Getting ready for The Tea Party……

OK Ladies (tea pots) Start your Engines……..Img_2852 Img_2871  These are the Tea Pots I have collected over the years for the Grand Tea Party. Of course It’s more for me than Darianne. We all know where she had it last year (ugh!) at Pump it Up. This magical Tea Party is so much more fun to put together. All the Tea Pots are going to have tags that say "Drink Me" and the pastries are going to say "Eat Me" just like Alice in Wonderland. All mixed-matched Tea cups and saucers, vintage of course. Each girl will be getting one of these. Scrumptious bracelet’s

I was not going to make a hat this year because I am having the girls wear all of Dariannes vintage Hats. She asked me if she was getting something made for her…..ok, ok already. I made one on Saturday night, not anything like the pretty ones I see in peoples blogs, but this is it girl.. I got a party to put on!Img_2847 Not leaving husband out of the work either, sorry honey. I have a list of songs for him to download, including the music that is played at The Tea cups ride at Disneyland. Reminds me of when Me and Dede were there last year and Darianne was breaking her neck just to say hi to Alice.

Here is a picture of a Lollipop center piece :Img_2862  They can pick one and take home. I am telling you, it is too much fun…. I am dreaming Alice in Wonderland every night.  I spent the best Day with Darianne on Saturday. The night before I mapped out some Thrift stores in another town. I felt like I was back in Phoenix. Cheap, and I cannot tell  you the luck we had, I will just have to show  you. Darianne and I call it Treasure hunting. She had 8 dollar for the day. I had 40…and this is what we found………..Img_2855 Img_2857Img_2834Darianne found a Victorian doll (in the Box) for 5 dollars. I found lots of vintage trims, antique beads, a vintage flashcard game, Img_2858_22 vintage English tins, a pack of vintage math flashcards, antique gold stars, vintage  books,  antique Chinese lady postcards,wallpapers and much more with a great lunch to end our day. Love that girl… Img_2860 Img_2897she is so much fun to Thrift with. Here she is back from a day at the pier. See the last little sign of the accident on her forehead? Thank God she is alright……more pictures after the party.  Img_2877 


33 Responses to “Getting ready for The Tea Party……”

  1. Lisa Russell Says:

    What great finds! Thrifting is so much fun. Happy Birthday, Darianne!

  2. Barbara Says:

    Wow! You found some amazing stuff. Love those flashcards. Have a fun party!

  3. jeanetta Says:

    ohh i see one of my tea pots! its the one with all the big roses. i did a tea party for my daughter last june and loved it. and yes itsa more for us than them. the girls were all dresses up and so calm compared to the mixed parties we have had in the past. i wish i could get her to do another one this year but she’s asking for a spa party so i guess that can be calm too.

  4. Vicki grobels Says:

    sounds like you had a delightful day with your girl. the party sounds wonderful – can’t wait to see the pics. I have a boy so i miss out on this girly stuff – unless i do it for myself. i usually have to have an army man party –
    take care

  5. Rosemary Says:

    Aw what a lucky little girl you have! Whens her party? can’t wait to see the pictures πŸ˜‰

  6. Dede Warren Says:

    Hi Alice in the Wonderland! Hello, Hi, Hi Alice! so cute Lilia, I too remember that fun day. Ethyn always loves to bring fun girls with us on our little day trips to see Mickey. Everything looks darling for the party, can’t wait to see Darianne in her tiara.

  7. Karla Says:

    This is so fabulous! What a wonderful idea and the way your are putting it together is so special – what memories you are making! How wonderful to have a daughter that loves to thrift!

  8. Mandi Says:

    That party is going to be so much fun! Tea parties are so great, I think the girls will love it even if it is more for you!

  9. Kim Caldwell Says:

    It all looks so special and amazing Lilia. You have the magic touch and looks like you passed it on to that sweet girl of yours! Sent you an email about An Artistic Affaire — let me know if you get it . . .
    Hugs, Kim

  10. ArtsyMama Says:

    Missed you on Saturday, but looks like you were sure having fun!! Can’t wait to hear about the tea party:)

  11. Alice dR Says:

    Happy birthday to your little angel! I have a fitting birthday gift for her. Have a great time at your, um, her tea party!
    Lovely photos of your treasures as usual–makes me drool!

  12. Lee W. Says:

    oh so sweet- I wish I had a girl to do girly things with- I have two boys!

  13. jenny holiday Says:

    Toooooooo funnn!!! Tooooo COOL!!! Oh my godness!! Everything looks sooo great!! The lil bracelets are the prettiest!! The lollipops are too cute to eat..And my goodness the thought of a room of tiny lil girls in vintage hats…So fun!! Cannot wait for pics! I am the oldest of 5 children, and the last three were boys. I never got to plan fun girly parties. We did pirates…cowboys…all that stuff. Yes fun…but soo not even close to a girly party!
    LOVE the tiara!! Really sweet!
    Fantastic finds!! My goodness! The trims…the pink foil ..everything!! Let me know if you are ever in NJ or NY…we must go treasure hunting!! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the great pics!
    xoxo Jenny

  14. Mendy Says:

    ahhh…to have a girl and make a girlie party so much fun…wish I had that! My boys had some fun parties, but nothing like this magical event! Have FUN FUN FUN!! :)mendy

  15. Sandy Says:

    You throw a wonderful tea party! Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! Sandy:)

  16. Shari ~plays with paper Says:

    What a perfect theme for your tea, I love Alice in Wonderland. The invitations are too cute!
    You sure got a lot of great goodies, thrifting, for you $48 girls.

