that I tote around in my bag! It’s under, “things to watch for…” I have to write everything down otherwise my ADD takes over & I buy everything that sparkles & isn’t nailed down! :o) Anyway, I see the sticker on the book says Tacoma Public Library…yep, I too am in T-Town! I give props to the gal that thought of hit’n the library~nice work! I will mark your book off on my list, so glad you have it now~fun! :o)
    1978 hugh, Wonder Woman or CHIPS! :o) HA-Fun flashbacks!
    Love the blog, clever girl! :o)
    Ck me out if you get a sec… http://www.prim4him.blogspot.com
    L in WA~
    p.s.I covet your Japanese $ store, seriously – how fun is that?

  11. Heather Says:

    My immediate thought was Charlie’s Angels.. but others have put that… Happy Days, Donnie & Marie.. LOL God I am having terrible flashbacks.. Happy Birthday sweet friend!

  12. ohgoodie Says:

    During that time, one of my favorite televions shows was Little House on the Prairie, still is today, always watching them on cable. So that is my quess. Have a very happy birthday.

  13. Melissa in Georgia Says:

    I was going to say Little House on the Prairie or Charlie’s Angels (my fav as an 9 year old in 1978 but I couldn’t watch it b/c it was past my bedtime) but they’ve both been said, I’ll try for something that hasn’t: Wonder Woman.
    Happy birthday from a 9-year old in 1978! Melissa

  14. Melissa in Georgia Says:

    okay obviously I didn’t read carefully, it was a few posts above mine! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  15. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    Oh Lilia, what a beautiful birthday table. I’m guessing “Eight Is Enough” for your favorite TV show.

  16. mendytexas Says:

    Oh gosh, girlfriend, I am thinking Happy Days (you know that CHACHI was your man!), Love Boat, or one of my other ’78 favs …One Day at a Time. Wish I could have visited this year! Maybe next year?
    Hugs, Mendy

  17. Jenn Says:

    Oh, wish I’d have thought of Wonder Woman… that was a good one! Loved that show…..how about the Carol Burnett show?? Happy happy Birthday.

  18. two crazy crafters Says:

    I’m going to guess Laverne and Shirley, one of my favorites. I hope you have a very happy birthday. My birthday is in July also and I celebrate all month long! Twyla

  19. Alice dR Says:

    I have to guess “Happy Days”–it was one of my faves back then.
    The party was lovely, but my favorite memory will always be of my dearest friends in the same room with tears in our eyes. I have never felt so loved and have been so surprised as I was that night. Thank you for being a part of it!
    Love, Alice

  20. Shanae Says:

    Those silhouettes are so much fun!
    That is quite the party! I keep trying to produce a party of that magnitude, but so far, no luck LOL
    You know, we are pretty much the same age, but I have no idea what your favorite TV show could have been! I was a tomboy then, and always outside LOL

  21. Heather - Speckled Egg Says:

    Oooooh! Looks like a gorgeous party!!!! Happy early birthday to you too! Another July baby! Wooohoo!
    Hmmmm… I’m thinking maybe Bewitched or Brady Bunch…. two of my faves!

  22. carol G Says:

    Love your blog! so creative…. I Dream of Jeannie or Mork and Mindy might be one of your favorites. I know that I liked them!!! Thanks for the chance to be a part of your birthday…
    Carol G in Georgia!

  23. Jeni Carlson Says:

    Well being that we are about the same age I am going to guess my two favorite . . . Lavere and Shirley & Three’s Company. Happy Birthday to you! Love, Jeni

  24. Sheila Says:

    Okay, I guess Mork and Mindy! (Or as my little one at that time called it: “Work a Wendy”. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Happy Birthday!
    Sheila from

  25. Sarah Says:

    Your b-day is only two days before mine! Hope yours is full of laughter and fun! As for your fave tv show… I’m going to guess Little House on The Prairie or Facts of Life?? I used to insist that my mom fix my hair like Jo’s everyday for school! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. Tina Says:

    Laverne & Shirley? and Happy Birthday to you!!

  27. Sarah Keith Says:

    Yikes…The Incredible Hulk. I watched that all the time…but I had a brother!

  28. LizLiz Says:

    I SO enjoyed these party photos! Your blog is just fabulous.

  29. Lisa Russell Says:

    Love the silhouettes! I would have to say Happy Days or Little House on the Prairie. There were alot of good shows back then!

  30. deborah Says:

    You are the same age as my husband – my guess is Chips.

  31. Tracy Says:

    happy birthday to you!!! I think your favorite show was Little House on the Prairie, my 2nd guess would be Wonder Woman- she rocked! Enjoy your special day. thanks for the cool drawing!

  32. Candice Dolan Says:

    Maybe Starsky and Hutch or mork and mindy- Anyway have a wonderful birthday. Keep up the creative projects. Candice

  33. tammyCA Says:

    Happy Upcoming Birthday! The first show that came to my mind when you said ’78 was Mork & Mindy. It was one of the most popular on t.v. (gee, my hubby even has the DVDs ‘cuz it was one of his faves).
    Glad you got a vintage book you were looking for…I love to find my old faves, ‘tho some titles still escape me.
    Love that green candy dish on the birthday table…looks like it was fun.

  34. jessi nagy Says:

    aahh happy birthdya miss alice!!
    happy birthday to you next week too!!!
    gorgeous table!!

  35. Heidi Says:

    Wonder Woman is my guess! I don’t write many messages on blogs because usually my daughter is in one arm, but I do very much so enjoy your blog! I love reading blogs and it is something I can do while holding my little girl in my arms.

  36. cheryl ryan Says:

    My guess would be CHIPS… what girl didn’t watch that show… come on those guys were hot in those days…LOL

  37. Heidi Says:

    Just to be different, I’m going to guess Little House on the Prairie.

  38. hetlieveheersbeestje.blogspot.com Says:

    Oh…as I live in the Netherlands, we probably looked at older shows that you had seen long before.. But I guess it was The bionical woman..(or the Hulk, charlies angels, mork and mindy…we had them all overhere!)
    I love your blog!

  39. fated follies Says:

    happy early birthday to you. i hope you have super fun things planned. my guess is that you liked the jeffersons. how fun. i wonder what other good ones there are…

  40. Angela Harris Says:

    Hmm Was The brady bunch on then? That’s what would have been mine. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! & happy birthday to the lucky recipiant of that beautiful Birthday set up.

  41. CupcakeDD Says:

    I was going to guess Wonder Woman or Chips too!! Oooh! How about Fantasy Island? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  42. Cerri Says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday my friend! I hope your day is wonderful and all of your birthday wishes come true!
    ~Cerri xoxo

  43. kat Says:

    happy birthday girl! hope you have a wonderful day!

  44. Jan Thomason Says:

    The Brady Bunch, of course.

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