Sunday already?

How can it be Sunday already?? I cannot believe how fast the weekend goes by. Too fast! Spent Saturday morning Thrifting with my favorite Thrift Partner little D. I scored again! The same ones we went to a couple of weeks ago. Its funny the places we didn’t find things the last time, I scored at and the ones I did find things… nothing. Like a box of chocolates you might say…never know what your gonna get.  I finally put some packs that Ive been owing forever to some web friends! They are going out tomorrow. Spent the day with my Sister in law and her husband. They were in town and we had so much fun! It was 92 here in Cali! Had pitchers of margaritas and took a stroll down the beach……….how can you go wrong on the beach???? Love it. Here are some findsImg_3200 Img_3202 from the Saturday

Those elegant vintage lady images were the best find! 17 of them for 2 dollars! They can be framed and will be for my vintage shabby bathroom! I also love the vintage card game!  Well I am loving it here. Found a friend that I adore. Her name is Alice. Ive known her on-line for a while and met her back in Phoenix. Well, I just adore her! She is the sweetest person. I also enjoy her company. She is so giving. Next post I will show you what she brought to me and for Darianne at Dariannes Tea Party. Yay! I miss my friend Kat so much… but so happy I have a new Art friend to hang out with here in Cali. Next week we are headed to the Flea Market. My friend Lia and I are doing another book together and a big swap. Love to do art with this girl! Here is the cover of the book I am working on for the collaboration:Img_3203  I know what you’re thinking… birds birds birds. Well just cant help it I love birds still! Little black and white pictures sewn on to the side of the book. I also wanted to show you what I bought for 1.50 when I went to lunch with my friend Alice the other day..Img_3207  Isn’t she Lovely??? It did not come with the millinery flower, of course I had to add it! Added lots of things to the Flea Market Studio Shop …..Img_3220 and thats pretty much it. I got me some Baby back, Baby back ribs for dinner that are calling my name!  Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday Evening with your families. hugs


6 Responses to “Sunday already?”

  1. Whitney Johnson Says:

    I just have to ask you – where, oh where, can I go for some good thrifting in the Phoenix area? I live in Mesa. I’m just getting to know the gals at Mystic Paper – I’m so excited! Do you have any recommendations for good thrift spots? I wish we had real flea markets here…
    I’m new on this art blog wave – yours is one of my favorites! I love your style. Thanks for sharing (ok, that sounds really cheesy, but I am sincere) 🙂

  2. lia Says:

    Oh my heavens to Betsy! I am doin’ a major happy dance over here in square land and wonderin’ how I could get so lucky!! woo-hoo. your work always takes my breath away, and when I see it up close I just sit and marvel. Will have to put on a pot of tea when the package comes…oh, I will be stalkin’, um watchin’ the mailbox hence forth. heee… so glad you scored. you are the “real deal” girl!! love seein’ your lovely finds! can’t wait to work on the “nest” book. Glad you like the beach, ’cause that’s where you will be goin’ with my book!! hee hee!! I’ll be in touch. hugs!! xoxo

  3. Laura Bray Says:

    Okay, where oh where do you go? I’d love to come and join you sometime.

  4. kat Says:

    awww, miss you too girlee! but i’m sure you’re not m issing the heat, it was 98on monday. those flashcards are awesome!

  5. Brenda Kula Says:

    Isn’t it wonderful to find such cheap treasures? Makes them worth all the more. Enjoy them!

  6. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    Lilia, sweetie, I got my package in the mail today, and I’m just blown away. Everything is so pretty. I’ve been through it all once, but have to go back now and go through it again. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are so generous (and talented, I might add). I’ll take a picture and post it on my blog when we return from the beach next week. I don’t think I’ll have time to do it before we leave in the morning. Thank you again (and again and again). I hope you have a wonderful weekend. –Susan

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