Summer is great!

Img_4110 Looks like a typical rascal with way too much sugar! This is the front of the Store at Sweetpeas. I am very happy for Mary! She is making some changes that she will share with all of you that are very positive. I am only speaking for myself when I say that this business can get to you when you are not having fun. Thats when I take a step back and realize why I am doing this Art thing. You are looking at it on this page….. the rascal in the picture! I love to create things and it comes from the heart. I have tried to spend time this week on things that only make me  happy. Believe it or not, Spring cleaning did it for me. Img_4214 How much stuff can a girl really have?? My fault. I love the Thrift Stores and Flea Markets. In the middle of the cleaning I would get Dariannes Art journals and Scrapbooks and create with all the things I have bought.  I will show you a Scrapbook that I have finally finished… the next post.  Felt so good.  I have got the flower beds ready for some planting and planted herbs in the backyard.Img_4229 I also got a little green this weekend. Took our old clothes to the Rescue mission and did a little recycling with old floppy disc envelopes that I was about to throw away:Img_4216 Great for the shop. I did stop for some fun times with Mary and my new best friend…….. Robert Mahar.. You need to look at his shop and he is a amazing Artist! Not only that…… cute and ohhh so sweet! We hung out in Venice for some cocktails…..even brought out my old cheerleading moves for them. They were sad looking moves too, more like Mary Katherine Ghallager from SNL. Good thing I only went out one night this week! Who knows what else I what I would have done. Mary always gives me presents….. here is my adorable Dick and Jane bracelet:Img_4213 I don’t know who makes it. I know my friend Mendy will love it when she sees it. What else did this girl do this week? I sent my Blogging friend Cerri a package for her Birthday. She opened up her on line store! Great things…. check it out!Img_4207

Before I leave I have to tell you the coolest story about what happened with me and my glue gun. Shows there is no accidents in this world. Its going to start off not so interesting, but wait till the end of the story. I spent a day with my Husband re-doing the Patio and backyard. It included re-covering a lounge chair. I was about to glue it down and my trusty (been around the block and looking like a flat tire) glue gun. It is one of those things you refuse to replace, because it is your favorite. It also has done the best Art projects for me….. Ive had it for over 7 years. You know the thing you own that if it breaks…..well you know. I was so sad. My husband could not believe I was sad over a stupid glue gun. He clearly does not understand. Try throwing his trusty drill away and then maybe he would. Anyways, I went to Michaels and found one with a case, different kinds of nozzles etc. I did not want it but got it anyways. They don’t make my ugly red one anymore. After I bought it, I went to a Salvation Army store by my house…… and in up on a shelf what did I happen to see??? Yes, my red glue gun in mint condition! Can you believe it??? Makes me think how much we are sleep walking in this world….. not paying attention. Wow. Thats it for now and last put a new Art Journal Class in my Flea Market Studio Shop and updated everything. Hugs to everyone and Hope everyone has a Great Fourth of July…… apparently it is like Love American Style in our neighborhood…. Fireworks are legal here. My poor dog. Any suggestions on what to do with a dog that is terrified of fireworks???? much appreciated.



21 Responses to “Summer is great!”

  1. Kim Caldwell Says:

    I LOVE my old grundgy red glue gun too! Glad you found a proper replacement! I smiled when I saw the gold confetti on the porch of Sweetpeas from the opening. What a great time it was! Sounds like you all have been having a blast. BTW, I think the bracelet was made by Debbie Hodge —

  2. Cerri Says:

    Ooooh how excited am I to be receiving a present from you? Looks fab, my friend!
    I’ll be stalking my mail woman now. :0)
    Ok, love, love the envelopes you recycled and made adorable!
    Love the bracelet Mary gave you too, super cute!
    Much love Miss,
    Cerri xo

  3. Heather Says:

    Lilia, usually your vet will give you a sedative for your doggie if you let them know ahead of time. We had to get them for my old doggie when it was fire works time. I am pissed they are allowing fireworks here this year. The fires and smoke are so terrible here. Thankfully we will be out of town and my doggie will be at grandma’s which is a firework free zone.
    Very cool, finding a replacement for your beloved glue gun!!

