Hello and Happy Sunday!

I first would like to thank all my Art friends that support me and look out for me in this Art world.  Thank you friends, you know who you are! That being said…. No negative thoughts in this Blog, but it can be a hard thing. Think positive. Think positive. Ok, that felt good. Have you ever felt like that? Not to mention a 6 year old that is very challenging at the moment. Img_3859  Yes, that sweet one. Its funny, I was just thinking how pleasant this girl has been for a while now. No challenges, no tantrums and no trouble in school. Well, that until today. I think she might be getting sick again. Life goes on. We had to get out of the house today and enjoy this beautiful weather. I had my outfit all picked out:Img_3835    new Hat, new skirt, new 2.50 Target Beach Bag…… and went to Lunch at the Beach. Felt so good. Then went to Yogoberry and they actually let me take pictures in their Store…….. had to share, this place is cooler than the other side of the pillow!Img_3860 Img_3862 Img_3864    And the frozen yogurt is not half bad! Love it with mochi. Happiness. I did a little Thrifting yesterday. Found some neat things at this really great Thrift Store, you know the kind where everyone that works there is over 70 years old. The nicest people! and love the way they price everything, I don’t think they are aware that it’s 2008. They have 1970 prices, and they always say things like "I remember when I used to have a table cloth like that or I wore a dress like that". Too sweet. I appreciate older people. I found the coolest dresses for 2 dollars each and both vintage!Img_3870 I also found this little Man for 1 dollar:Img_3879 More things and will share later this week, but first wanted to share a book I finally finished on Friday night. This bag has been in the studio for ohh lets see 4 years! I had to finish it. It is a book that Ive been working on when Darianne was in the hospital. She was 2 with appendicitis. I used these old Giant Index file cards and bound them. I filled them with pictures, memento’s, and lots of journaling. I guess this is my first Mini scrapbook that Ive done in a long time. I have too many of those bags of memories that need to be put in books and scrapbooks. One book at a time. Nice to have this one done…. here are some of the pages……Bye for now!Img_3849   Img_3837 Img_3839 Img_3842 Img_3843 Img_3841 Img_3840                                                            


17 Responses to “Hello and Happy Sunday!”

  1. karin@creativechaos Says:

    I always know when my boys are going to be sick…..lots of crying, general crankiness, and meltdowns. Love the mini scrapbook…..

  2. Maija Lepore Says:

    Great buys, great journal, darling daughter!
    Keep thinking positive-screw the bad people!

  3. Whitney Johnson Says:

    I love the index card idea! I just realized that I have several old sets kicking around.:) Kim at Mystic paper speaks of you fondly…I’m a new teacher there. I just love the store, and Kim and Jennifer! It’s a small artsy world…
    Hope your little one feels better soon – or maybe it was just an off day.
    Have Fun!

  4. Gabriela Delworth Says:

    You have an exquisite taste and talent to always put together wonderful books! I love them!
    ~ Gabriela ~

  5. Lisa Russell Says:

    What a lovely little book to document something that is not so good, but a part of her life. I think the kids are just all getting “summer break” fever right now! lol Hope she doesn’t get sick.

  6. dawn Says:

    My have you been busy! Gotta love old school thrift! I have been having a bit of a trying time with my 5-yr old. Just a little sassy, and boy I have issues with that. I guess it will pass for both of us. Your book is wonderful and that dress…fab!!!!

  7. lia Says:

    Nothing like some bold, beautiful color to bring back the positive energy!! Look at all the beauty that surrounds you, Lilia! You are truly blessed. You have my FULL support friend!! I know how hard you work and I’ve seen your ideas germinate and it’s sad to see when others take them and run in order to meet their goals through the “fast” lane. A business is ultimately built on a firm foundation, and you’ve done that! You have what it takes! You are an original. Sending positive thoughts your way!!!! xoxoxo Lia

  8. Alice dR Says:

    You are an original and it shows in your work and on your blog! Down with negativity–you are an inspiration to many people!
    Sweet Miss D will grow up to be a supermodel–she is sooo cute! Love your new outfit–too cool!
    Love, Alice

  9. Shanae Says:

    I love your book! It’s BEAUTIFUL!!! So is your little girly-Q. It looks like you had a fun day!

  10. kat Says:

    like alice said, you are an original, very talented and very inspirational with your work….now onto your book of d, yay it’s finally finished! sigh, one day, i will finish my countless half done projects. looove the outfits! went to payless to look for those sandals but they didn’t have my size, oh well. anyway, sending good vibes your way, just remember, karma.

  11. Elaine L. Says:

    Would you share the name of the thrift store with us? It sounds like a fun place. I haven’t been to an old fashioned thrift store in ages.

  12. robruhn Says:

    I love your journal/album, it’s adorable. I too shop at our charity stores and the prices are still back in the seventies. Great places for bargains.

  13. Shelley Says:

    I just love your scrapbook. What a fun remembrance. Daughters are so much fun. Mine is now 35 and we still are best friends.

  14. Kathy Says:

    Your daughter and your book are absolutely beautiful!

  15. debbie Says:

    hi kiddo i sent you an email hope you recieved it….the address i had at store…
    loved hearing from you…miss your smile..
    enjoy the beach put your toes in the sand for me..
    see ya debbie

  16. Diana Says:

    Such a neat store!!

  17. mary Says:

    magnifique, tout ça ! bon week-end !

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