A little more relaxed….

the crazy last two weeks are finally over. Summer is here and I have a week off work. Yay! Time to R-E-Lax! The new shopping bag is from the Japanese Dollar Store that I love so much. This place has the cutest things for your lunch. Bento boxes, different colored chopsticks, colorful napkins, tiny little plastic bottles for sauces and dips, adorable packaging and so many other adorable things…. Its one of those places that you have no problem throwing things in your cart and by the time you check out….75 dollars later, yup its that good! I have so many things to catch up on this week, but for now I will be like Scarlett and think about it tomorrow, because after all it is another day…. New things in the Flea Market Studio Shop
So excited about all the new things I have to put up! here is a sneak peak:Img_4178 I love Vintage children’s cowboy and cowgirls ephemera, the 1950’s kind…. don’t ask me why, but I have since I was little. My favorite childrens book is The Cowboy twins. I have been looking for it online for a while now, but nothing.

Also been Flocking like crazy and have so many new things to offer but will be going up by this week. I have got a technique down that I taught myself and was so happy when I started playing with my new flocking supplies! Here is a sneak of some of new things I am working on:Img_4126
I have never been more excited about a technique then this one! Something Ive been thinking about for almost a year now. Nothing else going on, thank you for the prayers for my Sister in Law. I got so many e-mails from friends and am so lucky to have all of you! Here are some little things I am having fun with at the moment: new Class kit for next month and new needle books:
also just playing in a book that I need to send off to my friend Lia…. wait a minute did I say i had a week off?????Img_4133


5 Responses to “A little more relaxed….”

  1. Heather - Speckled Egg Says:

    LOVE your new cowboy tags! Soooo cute!!!
    And the flocked papers!?!??! So pretty!!! I have the flocking supplies, but I’ve never tried it… you’ve inspired me to dig them out and give it a try! 🙂

  2. kat Says:

    yeeesss, flight is BOOKED! whoohoo. anyway, looove those cowboy tags. hmmm, party theme for the boys next year???

  3. Freda Says:

    Where is the Japanese dollar store??? I grew up in Torrance and I know the area pretty well. I have to go!

  4. Eve Says:

    I’ve discovered your blog and I can tell you that I’m in love with all your creations !!!
    So so beautifull !!
    I’m french and I can’t exprimate the words in english, for telling you how much I adore all !!! all you do with your little fingers and all your photos !! It’s so gorgeous !
    I’d like to recieve your newsletter, but I didn’t find the subscription !
    It doesn’t matter.. I’ll come on your blog every day lol
    Sorry I’m talkative. I just wanted to say to you that I like everything you do lol
    Big kisses from France
    Eve 😉

  5. Michele Says:

    I have really enjoyed looking at your delicious blog.. sooo colourful and a tasty feast for the eyes.
    We seem to share a love of retro cowboy graphics and ephemera…
    Love those tags!

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