  17. Gabrielle Says:

    Lilia…I love tea parties and planning all kinds of kid’s birthdays…I remember dreaming of the Wizard of Oz when we did that was wonderful. Then we did the Garden Tea Party girls birthday is in May so perfect. Anyways..I have an idea for you. Her cake that year was in the shape of a tea pot…made out of marzipan flowers, it was purple and pink. It was to die for….and tasted yummers. My girlfriend who makes cakes did it, she sells them. We live close to the border of LA and orange county if your interested..I promise you you won’t be dissappointed. I have a picture if you want to see it.
    Happy birthday Darianne and have a great day.

  18. Margo Says:

    What great finds! I love it when that happens.
    We’re having a b-day party this weekend for my oldest daughter, Olivia. She’ll be 4. It’s at the Jump Zone and I’ll probably being saying UGH! afterwards too!
    Hope your daughter has a wonderful time!

  19. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    What a lucky little girl your Darianne is. Love all the stuff–especially the tea pots.

  20. Susan Ramey Cleveland Says:

    What a lucky little girl your Darianne is. Love all the stuff–especially the tea pots.

  21. britt-sparkledvintagecharm Says:

    what a sweet Mommy you are! Happy bday to darling darianne!!! xo Britt

  22. Lisa Kettell Says:

    I love these photos, the vintage goodies you found and that tiara is absolutely divine. I want to have a tea party now!
    Magic and Joy!

  23. Mary Says:

    Have you had The Grand Tea Party yet!? I t is going to be wonderful for her!
    I am laughing, the Tea party Kari threw last year …. remember Dede’s party!
    She took us to the Tea Cup Ride at Disney Land! LOVED it and her from that point on!
    I think it is funny that Darianne could /tried to see alice while on the ride!
    How did she get her bump on her forehead?
    One more thing, love your crown , fit for a princess πŸ™‚

  24. MarilynH Says:

    you always have such gorgeous photos πŸ™‚ Wow!! a little girl’s dream party!!

  25. tammyCA Says:

    Sounds like it will be a really fun tea party for the girls. My little one just turned 5 & her party is this weekend…at one of those indoor play theme places. I just couldn’t see doing all the work & clean up from 19 kids this year so we forked over the dough *choke* *choke*. I definitely want to do a SMALL tea party in the future, ‘tho.

  26. tammyCA Says:

    Also, my daughter has the same type of cowlick & hair as your sweet girl. Cowlicks run all through our family. A few months ago she decided to take her play scissors and give herself a haircut. She cut her bangs super short & crooked! lol. So now she no longer has bangs.

  27. Jenelle Says:

    okay these are the cutest little girls party ideas ever! What darling details~ so creative! Would you mind sharing wear you got that AMAZING tiered basket~ in front of that AMAZING blue frame ***jealous***????
    Love your photos, love your blog!!!!!

  28. KK Says:

    Everything is so beautiful! Looks like it was a lot of fun and will be forever remembered!!

  29. Britta Lee Says:

    You are two girls after my own heart!!
    Absolutely can’t wait to see “Portraits of Her Royal-Tea Highness” at her vintage tea party.
    I wished you lived closer– I would hire you in a second:)
    It appears you have enough of your own projects though….
    Wishing you a lovely weekend and a grand tea party!!
    Britta Lee Zweibohmer

  30. Brenda Kula Says:

    Here in East Texas there is grand place called Shabby Shack. It is just an old warehouse that doesn’t even have heat and air conditioning! But the finds are absolutely fabulous. I can spend $50 sometimes and fill the entire back of my Pathfinder. You wouldn’t want to go in on a hot, humid day. But you will find all sorts of goodies to decorate, use for collage, collectibles, antiques galore! Love the teapots. I have a collection too.

  31. Littlepinkstudio Says:

    Hi Lilia! I love the photos for the tea party, and can’t wait to see more after the party! I hope she has a wonderful, magical day! Such a pretty girl!
    Wonderful finds too! I used to love treasure hunting with my girls when they were little. I can’t really get them to go so much anymore. In the photo of the chinese postcards, I love the mirror and that wire stand!! Did you get that stand thrifting too, if not, I’d love to know where to find those!
    Much love,
    Cerri xo

  32. Becca Says:

    That little tea party looks like it will be lots of fun, just darling! I share your love of thrifting. I just love your style!

  33. svenja Says:

    lucky you!love the blur trim you have find!and all other items are beautiful too!lucky lucky girl!!!!

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