So much to share……..

Had one of those weeks…. you know the kind . One day fantastic, one day horrible , one day calm , at this point I want off the ride. Well, it ended great…… This is what is sitting in our driveway as I write…Img_3248 Img_3251 Had to turn our ex-terrible in because it was a lease. Horrible experience with that thing. Not looking forward to wheeling and dealing for a car. Started the week with some awful offers, by Thursday I didn’t care what I got as long as I could rely on it. I was not going to do another SUV with the crazy amount we are paying at the pump. Well lets just say we got a great deal! 2008 Chrysler Sebringconvertible. Paying wayyy less than we were with the old car. I must say, pretty fun to have the top down in Cali. Love it. Who wants a ride?  Lets see, spent the day at the Long Beach Flea Market with my friend Alice.. had to share something she made! It is a brilliant idea!Img_3287  It is a plate with a glass candle holder on the bottom. Isn’t it beautiful? She gave it to me, and I thought wow, I wonder where she found something so beautiful and she told me she made it! OK, adding that to my list of things to make. Thanks Alice. Love that lady. I will share what we found at the Flea in a later post. Also had to share what my friend Mendy made for me for Dariannes Birthday… Img_3286 She is getting so good at soldering! I am terrible at it. It is always so rough around the edges. Hers is so perfect! I have some very talented friends. Thank you girls! 

So about a month ago this German magazine contacted me to do a article on my website. I had to share, because I cannot understand a thing. too funny. All I can read is my name. They are very generous people though and so nice to work with, so don’t turn down international magazine offers…. you just wont be able to read the article.Img_3254_2 Img_3253

I had a funny story to share about my cousin Claire. Made me laugh so much. She was at Starbucks Saturday morning. She was in line 6 people back, she sees this guy in a wheel chair having a hard time trying to open up the door to get in. My cousin cannot believe no one is helping this poor man. So she goes and holds the door open for him he says "thank you, God bless you" and goes in with the wheel chair. At this point my cousin is feeling real good about herself for doing this. That is until she sees the man park his wheel chair by the side, stand up and walk over to order his coffee!! She cannot believe her eyes… and feeling so dumb she is trying to figure out if anyone saw the whole thing and the funny thing is no one was even paying attention! …. Too funny!! I laughed so hard….. I am wondering if it is one of those shows where they set people up like that and film them…. I would have said something to the man. She is still confused at what happened! Well, I am off to spend some Sunday night dinner with my little family…. here are pictures of the pages in the book class at Sweetpeas this Saturday. Img_3276 Img_3277 Img_3279



20 Responses to “So much to share……..”

  1. Maria Rodarte Says:

    Love the new car Lil!!! I can see you now hopping around town in your cool sporty car. Love the pages in your art journal. Take care.
    hugs, maria

  2. Mendy Says:

    I LOVE your fun new car! It looks just like you… you’ll have a blast driving it! SO glad you are enjoying wearing your charm of your sweetie! I knew you’d like it!hehe! I love that the German Mag wanted your stuff…how fun is that! What an accomplishment! Have fun with your hair in the wind, driving in CALI! I’m ready for my ride!! :)mendy

  3. kat Says:

    your new car is soooo cute! i can totally picture you in this. hair flowing with the wind and all. lol about claire! things that people do! one time i was in line at fry’s and just started to unload my cart when this man gets behind me. he only had a card so being nice, i told him to go ahead in front of me. well the people ahead of us were taking forever, so the guy decides to get out of line, i’m thinking he’s going to a different line. nope. he comes back with 6 other items!

  4. stacy Says:

    cant tell you how much i LOVE the book for the class. everything about it is beautiful!!!!
    wish you sold it as a kit in your shop, its just lovely

  5. Mignon Says:

    I love your journals. Do you just sew onto the page? And what kind of journal book do you use?

  6. Sarah Keith Says:

    Love your new journal pages! Sweet necklace Mendy made and you’re sure to have fun driving in your new convertible with the California sun shining down on you….(while your in all that crazy California traffic. HA)

  7. Jan Thomason Says:

    I have a Sebring convertible and will not drive anything but………….even in the texas summer – i’ll turn the a/c on high if it’s really hot and i want the top down!
    If you don’t own a convertible, you just don’t understand my rational!

  8. Daisy Steiner Says:

    That plate is stunning!
    Nice car too.

  9. Daisy Steiner Says:

    That plate is stunning!
    Nice car too.

  10. tammyCA Says:

    Very cool about the magazine – there seems to be some neat craft magazines in other countries in other languages that people buy regardless, like from Japan & France. The pics speak anyway.
    Too funny about your cousin & Starbucks. It sounds like a gag or maybe an experiment…more like a gag if no one else was noticing…or a ghost – ha, ha.

  11. Brenda Says:

    Your journals are so divine I just about melt when I see your pages. Do you ever offer on-line classes as I would be very, very interested. I am too far away (australia) to come to Sweetpeas, no matter how much I would love to do that 🙂

  12. Laurie Star Says:

    Oh my goodness, what a pretty book! Love the fabric mixed in. Beautiful!
    Funny story too, about the man in the wheelchair. That’s odd!

  13. britt-sparkledvintagecharm Says:

    awesome car!! love the goodies from friends! Your journal pages are fabulous!!! xoxo Britt

  14. Holly Says:

    Nice car, I love it! I am in the process of selling my car and car shopping as well, what a headache!!! I am jealous you are all done with it! 🙂 And that plate/cake stand gift from your friend is so adorable! I think I may have to make a few of those myself!!! What an awesome idea:) LOVE the blog, you are on my list of faves!! xo!

  15. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    Awesome auto!

  16. dawn Says:

    Love the book! And driving with the top down-yeah for you…in Wisconsin we get only about 10 days a year when that is possible-lol!

  17. Isabel Fraser Says:

    I love the car.

  18. Isabel Fraser Says:

    I love the car.

  19. Kara Says:

    I have a red Sebring. I have had it 10 years. It has been a wonderful car and I am so sad to have to buy a new car. I haven’t seen anything I even like. As I keep telling my husband…they all look alike. Cross your fingers I find something as wonderful as a Sebring. Enjoy your new ride! Kara

  20. Angela Says:

    Your new car is so cute! I will be taking a trip to Cali. this Thursday. It will be my first time in California & my first time driving a convertible (which we are renting) Any advice?
    I Love the collage book creation with the girls & thier crowns. So beautiful.

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