The problem with California…

Img_4011_2 yes there is a problem with California. There are too many things to do and too many people to hang out with!! This week so busy…. so many fun things and well enough about the weather! So bummed I missed out on The Sweet Peas Grand opening!! Always love when a cool store opens up! So much luck to my Friend Mary! I also miss my favorite Stores in Arizona! Debbie at The Frenzy Stamper  and Kim at Mystic Paper these ladies always make me smile and are so supportive! I will come visit you gals when the weather gets cooler.. maybe December? Come visit me.

I had food poisoning on Thursday.. maybe tomatoes? Have not felt like that in maybe ten years!  Went to a huge all day and night party on Saturday….at the beach. Why did I move away from the beach again? I cant remember. I do know I did take if for granted when I lived here.

One of my Art friends asked me if I take any Art or scrapbook classes. My answer…. I take classes from Artists that are completley different than what I am doing…. I have a list of my favorites and as you will see, they make me think outside of my little box. These people amaze me! Here is the list

Kelly Killmer (she makes me use colors I would have never thought to use and one of the nicest people!)

Michael De Mang (so cool, need I say anymore)

Treci Bautista (the colors she uses , wow and such neat techniques!)

Traci bunkers (so different from mine , makes me think of using other things I wouldn’t use)

DjPettit (makes me want to learn how to be a real artist!)

Mary Jo Mcgraw ( so awesome!)

Amy Hanna (not only is she a dear friend of mine, but the talent.. well, amazing!)

Ok there you have some of them, and there are so many more that I did not put down….. Love them! I also want to support some of my fellow Artist and have thought of a great idea…. A couple of my Art friends and I are going to buy some kits and get together once a month and complete them together…….. so Candice Carpenter you are first on our list! Gotta support our Art Friends! I am also going to have monthly kits to sell on my Blog and Flea Market Studio shop.  The first kit for sale is "Little vintage Paris journal" please e-mail me at if you would like a kit. It comes with all the materials and the instructions on how to make your own little journal. Img_3995

I made a little Art today……and some more things going in the shop if I am up to it. If not today, in the next 2 days. the Little Happy Day door hanger is for sale… but these are the other things I have made for my little family. A family book and a new Journal for my little D… Img_3996 Img_3997 Img_4000 more later..


14 Responses to “The problem with California…”

  1. Pamela Says:

    You’ve got some great stuff in your Etsy shoppe! :0)
    AZ is great…almost at triple digits. I LOVE Mystic Paper, they are so nice there and FAB store!

  2. Littlepinkstudio Says:

    Love the little door hanger, and the new book you’re working on with the little girl on it!! Sooo cute!
    ~Cerri xoxo

  3. Sandy Ramsdell Says:

    Lillia, I took one of your classes at Mystic. I am linking you so I can see your beautiful work any time I want. Sandy

  4. Alice dR Says:

    How do you find the time with all the partying and your little one! 😉
    Love your new work-so beautiful! Have a great week! xoxoxo

  5. Maija Says:

    I adore your lovely creations!
    Will you be coming to AU this year??

  6. Mary Isabella Says:

    neat stuff….

  7. stefanie Says:

    I love your work it’s so inspiring. It’s hot here in AZ please go to beach more often, have fun for me there.

  8. Romy Says:

    Man, I admire how you manage your time! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Kelly Says:

    What beautiful art journals you have! I just came across your blog–absolutely lovely! Unfortunately, Missouri doesn’t have the same “problems” that California has. There are some artistic places to learn new “things”, but the blogs are the best places. I will definitely visit your blog again. Thanks for such lovely pieces of art!

  10. Kim Johnson Says:

    Hey Girl! Go to the beach for me. AZ is hot,hot,hot. We miss you here. Make sure you stop by when you’re here for a visit.

  11. Barb Says:

    What an incredible talent you have. I’m so glad I found your blog and shop.
    I am marking it as a favorite. It is hot here in Az so please enjoy the Ca weather.

  12. Liz Says:

    Found your blog by way of Daisy Cottage, so lovely.

  13. Charmingdesigns Says:

    Oh oh oh!! Where is this place…Sweet Pea..?? My daughter and I are visiting LA this summer…We left about 12 years ago…I need to know where some great places are to go…Thanks Laurie

  14. debbie Says:

    oh what a sweet suprise to get a care pac from my friend… sure miss you kiddo…
    thanks for the goodies..
    Have fun… must go make something..

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