  4. karen Says:

    Hi Lilia!
    Cant wait to see your journal pages…I love your art! Go to your vet and they will give you doggie downers…I just did it for my little beagle, she is a mess! I also use a holistic sedative that you can find in the pet store when there is just one or two fireworks going off…I like the liquid because I can just pour it down her snout, she won’t eat anything when she is upset. Happy 4th! karen….

  5. mendytexas Says:

    I still use my pathetic grey 8 year old glue gun! It burns like there’s no tomorrow, but it’s always by my side! SO ugly too! LOVE the Dick and Jane bracelet!! Looks like you are having fun there. Your etsy is super! :)mendy

  6. Robert Mahar Says:

    Lilia, my new friend – thank you for the kind ‘shout-out’! Had a wonderful time with you all on Thursday and look forward to seeing more of you!

  7. Suze Says:

    oh I know that love…the love of an old friend…the love of an old friend that even though we have a love/hate relationship…the hate part: is that she has burned me more then once, But is always there when I need her for craft projects, home repairs, hemming a pants leg in a hurry…I would be sad too if my trusty, reliable ol’ blue friend…ummm, my glue gun, broke too…(wow, that does sound pathetic, doesn’t it). How lucky you were to find it’s twin…I hope mine still has a few more good years…it’s over 10 now!

  8. Kim Johnson Says:

    Boy, am I with you on the dog vs. fireworks thing. Definitely not looking forward to it. The thunderstorms we get here are bad enough! You remember them, don’t you? Looks like you’re have a great time in Cali. Coming to AZ anytime soon? Would love to do some catching up!

  9. lia Says:

    hello my friend!!!! we have alot of catchin’ up to do!!! will call you soon! I love this post. everything is so yum as always and the most important of all is your sweet girl, and yes, she will be a great artist like her Momma! Oh, love the spring cleaning art! I love doing a thorough purge in the house a few times a year, always renews me! (yes, we are such collectors!) I have to tell you a funny flea-tiquing story too. xoxoxoxoxo talk soon, L.

  10. tammyCA Says:

    Talk about serendipity…cool story about the glue gun. Ugh, I hate these ‘legal or illegal’ firecrackers – my dog is so freaked out that she dug a hole under her gated fence and now she has to be inside. Two kids & a dog inside in the hot weather makes for a cranky me.
    Happy 4th!

  11. Natasha Says:

    I just found your blog and wow what inspiration. I love how you intertwine so many mediums to create something wonderful!!
    No kidding a red glue gun…now that is cool.

  12. laurie Says:

    I feel the same way about my glue gun. It is like a trusty friend. I used my last one for so long it finally one day just blew sparks out of it (literlly) made a popping sound and DIED. I was so bummed. Fortunately wallmart carries the one I like…and I keep and extra in the drawer just in case.
    Happy Fourth

  13. britt-sparkledvintagecharm Says:

    love the bracelet! so cute! Love all the pics!! Hope you and your family had a great 4th!! Have a wonderful day!! xoxo Britt šŸ™‚

  14. Mary Says:

    AH, yes, risky for animals and FIRES!
    I heard to leave a radio or T.V. on for that can distract the dog and I presume, they will think it is a noise just from the T. v.!
    I hope your Foourth was Spectacular! And thanks for a great post!

  15. Jen Says:

    Love the button bracelet, so clever!

  16. Shanae Says:

    You always make the best stuff! I love checking out all your new projects!

  17. Mary Issabella Says:

    Loving the bracelet….mary

  18. laura Says:

    Your story about the glue gun reminded me of what happend to me with the baby-box.Try to find it everywere and then end up buying it in the local charity shop.Well done!
    your daughter looks gorgeous,I,ve got 2 dauhters 1 son and a little baby(girl) on the way.I liked reading your blog,very easy and honest.Like you I love flea markets etc.
    Thanks for sharing.
    regards Laura

  19. Debbie Says:

    Just found your page… LOVE all your crafts!
    What a precious little princess you have too!

  20. debbies-english-treasures Says:

    I`m missing your posts!
    Hope you and your love ones are okay!
    Your blog it`s one of my favorites!!
    You have the most beautiful family and you are very talented too!
    More posts Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………………………….
    Kisses Kisses

  21. Jaime Compton Says:

    I just love my little flower I purchased from your studio! I love that dick and jane bracelet, that is just too darn cute!

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