Img_4029 Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? who me? couldn’t be……..  found this cute little cookie jar…….. love her. She belongs in my kitchen. Well kind of have allot on my mind lately…. heard some sad news from some of our family members. Puts life in perspective. When things are going full speed ahead, makes you slow down a little.

Lots going on at the end of the school year….so much to do when it comes to the end. So used to getting out of school in May.  Here it is in June.

Fathers day was great… My husband is a amazing Daddy….. she adores him! Made him a card and gave him a vintage book .. of course along with his cigars and bottle of imported Cuban rum. Didn’t I tell you my Husband thinks he is Cuban? Born in Cleveland……. yup he even wears Guayabera shirts . The first thing Dariannes said  when I asked her what she wanted to get him,  she said " a cigar and one of those palm tree shirts he likes" Here is the card and book:Img_4016 Img_4018 Img_4021 Img_4022 Img_4023 Img_4025I also found this adorable Little strawberry bottle and scored on a huge basket (maybe 45 ?) of vintage patterns and when my Friend Kat comes out she can pick from them. We met through scrapbooking. She doesn’t really scrapbook anymore (she has 4 kids) but her new hobby is sewing. She finds vintage fabrics on-line and patterns and makes outfits for little Darlings. Love that idea!

Found some cool things at the nearest thrift store by me, the first is the most adorable homemade recipe book/scrapbook. It has inspired me to make my own. Will show you it when I am done.

Not that much else to share but very excited about t my Class at Sweetpeas and Snapshots this weekend at the new Fab location! Venice! I will be teaching a class on my Flocking techniques..



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  1. Lisa Russell Says:

    Oh, I just LOVE the vintage patterns! I have some that I collect, and really love the little girl patterns (for the artwork on the outside). What a special find! Love your card also. Will pray for your family and hope things get better real soon!

  2. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    Love the cookie jar and the basket of patterns.

  3. kat Says:

    ahhhhh! how we think sooooo alike! that first pattern in the basket, i have that! i just got it off etsy, remember the cigarette smelling issue i was having? ya, that one. awesome score! i must get a hold of mark’s credit card and book my flight (trip is on him of course heehee). been meaning to call you the past few days, family was in town for the boys bday so it’s been hectic. anyway, wish i was there this weekend, would love to take the flocking class, looks so cool. maybe you can give me a mini tutorial when i’m out there. can’t wait! must escape this 113 degree heat!

  4. mary Says:

    Hi Lilia!!!
    Those are wonderful fathers Day gifts you two picked out!!! I see that all of your thoughtfulness will be very easily absorbed by your daughter (thinking of the very nicely tittled Childrens’ book).
    Have fun with your class! It is almost here!!! (I could use some flocking help myself.. bought a bunch of jars last year and did not get it working properly!)
    Wishing grace to all of your family!

  5. Sarah Says:

    That dad journal is FANTASTIC!

  6. Sarah Says:

    oh! I’m having a frustrating time trying to “link” on my post ever since they changed it. It just dawned on me you linked in this post….can ya help me! Shoot me a email….when I hit the link button it doesn’t work. What’s a girl to do? Thanks!

  7. Loribeth Says:

    Oh! I had this book when I was a young girl and I loved it because my father really could fix anything.. and he still can! It was so much fun to see it again. Loribeth

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